Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Auction - The Primitives

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When we first arrived at the auction site, I was drooling over the assortment of primitive boxes, spools, tables, and chairs.

I bought tables and benches.

This brown and blue table had a painted canvas top tacked to it.

I could tell it had some pattern, but it was too rotted to save.

It tattered and frayed all the way home on the interstate.

But I may save this idea for a future project.

The extra wide single board top is the attraction here.

Two small green tables.

Another great bench and a green table.

A homemade gray ladder with a small blue stool.

This may be my favorite - love the soft green.

Yes, all of them have wonky legs, but that can be fixed.

Yes, all of them are filthy beyond belief, but they can be cleaned.

The trick will be to save the patina while making them presentable.

Four old spools with great graphics and colors.

I have ideas.

There were a line of these old hand trucks at the auction.

I bought the tiny one which weighs about thirty pounds.

It came in handy for getting the spools to the truck.

I left this buy out yesterday.

J. Chesler & Sons Lock Company ...

For this door lock display!

Loaded up for the trip back home.

It took several hours for me to unload and find places for all the stuff.

I will doing a post on each big piece as it is finished.

Don't hold your breath!

Auction pics can be found on my FB page (here) if you are interested.

See y'all!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Auction - The Old Stuff

auction buys, vintage findsIf you follow me on FB, you have seen the photos of the auction Chucks and I attended this past Saturday.

It was held behind Mimi T's Antiques in Warrenton, GA.

The entire contents of an old hardware store and the deceased owner's house in Greensboro. 

The building so far gone the items had to be moved to another site.

Everyone received one of these vintage signs when checking out.

I am breaking the finds into two posts.

First let me say, I could have filled an entire semi with items from this auction.

Some things like the pottery and china went for big bucks and other things for a song.

Blue and gray enamelware - pots, plates, and basins.

Red and white basins.

Blue and white basins.

Black and white basins.

I bought forty pieces.

The best thing?

Well, the price was right, but the auctioneer's wife had washed 89 boxes of pottery, china, glassware, and enamelware so everything was clean!

This was called the bullet box.

There are not any bullets in here.

Flashlights, old pen sets, and single cigar tins.

That black little telephone is actually red.

The auctioneer's wife did not wash everything in the box lots.

Three wall pockets.

A bunch of old yardsticks.

I know you china addicts deplore stained china, but for some reason I love the brown crazing on this daffodil group.

A box lot called "Frames" yielded a huge stack of old patterns.

A few books.

And the frames were actually a La Mode fashion print in an oval frame, two floral prints, and one framed photo.

Love the puppy in a basket!

Mimi T's had some items listed on Facebook Friday.

Mimi T's FB here! 

I bought two things to pick up before the auction began behind the store.

The two supports from a mirror frame.

A blue tin tile.

Properly rusty.

I cannot decide on a project for these three.

I have narrowed it down to four options.

I think they belong together.

So where was all the hardware?

There were thousands and thousands of items in this auction.  We stayed until the truck was filled and left.

We arrived at eight-thirty and left at one.  

The auction was not near the end.

Not one new thing in the whole bunch.

Tomorrow - THE PRIMITIVES!!!

Thank you, Kaney Auctions - it was a blast! 

The auction photos are still up on their site here.

See y'all!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Make It Monday #8

Distressed Donna Down Home, Make It Monday Link Party

Tamara at Etcetorize, Mitzi at Mitzi's Miscellany, and I are so grateful for all of you who have taken the time to link your wonderful posts.

We are looking for your fabulous painting projects, wonderful vintage finds, delicious recipes, and creative craft ideas.

And don't forget fabric arts - sewing, crochet, knitting, and any others I am leaving out.

Tamara chose four delightful features from last week's party.  Make sure to go to Etcetorize over to see who was chosen.

 I will be posting the features on my Facebook page (HERE) and my Make It Monday Pinterest board (HERE).

If you were featured, grab a button below!

Party Every Monday Night
Now on to the party!

Party Every Monday Night

From Tina - SQUIRREL!

Gifts from bloggers, embroidered burlap sacks
One night back in August there was a silly gabfest on FB where there may have been alcohol involved on one or more parts, and the topic of squirrels came up.

We all know how Suzan (Simply Vintageous) feels about squirrels.  Tina (What We Keep) quickly found a cute image of a squirrel in a scarf and beret.  Names like Sammie and Samuel were thrown about.

Then Suzan pronounced him Samuel De Champlain. (Though she claims no memory of this event at all!)

I fell in love with the cute Canadian instantly.

I knew Tina had wicked Wonder Woman skills at embroidery.

I wanted her to make me a bag for my front door with the squirrel and his name.

Like those reindeer bags you find at Decor-something.

Now at this point in a post about receiving something in the mail from a fellow blogger, I would normally show off how beautifully the package was wrapped.

BUT ...

Chucks, the dogs, and I were crowded around the sofa to unveil what was inside.  I was carefully pulling apart the tissue when Chucks yelled "CORN!!!" and grabbed the box from my hands.

Packing went everywhere.

I am highly allergic to corn.

However this was a dried ear so no harm was done to me, but the beautiful wrapping was now a mess.

A wonderful note.

An iron handle perfect for hanging Samuel.

The bag, not the squirrel.

The jute upholstery strips - perfect for a Christmas ornament.

Tina, I am so sorry but when Chucks was saving me from the corn, he tore apart the arrangement.


Look, look, look!

A wonderful grain sack bag with a Samuel De Champlain transferred to the front.

Exactly my favorite color of blue.

Isn't he adorable?

I was dancing about the house taking him to find a home.

I was in love.

BUT ...

Chucks yelled (again), "Hey, there is something in the bottom of the box."


A larger Samuel De Champlain.

On natural linen with a grain sack stripe.

And fringe.

And he was embroidered!

Those of you who follow Tina know she severely cut her thumb and has not been able to embroider so I was not expecting this beauty.

Oh, gosh, TWO Canadians in my life.

Luckily there are places to hang squirrels around here because I would never be able to choose between them.

Tina added a wire ornament with a leaf and a "W" to the top. 

Notice how beautifully she distressed the fabric.

Blogging friends are the best friends.

Tina is getting ready to open her shop back up.  Be sure to visit What We Keep to see her creations.

Thank ye,

Thank ye,

Thank ye,


See y'all!

REMEMBER:  Make It Monday starts Sunday (tonight) at 7PM Eastern.  We would love to see your posts linked there!

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