Sunday, September 7, 2014

Random Thoughts

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A few random thoughts before the big party opening tonight for Make It Monday.

Clearing photos from the file.

You will never guess what this is.

Decades of prescriptions that were spiked onto a long wire with round wooden ends.  The prescriptions gradually wore down to this round shape.

How cool is that?

Found at the Madison Mall in Madison, Georgia.

A tiny pic because I did not ask permission to use Niece Olivia's butt, BUT she did work part of it off helping me straighten the booth while she was here.

And I do appreciate it.

One of the projects Olivia took on was organizing a collection of summer camp photos and certificates onto my mattress springs.

What do I use?

Drapery pleater hooks work great on springs and on chicken wire.

Niece Leia came to visit last weekend with surprises in her car.

She came to strip the grimy grout in the bath and seal it properly.

Two perfectly distressed green wicker chairs!

I gave you a sneak peek when I showed the vanities Friday. (here)

Leia did not say "NO!"

Our newly sealed floor is quite lovely.

We do appreciate Leia for working so hard.

Tuss, the headless doll, went home with Leia - safely strapped in.

All the rage around here is having your car or truck wrapped.

I parked next to a guy who does this for a living.

I think the old coffin carrier - my 1996 S-10 Blazer would look quite snazzy with a Distressed Donna logo wrapped around her.

Chucks said to put "Trash Truck" on her.

I was not amused.

Neither was she! 

A shout out to Quick Signs Vehicle Wraps on Facebook.

And finally, Aiken has a new store in town - Ollie's which sells remainders, discontinued items, and close-outs.

Chucks wanted to see what they had so I went along for the ride.

It was NOT a thrift store or junk shop so I was not expecting to be overjoyed.

Yes, overjoyed because they had about twenty cans of -


I bought four cans.

I would have bought more but you get a 10% coupon for signing up for a loyalty card.

It was only $2.99.

I'll be going back.

Drag your projects over here tonight at 7PM Eastern for Make it Monday.

Tamara, Mitzi, and I are waiting with a giveaway.

See y'all!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:




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  1. Great post. Like the idea of getting your truck wrapped!
    Sweet pea pink is being discontinued?!?! I have some but may need to get a couple cans just in case! Love those green chairs, too. Have fun!

  2. I was drooling over that chair in your last post. Happy to get another view of the awesome color!

    Our local ReStore had a bunch of that paint too the last time I went in. I bought 5 cans!


  3. Great post appreciate the shoutout on the wrap you're awesome! -Captain Quick

  4. Well I think that proves it...Sweet Pea Pink is your soul mate. The two of you were meant to be~

  5. Oh my gosh... I envy you so for finding more Sweet Pea Pink. I can't find any here anywhere. No light pink spray paint seems to exist in these parts. Woe is me. I'm still loving those wicker chairs. I'll be over to party tonight for sure!

  6. I'd like to know the route Leia and the headless wonder will be taking.
    See ya tonite and go wrap your truck, wild woman.

  7. I be back for Make it Monday. The prescription thing is cool and what are you going to do with the headless doll? Trash truck?, never! It's a vintage scout truck!

  8. Lucky you finding the Sweet Pea pink! I know you were thrilled! Leia is such a sweet young lady for helping you with the grout. Love the green wicker chairs she brought to you. Such a pretty shade of green. Love the bed spring display...too cool! I finally put my sped limit sign up and will try to share later! Have a lovely Sunday...Vicky

  9. Great chairs. Oh, bring out the pink and I know I'll have to visit!

  10. Is it wrong to covet those wicker chairs? If so, I don't want to be right!!! Love the color.

  11. That string of prescriptions is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. I hope Tuss made it home safely without losing any more body parts.

  12. Score in the paint! What lovely nieces they are to help out

  13. That long roll of prescriptions is so dang cool! It looks like some kind of alien pod thing full of invaders from space here to take control of our minds and enslave us. Yes, that is totally how my mind works.

  14. Your nieces are certainly valuable relatives to have, they are so cool. What up with the headless torso going home with one of them though? I knew as soon as I read "close out" that you had scored a stash of sweet pea pink - it was meant to be. I have an idea: how 'bout just painting the Blazer with sweet pea? You'll stand out in a crowd in a whole new way. I really like the framed things on the springs - functional and fancy.

  15. Ah here's my reminder about the party! LOL! Your neices are gems, but then you knew that! What? No bathroom reveal???? I want those chairs. Glad to know the headless dolls safety is a consideration.

  16. You all sure do know how to have fun in your neck of the woods :) Those wicker chairs are GORGEOUS. Just sayin'--

  17. Does Olivia know that we can click on the pic and enlarge it? lol! No worries, it's a cute hiney! Wow, I am drooling over those luscious green chairs. The headless doll, not so much. Hee-hee! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. The Random-NESS of this post...spoke to the ADD hoarder- recycler in me!
    Why do I not read your blog more? Seriously... we travel in all the same circles... Truck Wraps... awesome.
    I should think If I had a my truck wrapped it would just say-- CAUTION: RANDOM CURB- STOPS IMMINENT!

  19. Congrats on your new grout AND your fave pink paint!!! Thanks for sharing at RLTLT, Donna.


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