Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Week's Weak Finds

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It was a weak week for finds.

There are several big sales this weekend so I'm saving my money for those.

A round wall basket - I do not have one in this size.

A small ironstone pitcher - matches the shape of my other three - I now have four in different sizes.

Does this mean I cannot sell them because they have become a collection?

We'll see.

This pair of pitchers (made in Italy) were in the display case.

When I saw the price, I told the clerk they were too expensive for me and purchased the small pitcher and the basket.

While I was unlocking the car, the clerk ran out and said he would reduce the price by many dollars.

I was in dirty clothes from working at the booths, my hair was plastered to my head from the rain, and my jeans were torn in the knees.

I guess he felt sorry for me.

When I declined, he insisted and dropped the price lower.

I had to say yes and gave him the money for the pitchers.

Please do not tell me they are something special.

I will feel so guilty.

I am sure he thought he was helping some poor, little, old lady.

The pitcher couple look quite angry with each other.

Bought a large bin filled with sheet music.

Too much to photograph.

You will be seeing it in projects.

For the next decade or two.

Also, dear customers, I plan to sell a bunch.

A music textbook, three plastic frames, two blue/red tea towels, and a lovely tablecloth.

Bordered with hand crochet.

The place setting is embroidered in each corner.

Plan to list this on Etsy.

An orange juice glass, a bottle, and a measuring jigger.

The tiny souvenir plate of Mount Rushmore is Johnson Bros.  Will list it on Etsy.

The treasure of the week is the hand painted bird plaque.

A china shield with a wire on the back for hanging.

In great shape.

Signed by the artist.

Will list on Etsy.

So there is the whole bunch.

You will agree it was a weak week.

I hope the sales this weekend will not disappoint.

I am getting excited by a couple of them.

Remember Riverfront Antique Mall is looking for vintage vendors, crafters, and artisans for the Holiday Extravaganza.  Applications must be completed by November 3rd.

If you are in the Georgia/Carolina area, you may be interested.

Go HERE for the details! 


See y'all!

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  1. Well I guess it was a bit of a weak week, for you, compared to the truckloads you usually get :) I LOVE the Italian couple, and the story that goes with it. I also really like the tablecloth with the embroidered place settings--such lovely work. Here's hoping for a great week-end of sales for you.

  2. If it's a collection, you have to keep it. Junkin' rule #11!


  3. I haven't seen any sales I'm interested in yet. I think I may just sleep in on Saturday. *gasp!* I know.

  4. Love all that sheet music. Projects galore!! And that bird plaque is really sweet.

  5. I have to tell you Donna that if you were seen around here you'd probably be labeled as being very "COOL" with rumpled d . . . clothes, and jeans torn at the knees. That being said, no one around here would come running out to lower the price on anything either! You are so fortunate!!! What a prize to have loads of sheet music! Very hot and trendy! I tried getting some of my brother's old sheet music that he arranged after he passed but my sil had a deft ear.

  6. Love the sheet music and I can't wait to see what you craft with it.

  7. If by weak week you mean awesome then I agree. Those little disagreeing pitchers speak to me even though they're not my typical style.

  8. Pretty nice finds for a weak week. No one runs after me. I'm feeling annoyed by that. ;)
    Hope you find a truck full this weekend!

  9. I think I have a small collection of those white pitchers, too! Love their pretty shape! That tablecloth with the place setting is great and worth your time to find it!

  10. Looks like a pretty good week to me! Of course I love the pitcher! Great score with the sheet the Beethoven book you shared. I think I have some frames just like those. I love the way those plastic frames paint up...such a quick and easy fix! Has it been cooler in your neck of the woods? It sure has here the past couple days!

  11. Yo still found some nice stuff, even for a weak week. Good luck with the sales this weekend!

  12. Another bunch of good finds.......I love those ironstone pitchers. I just found the ones I have been buying every now and then all tucked away in a closet I happened to be rooting through and I have six of them in graduated, I now have them displayed on a shelf! Bought them for resale but will keep them for now. Have fun at the sales you are going to........find lots!!

  13. It looks like you had a good week too. Every week can't be a haul, but wish it could. I love the ironstone pitchers and the pretty linen, but then I love linens of any kind. Your found some great sheet music and reminds me that I have some too. Good luck selling your finds.

  14. I love the bird plaque. My SIL always dresses down for yard sales. She is adamant about it. She says it works. I just got two nice primitives over at yard sales in Augusta. Then I went with 3000 people to Whole Foods. Love my BOO cat from your booth, Olive

  15. It was only a weak week by your standards! I think you found lovely stuff.

  16. Donna, I know what you mean--some weeks are just not as good as others for thrifty finds! I must say I enjoy using old sheet music for crafty decor--love those old frames too! Blessings, Cecilia

  17. Hope you found better finds this past weekend. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.


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