Sunday, September 27, 2015


quick makeover paint projectst, Krylon, Rust-Oleum
Remember the shiny new fan blade from a few weeks ago?

Painted it cinnamon and stuck in the lantana while they were blooming.

Read Mad For Madison HERE. 

Then painted it walnut and took the hand sander to it for a distressed fall look.

I left the reverse side in perfect walnut for those who may not like it distressed. 

It will be making the journey to the booth.

I have had this basket for years.

Always part of the fall decor.

Decided to change it up this year.

Spray painted with Krylon Chalky Finish in Slate.

It now has a fresh new attitude.

I was thinking a gray basket with rolled burlap bags was the way to go.

So I hopped in the car to Tractor Supply to get a bunch more ...

BUT ...


So all my plans changed as I perused the small white and orange pumpkins.

And the multitudes of mums.

Much, much better than plain old burlap bags.

Remember the ugly white basket from Friday Finds?

Well, to be completely honest, it was actually even uglier than I showed.

There was a horrific painted rose on this side.

So horrifying I just could not show the photo in case someone fainted.

Krylon ColorMaster in Ocean Breeze.

Just one coat!

The crown was the wrong color.

Rust-Oleum in Heirloom White.

It is large enough to use for wispy drapes of lace over a twin or full bed.

Proof I am still cleaning.

I removed all the covers on the sofa cushions and threw them in the washer while I vacuumed the life from the sofa.

All the cushions were thrown out in the yard during a brief sunny spell.

I have at least three truckloads of items to tag for the booth and photograph for Etsy.

I'd better get busy.

See y'all!


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds
I am still on the hunt for smalls.

And I am thinking Christmas.

There I said it.

The "C" word.

The fake crystal tray in the back?

I have not found one in great shape for years.

This one was until I dropped the heavy brown step stool on it.

Sweet little basket for corralling small items in the booth. 

A load of glassware.


I am thinking winter wonderland.


Temps have dropped to the 60's for highs here.

Still swimming, but wearing sweats in the house. 

Cute black magnets - I put them on the side of the truck to take the photo and forgot all about them.

Drove around for a couple of days.

Then Chucks asked me if I knew they were there.

Of course,


A Bart Starr football award from 1991.

He was my football hero way, way back.

A pair of estate stone corbels.

Estate stone - a fancy term for fake.

A stack of grapevine baskets.

One ugly white basket - you will see this one again on Sunday.

Remember that brown table because I am in the middle of painting it and just remembered I forgot to take a before shot. 

I have been eyeing the silver pitcher at the thrift store and finally it was half price. 

I have a small collection of the cruet bottles and the brass cricket boxes.

See?  I found two more cricket boxes.  I will group them for Etsy.

The gold tray is a lap tray with folding legs.

See?  There is the bottom of the brown table I had to throw in the truck because it started raining.

Two boxes of vintage flash cards.

I meant to show my favorite ones - the ones in the back made to look like a green chalkboard with yellow chalk graphics.

All in a small wire basket.

A large red basket and a small signed basket hold a large assortment of Christmas stuff bought because I wanted ten teeny little wooden ornaments in the bag.

Griffin and Liz have a booth in Riverfront Antique Mall - Gryphon and The Rusty Typewriter.

Griffin also has an Etsy shop (HERE) where I found these Alice illustrations.

I am painting the monster of a cabinet from last week's finds and fell in love with the Alice prints to use on it.

I had Staples copy each and reduce each for me to use without destroying the originals.

Griffin still has several of the illustrations left so go over and browse her shop.

Rain (and, boy, do we need it!) has brought painting furniture to a standstill.

I have been visiting and reading your posts, but not commenting and not replying to the comments on my posts you have so kindly left.

To tell the truth I absolutely could not stand to live in this house one more minute without a complete cleaning.

You know, the kind where you pull all the furniture out and wash the baseboards?

So back to cleaning with a little blogging on the side to keep me alert during my breaks.

I am quite enjoying all your fall decor and vintage finds.

See y'all!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quickies - Black Cats & Pumpkin Boys

chenille stem Halloween figures, Halloween decorJust one quickie project for this morning - chenille stem characters.

Black cats and pumpkin boys to frolic around the old Halloween tree or for treat bags or just to have around.


An old craft - easy to do - one of those to make while watching a good movie or a great college football game.

I will show the black cats and let you figure out the pumpkins.

You need thick and thin chenille stems for the bodies.

Cut in half for the body and into fourths for the arms.

Fold the half pieces to form the legs and torso.

Insert the arm piece through the loop and twist tightly two turns or so.

Thin, striped chenille stems cut in half for the middle belt and the kitty tail. 

Half piece of green glitter chenille stems for the hanger.

Loop the piece and slide under arms.

Twist in the front and in the back to secure.

The green sparkle makes a belt buckle.

I created a file of kitty heads and pumpkin heads with owls from images from the Graphics Fairy. 

Using Tacky glue to attach the heads to the bodies.

I made ninety bodies!

I painted shipping tags orange and stamped owls on the front and "Happy Halloween" on the back.

At first the characters look like stiff starfish, but you can have a lot of fun bending them into playful poses.

It is acceptable to talk to your chenille stem characters at this point.

No one is paying any attention.

I attached three to each tag.

Available in my Etsy shop and in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, SC.

Yes, I do custom orders.

See y'all!


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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, ironstone, Diana china, cabinet
A small load this week because I was searching for quick turn-arounds.

First this cabinet - nice shape and plenty of storage.

Decided on white. 

Sanded it and found parts are mahogany.

If you paint furniture, you know the dead end here.

I shoved it back in the truck for another day.

An old leatherette file box in olive green.

Extra large.

Teaching materials from Robins Airforce Base In Georgia.

It is empty though.

Loved the shape, color, design and weight of this piece of pottery.

It's a keeper.

Two Brown Bag cookie molds - I have a small collection.

I am thinking of listing several on Etsy.

I used mine for paper instead of cookie dough.

Four Garfield glass mugs - McDonald's premiums.

Another horse trophy - this one from the Diamond B Ranch.

Large plaid sewing box.

Filled with various notions.

A lovely easel and a poster of Miss Muffet.

This is the table from yesterday.

It must be some kind of jinx for photography.

Not one photo staged on it was decent.

Christmas tins and a brass cricket box.

And the bottom of a brass candle holder.

Like to find advertising tins.

This one a recipe box.

Filled with printed Gold Medal recipes, blank cards, and stuffed in the back - some one's handwritten recipes and paper clippings. 

I will scan the handwritten ones before selling the tin.

Wall art - old telephone and a London bus.

A bag of tiny tart tins or molds. 

The round ones about an inch wide.

A new old stock Wedding Memories album.

What looks to be tear drops on the outside of the box.

The Patisserie table seemed to like this find as much as I did.

The photos turned out great.

A covered soup bowl.

Old ironstone with purplish flowers.

Marked Diana and L & E M. 

Do you know how many china patterns are some form of "Diana"!?!

After the tenth page, I gave up.

I am keeping it for awhile.

If anyone recognizes it, let me know.

See y'all!


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