Thursday, September 4, 2014

Friday's Finds

Thrift store shopping
Last weekend being Labor Day, there were few listings for sales.

On Friday I hit the thrift stores - most were having holiday discounts.

I bought a lot of smalls.

Italian terra cotta pots.

 Quite lovely designs.

Stamped in the bottom.

Just need a little more patina.

A neat work or drinks table.

Floral watercolor in an oval frame.

I was tempted to toss the print and keep the frame, but I didn't.

 A pretty bone dish.

A Blue Ridge divided bowl - a few nibbles on the divider, but otherwise in good shape.

This is 14 inches across.


Have not a clue what one would do with it.

Needs a huge amount of cleaning.

Church collection plate?

A crochet pillow sham - not vintage in anyone's book.

A handmade lavender batiste baby shirt.

So delicate

So sweet.

I wanted some rosaries for my Madonna's at Christmas.

I found a bag of them along with medals.

I will have to sort through these.

None of any value.

Except sentimental.

Or spiritual.

I finally found a dark wicker hamper for me.

Just needed washing.

A colonel's hat.

Don't know which service branch or what era or which country.

A big jar and a big vase.

Enough said!

Sears Chieftain metal portable typewriter.

I would show you its pristine condition on the inside.

However I snapped the lid on and now cannot figure out how to get it off.


See there on top of the hamper?

A bag of dolly pins.

I was on my way to Hobby Lobby to get a bag of these, but there was a new bag of them at the thrift.

How lucky!

I am currently giving the wicker baskets a makeover.

And it will not be white nor pink!

A group of four pretty platters perfect for hanging on the wall.

Who knows where to find cheap, but strong, platter hangers?

When I walked into the SPCA Thrift Shop in Langley, Wendy said she had me something.



I paid for them, but thought it was so nice of her to collect the wooden spools for me and wrap them up.

Wendy is a wonderful thrift store manager.


Another weekend is upon us. 

I have a few plans for shopping and for working on projects.

Happy hunting out there.

See y'all!

I am hoping you are getting your projects ready for the grand opening of Make It Monday.

Come visit!  You can start linking your old and new projects, makeovers, vintage finds, and furniture pieces at 7PM Sunday night.

Don't forget there's a giveaway.

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  1. Donna, you always come home with a great stash! Those glass rosaries are definitely worth looking up. I've seen them as high as $40 ea. That collection platter (good guess!) is darn cool too. And, of course, you know I love transferware.

  2. I love that little yellow table! I think the frozen Charlottes could use the rosaries personally. How awesome is it that your thrift store lady gives you presents???

  3. Just a thought about opening the typewriter case: squeeze the two sides toward the middle? Don't you hate when that happens? I loved seeing your haul! It's nice when your thrift store people know you! They just might save what they would otherwise throw out.

  4. Looks like you got enough project stuff to keep you busy for at least the weekend :-)

    Can't wait to see your basket makeover!


  5. You did good Donna. Looks like you will be busy for awhile putting the "Donna twist" to everything. Love the platters, especially the one in the back. It looks vintage.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. You sure can find the goodies! Waiting to see what you do with everything!
    Have fun.

  7. Oh that church collection plate is just fabulous !!!
    Wouldn't it be great to pull that out at a party and ask people to donate LOL
    Great finds - I couldn't let that plate go though - no way - that's just a little too special

  8. I agree with Susan that church collection plate is pretty neat .

  9. You always find the best stuff! I found a wicker hamper in pink, exactly what I was looking for. That deck??? whatever it is is really cool looking! Can't wait to see their look after your touch! Have a great weekend!

  10. ALl great always! I love the terra cotta pretty! I haven't been thrifting in weeks! I really need to stay away though since I am trying my best to purge and not bring more stuff home. An occasional piece maybe, but not often. I did go shopping tonight though...for a new vehicle! :)

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. Looks great for a holiday weekend! I don't do so well then because there is too much competition out. I love your planters - the ones I normally find are from Ikea :)

  12. Great finds Donna :) I really like the hamper--I would love one like that. I like buying rosaries to use for jewelry--sometimes the crystals are really gorgeous. I love making friends with the staff at the places I shop--sometimes I get to bless them, and sometimes they get to bless me. This time, you were blessed!

  13. I love the hat and the collection plate. Why are you not wearing that spiffy hat?

  14. I've got a coolection plate like that too. Mine is still awaiting cleaning. It's silverplate and I am terrified of scratching it, but it's such a mess. Is it just the photo or is yours pewter? I find those rosaries and medals by the ton. Lots of them come free in mailings asking for donations. Then they end up at a thrift that tries to charge three buck apiece for them. LOL

  15. So many treasures! I love that little table and the big jar. I can see it full of buttons or trims soon. Thanks for sharing at the Make it Monday Party!

  16. Way cool stuff - the hamper, baskets, jars, Italian pots...and I think that silver handled thing is a vintage Jiffy Pop cooker. :) Thanks for sharing your loot at Revisionary Life! I'll join your party...ASAP. I have to actually DO something to post...

  17. Did you ever get the typewriter opened back up?? :) Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  18. You find the most unique items!! I don't see any of these when out thrifting! Different part of the country have different things, I guess! I linked up to Make It party!


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