Saturday, August 29, 2015

Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift it

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It is time to reveal the completed projects from Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift It. 

Get your pinning finger ready.

This is a Blog Hop.


Here are the links to the other blogs participating:

Vicky - Life on Willie Mae Lane -
Kim - Snug Harbor Bay -
Kimberley - Seaside Ave. -
Cecilia - The B Farm -
Tania - Little Vintage Cottage -

I received a huge box of vintage goodies from Kim of Snug Harbor Bay.

The first thing I had to do was figure out how to group the items for makeovers.

The soda bottles went with the pie tin.


The sifter with the faucet handles.

I thought the rolling pin would stand alone but ...

I decided to use the dolly pins with it instead of the two tiny loaf pans.

The grater, the two ladles, and the bunch of keys were easy.

I knew exactly what I wanted.

A back door valet! 

Used silver beading wire to attached the bent ladles.

Hung the keys from the hook at the bottom of the grater.

Perfect for holding loose change and keys!


I color-coordinated the rest of the items in craft paint - FolkArt Seamist and Plaid Burgundy.

My absolute favorite - PINNED!

Painted and stamped and distressed!

The rolling pin and the dolly pins.

 A closer look!

The sifter was spray painted Cinnamon.

Painted in Burgundy craft paint.

Painted in Seamist.

Distressed it by sanding.

Used it to hold my fake hydrangeas. 

Plan to plant some herbs in it.

The pie tin was painted Seamist and distressed.

Used as a tray for the soda bottles holding fake daisies.

I have moved the bottles to the kitchen window and the tray to the counter.

Two tiny loaf pans with Americana Chalky Finish in Primitive followed by Seamist followed by distressing followed by varnish followed by two heavy duty magnets.


Equal two cute containers for business cards and appointment cards on the fridge.

As for the faucet handles?

Well, selfishly, I am saving those for two drawer makeovers.

This was FUN!

Thanks, Tania, for inviting me to take part in the challenge.

Be sure to visit the other blogs to see how they transformed their gifted items.

See y'all!


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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, 1800's ironstone, silver horse trophy trays
It was a prize-winning day last Friday.

So much so I stayed home on Saturday - I did not have to shop at all!

Turquoise-striped crockery bowl.

Embroidered bunny dresser scarf.

A tiny brass cricket box with an arrangement which was shortly destroyed by one cat and two dogs.

Who knew pets did not like old fake flowers?

Henny, the concrete chick, had her feathers ruffled by these treasures.

The color of the creamer called my name.

Aimcee Woodland Made In England


Brown crazing under the glaze

Blue and white serving bowl on pedestal.

Have not looked up.

Sweet white creamer.

Blue and gold on white bone dish.

Have not looked up.

These will go on Etsy - maybe - after I enjoy them first.

My most exciting find!

Twenty pounds of silverplated engraved horse trophies from the Minnesota State Fair between the late 70's and the early 90's.

A large tray with handles.

A footed serving dish.

Nine large round trays - all engraved.

Assortment of round trays.

Most have the name of the horse and the event as well as the date.

All bundled for one price.

Some are going to my booth and the rest on Etsy.

I did not go on the Longest Yard Sale, but Melissa did.

I asked nicely, and she agreed to sell me a small part of her haul.

Like these children's ID bracelets.

Prize ribbons from a Fall Festival in 1952.

Check out Melissa's Antiques for The World's Longest Yard Sale: Tips and Tricks.

It is a complete guide to any long yard sale event.

So I declare myself the winner and deserving of all these treasures.

Check out my Etsy shop - I am relisting and restocking.

Be sure to use the coupon below as many times as you would like.


thrifting, makeovers, blog fun
Tania From Little Vintage Cottage 
(HERE) had an idea to ask a few blogging buddies to participate in a fun adventure.

We were to thrift shop, gift the goodies to a blogger Tania selected, and then do a makeover or two on the items.

Vicky - Life on Willie Mae Lane -
Kim - Snug Harbor Bay -
Kimberley - Seaside Ave. -
Donna - Distressed Donna Down Home -
Cecilia - The B Farm -
Tania - Little Vintage Cottage -

See y'all! 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Loot One

Vintage books
I promised you some Book Loot posts and here they come.

There are at least five posts on some of the books bought lately. 

I love the look of books, the smell of books - everything about books.


When Tania of Little Vintage Cottage 
(HERE)  offered to trade books for beads, of course I said YES!

She sent not one, but two old primers.

These are definite keepers.

The rest of the books are from my visit to Hayesville, North Carolina. (Read about the trip here!)

All of these were bought at the library store. 

Teacher's editions are harder to find because there were fewer printed.

If I Were Going is a preview of a primer used for teachers to read and decide how to vote on new books.

We Work And Play is an early Dick and Jane reader.

The younger sister is not called "Sally", but called "Baby".

It does have Puff, Spot and Tim.

Who remembers Tim?

Rhyming Dictionaries are favorites in the booth.

The two small books are interesting - The Prince of Peace and Fellowship (a Masonic book of religious poems).

Olivia found this tiny Green Book Of Birds Of America.

Each page has a print of a bird and its description. 

It has been well-loved over the decades.

The book is the same size as the checkout card.

Another small book - American Frugal Housewife.

A reprint of an 1800's book.

More primary textbooks.

Rides and Slides is an Alice and Jerry reader.

Bought for the color and the subject - one on the Suwanee and the other The Snow Geese.

I love to find books with a Christmas inscription.

On the inside of The Snow Geese an inscription from 1944.

In Story Land is copyrighted in the 1920's, but in great shape.

On the sale rack of the library store were stacks of gardening books.

Some still with the covers.

Found a whole stack of Frank Slaughter books.

I've read every one.

Finally, Laura Ashley.

I never leave behind Laura!

I hope you love books and love seeing books and love buying books because I will continue to post about books.

Some will be going to the booth.

Some are already there.

Some have sold.

If you see one you would like to buy, send me an email and I will reserve a listing on Etsy for you.


thrifting, makeovers, blog fun

See y'all!


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