Sunday, November 23, 2014

Make it Monday #12

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A Tiny Shake Of Christmas

bottle brush trees in shakers
Just the tiniest little shake of Christmas this morning.

I cannot seem to let a weekend go by without a bottle brush tree post.

These are rather sweet.

Unless you live near me or someone like me who has bought all the tiny trees at Hobby Lobby, you can go to Hobby Lobby to buy a package or twenty
packages of these tiny trees.

Using a warm tub of bleach and water, I picked up each tree with tweezers and gently swirled them around for about eight swirls.

Tossed them immediately into a tub of warm soapy water.

Put them out to dry.  This takes hours.

Be careful - these super-cheap trees bleach very fast.

Found a vintage postcard image at The Graphics Fairy.

Printed out a page of them.

Cut each out and decorated with a bit of glitter glue.

"To thee and thine
From me and mine -
A Merry Christmas Greeting."

In my work box a collection of thirty small salt shakers and my tiny bottle brush trees.

I dabbed a bit a Tacky Glue to the bottom of each tree and used tweezers to stick them in the bottle.

Added some plastic fake snow.

Attached the card with a beading wire stuck through the shaker holes.

Gently curled the tags.


Bottle brush trees in bottles!

Just a tiny shake of Christmas.

Back into the work box until I get them marked and ready for the booth.

I cannot hold onto the secret any longer.  Danni Baird who is on a break from her blog Silo Hill Farm is my guest poster child Tuesday and Wednesday.  She has two Thanksgiving projects that will not take but a wee bit of time if you need a last minute project. I will be off trying to create some order before the big move down the aisle to my new huge booth.

Remember to return tonight for Make It Monday.  Tamara chose the features from last week's party and they will be on her party post.  The party starts at 7PM Eastern on Sunday and runs through Wednesday. 

See y'all!

PS - Today is Chucks and my 34th wedding anniversary.  We are not doing anything special because we both FORGOT it!  Oh, well, age does creep up on you!  I suggested a quick trip to Paris.  He suggested a quick trip to the Cracker Barrel.  I guess opposites truly do attract :>)

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

So Blue, So Primitive

primitive blue bench
So blue and so primitive.

A large bench.

It just needed a tiny bit of loving.

Here it is after a good scrubbing and a light sanding.

You both have met before.  See here!

The underbelly wasn't painted so I left it that way.

This is the before shot.

And this is the after shot.

I applied MinWax Poly in Mission Oak.

Spread it on with a foam brush, then wipe off.

The before shot of the top.

The after shot.

The color is much richer.

The bench - so blue, so primitive.

Remember the surprise guest coming to my blog on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Someone who has been missed in Bloglandia while she lives the life of ease completely tearing apart a house and putting it back together.

More hints tomorrow.

See y'all! 

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Finds

thrifted finds, vintage
Again this week - only smalls!

I have been searching for both items to sell in the new booth and for items to use for decoration.

These sheets of rusty tin were originally my idea for a sign, but then I thought of something else for them.

We'll see.

Quite the juxtaposition, isn't it?

A picnic basket and a pair of ice skates.

Very small skates with double blades for beginners.

I found an adult pair also - neither vintage, but they did not have to be for my project.

A beaded bird clip.

Two pairs vintage wool booties with satin ribbon ties.

A handmade pinafore - you must pin it on the child's clothes.

A stack of ruined linens saved by a wonderful thrift store employee who thought of me and hid them.

A huge "THANK YOU!"

Quite the pair of tipsy lamps.

Both rather tall.

The shades were dumped into the trash.

I despise those new light bulbs.

I think the brass one was originally an oil lamp.  The harp is wired on.

The white one is so mid-century modern.

Remember the two red suitcases from last week?

So did a volunteer at another thrift who remembered I bought them and saved this train case that matches.

Pinned right inside - the key!

A stack of slacks hangers for the new booth - I use them for anything from linens to posters.

Two vanity trays.

I am hoping under the Victorian gift wrap paper there might be a vintage print.

Fingers are crossed!

An entire trash bag filled with sheers.

I will hang these in the booth.

A wooden box filled with vintage Christmas ornaments, a roll of masking paper, vintage chicks, and a trophy bowl.

The trophy was awarded in 1976 for 
Third Overall 

I am sure there is a story there.

I dearly love old stockings.

These two are not really old, but they look old.

I think that counts.

Though I would rather be really old, but not look old!

I have a surprise guest coming next week with not one, but two posts - Tuesday and Wednesday.

See y'all!

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