Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Swap & Tell #6

Welcome to the sixth Swap & Tell Link Party

Where shop owners can swap their products for shop exposure and free promotion.
Before we begin the party, I am sad to announce I will no longer serve as co-host at Swap & Tell.

However, I will still participate - I would miss the fun of swapping!

I have this Elson Basic Readers - Book Two available for a swap tonight.
It is in very poor shape - perfect for the paper artist.

The front pages are missing, but it appears to be 1920's.  
Great illustrations in color.

I recently swapped a bobbin of French gimp for this angel wing created by Gigi at  Old World Patina.

You can find my review Gigi's Angel Wing - here.

Here is a link to Gigi's Etsy shop:  Old World Patina

My co-hosts are Ann at Tarnished Royalty and Heather at Woods of Bell Trees. Your link will show on all three blogs simultaneously.

Follow Distressed Donna at: 

And finally, have fun and remember, it's all about promoting and helping one another. The value of the swap is in more than the products received, but in the exposure you will receive from reviews. A swap means a review for your product too!

Let the party begin!

Swap & Tell


  1. I'm going to mark your blog and hopefully get in on this soon. I have a few things I would love to swap! Hugs Diane

  2. A swap has been made between the rose bangle bracelets and the Frozen Charlotte jar. Thanks, Brooke!

  3. Makes me wish I had a store! If I could participate, I would have a difficult time choosing who to swap with! Enjoy!


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