Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fine Feathered Fellow


stool makeover, distressed painting, stenciling, feather motifOutside looks like this - blue and orange.

Finally a cold snap.

Finally feels like fall.

Finally finished this little fellow.


1950's era small stool.

Very well built - not a wiggle in him.

Sanded .


Painted with my "happy" blue oops paint.

The same as Miss Citron's drawers.


Pull out my giant feather stencil.

Centered the middle one and taped off the rest.

Couple of coats of white.

Tip for the lazy: Don't clean the paint off your stencil each time?

Cover the dried paint with blue tape.

Rub hard.

Peel off.

Most of the time the old paint comes off too!

Heavily sanded with a sanding block.

Three coats of a satin spray varnish.

Perfect for a pumpkin display.

This fine feathered fellow finished for fall.

See y'all!


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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quickies - Gray Shadows

quick makeover, primitive tray, shadow painting
Quickies project for this week involves gray shadows.

And a bird!

A primitive tray once used for peat pot starters.

Then a photo backdrop.

I had it propped up for a photo when I noticed the shadow of a crepe myrtle.

Decided it needed a wash of gray paint.

Ran in the house to grab a clip-on bird.

Kept moving him until he sat on the right branch.

A perfect shadow!

Lightly penciled around the shadow.

Painted with a darker gray.

Highlighted with a black Sharpie.

Mixed a black glaze.

REMEMBER: Only use a glaze AFTER coating your piece with several coats of varnish.

I used spray satin.

Dab the glaze on with a foam brush.

Wait a minute and begin carefully removing.

Do a section at a time trying to maintain the same look over all the surfaces.

The after - I think I might like it better as a wall hanging than a tray.

The glaze settled into the crevices.

After enjoying the gray shadows tray for a few days, I sent it over to the booth to find a new home.

Notice I refrained from any mention of Dark Shadows and Barnabas Collins.

See y'all!


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Amaze Me Monday #186

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pampering the Pooches

pets, dog family
Scout was one scruffy mess.

Willie was filthy dirty.

Off to Jennifer to be bathed and groomed. 

Willie looking spiffy with his red bandana.

The two of them together.

Being warned NOT to roll in the dirt.

Scout is quite spoiled and must eat his dinner on his blankie on the sofa.

Willie eats in the kitchen where he is forever hopeful we will drop a crumb or two.

He always checks to see if Scout has cleaned his bowl.


That's all the food I get?


Hey, Scout, you didn't leave me anything?

Scout fast asleep - worn out from his day of pampering.

The end of the pampering the pooches tale.

Or tail.

See y'all!


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Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, furniture, Mr. Peanut mugs, wooden tools
This time of year is filled with sales.

I know I said no more buying, but I needed furniture pieces.

AND I stuck to my list. 

Ice skates fly off my shelves.

And speaking of shelves - isn't this a cute one?

A rotary dial phone.

Old books.

I found several old elementary workbooks - Pat the Pilot my favorite.

This catalog of brass and copper items has great typography and diagrams.

Two more globes.

Not really old, but decorative.

A box lot of a needlepoint purse in great shape, silverplate creamer and sugar (did not match), Bessons chalkware head, and two aluminum pitchers.

The clarinet is wood and older than its case.

If you play the clarinet, you can tell I have no idea how to put one together.

Or play it.

White floral basket. 

Found a number of tags mostly from the seventies.

Tweed storage box for slides. 

Love the brass tag.

Another great tweed case.

This one with a violin.

A box of planes - all but one wooden.

Blue drop leaf kitchen table.

Sent to the booth as is.

Quite delightfully distressed.

Two Smith-Corona typewriters.

I'm sure they are treasures under all that dirt and mold.

White, pink, and lavender vanity.

Nice knobs.

Has the arms for a skirt.

Sent straight to Booth C-23.


A dealer at Riverfront Antique Mall had a bunch of smalls for great prices.

I found these three Mr. Peanut plastic mugs.

How cute!

No, these were NOT on the list.

But sometimes cuteness reels you in like a fish.

See y'all!


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Amaze Me Monday #186