Friday, September 5, 2014

Vanity Times Two

vintage vanity, makeover
Vanity times two.

I was looking for one.

And found two homespun lasses.

Both needing a makeover.

First I ripped off those sad skirts and the fake leather tops.

(Really gingham and calico and leather - what kind of fashion statement is that!?!)

There were ten trillion small nails holding the skirts to these girls.

Yes, I counted!

The blue one is strictly homemade.

The other is not, but she is missing some parts.

Like a drawer.

But you know me, missing body parts never deter me.

The blue lass was heavily sanded.

And that was that.

Quite naked, but charming.

I imagine her with a creamy white tutu.

The red lass I painted with a green homemade chalk paint.

Except her top.

I created a linen look by dragging a stiff bristled brush and a rough paper towel over and over until I like what I saw.

Hauled both girls over to Riverfront Antique Mall.

I am thinking of some sweet vintage Christmas items for her top.

The green chairs?

Oh, I will tell you about them later.

See y'all!

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  1. I love what you did with those "girls"! They did not look good dressed in gingham. LOL! I love the green chairs and can't wait to hear about them.

  2. Speaking of vintage Christmas... I have already started prepping and pricing items for my booth! Thinking of bringing them in November 1st, instead of waiting until after Turkey Day this year.

  3. Calico and leather and ten trillion nails is my favorite outfit to wear, Donna.

  4. Had one of those sweet little dressers as a young girl complete with skirt. And yep it had a drawer 😀

  5. I wasn't so sure of these latest rescues until you sowed them in your booth. They fit in perfectly. I guess they just need the right setting to shine.

  6. I love the linen effect. That vanity looks great in the booth with the chair. They make such a sweet pair.

  7. I would really love to know how that linen look was done. I can never get any kind of technique right. Theynlookmbeautiful.

  8. You really improved the look of that red one!

  9. Nice job with the two vanities! I have one just like them, and it's painted bright pink. I'm not sure what I should do with it......but you are giving me some ideas!

  10. Oh thank God! When I saw that first picture, I thought you had put those dreadful ruffled skirts on something. LOL! You made them look better by far!


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