Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Finds - Dressers

vintage dressers, vintage finds
The tale of three dressers.

For the last four months I have kept a strict rein on my buying vintage junk.

We are still settling back in after the kitchen renovation.

I decided I would only buy dressers and they had to be CHEAP!

So what happened?

On my way to pick up toothpaste from DG, a volunteer at the thrift shop next door yelled down the sidewalk, "Hey, Donna, all the furniture is 75% off today!"

I guess it should be disturbing the guy knows my name, knows I buy furniture, and knows I am CHEAP

I fast-walked down expecting very expensive pieces even at the sale price.

I told myself I only wanted dressers.

And they had to be vintage.


There were about five.


I chose the five drawer chest - looks 60's to me.

And the 40's dresser (or chest of drawers) - it weighs at least a ton.

They are currently sitting in the living room awaiting a transformation.

Yes, they were CHEAP!

Two days later Chucks honked the horn as he drove into the driveway shouting he had a present for me.

He had spied this beauty being dragged to the curb by a couple moving.

I asked how much he paid for it.

Nada, nothing, zip, zero.


Well, that certainly qualifies as CHEAP!

We decided to keep it.

In great shape.

Matches the oak floors and the oak furniture in the dining room.

Fits where a smaller cabinet once sat.

Holds most of the table linens.

And a couple of drawers of craft supplies.

Once a piece is decorated with Frozen Charlotte's and tiny books, it knows it has a home.

Not going out hunting this weekend.

After loving the way things look in the kitchen area, I am paring down brutally around the rest of the house.

I'll be busy painting and waxing and dragging things off to the booth.

See y'all!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kitchen Pantry - Before and After

Kitchen pantry, renovation, Southside Gallery, sheep print, Cabinets
The kitchen pantry is actually an odd hallway between the front foyer and the main kitchen with doors leading to the dining room and the laundry room.

I finally found a sheep print I love.

Had it made at Southside Gallery. (Facebook page HERE)

Notice the one on the left has a slight smirk.

Before - as you walk in from the foyer hall.

It was a depository for paint supplies.

And junk.

A portion of Horror Monster, my ONCE beloved craft stash.

Before - from the kitchen.

The tall pantries were removed and replaced.

We put up with this off-center, buzzing fluorescent fixture since 1990. 

To its credit we only changed the light bulb twice in all that time.

On the day of its demise, it did not buzz one time.

I think it knew what was coming!

Yes, we call it a pantry, but no food was ever stored here.

Assorted tools, hardware, paint, and garden supplies.

In no particular order.

The cabinets and soffits are gone.

The ceiling and buzzing fixture are gone.

Ceiling ripped out and new wiring installed.

Three new centered LED lights.

A couple layers of flooring removed.

Now this is what you see walking in from the front foyer.

And the new floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

One side for tools and hardware.

Neatly organized.

One side for all my paint supplies.

Neatly organized.

After - from the kitchen.

My Granny's chair and the patchwork pillow she made.

It's a prized space in the kitchen now.

And Horror Monster will NOT return here.

He is NOT welcomed.

See y'all!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kitchen Renovation - Week Four - Thursday

kitchen renovations, counter tops, Formica, Southern Kitchen Designs
We had no idea after the flurry on Monday and Tuesday that Wednesday and Thursday would be more of the same.

The different crews work together all the time so it was like a renovation ballet.  
It was the big day for the counter tops to be installed. 

I chose black matte Formica over stone.

Previously the kitchen had black Formica installed back in 1960. 

No chips.

No cracks.

Good enough recommendation for me.

The door stood open to everyone bringing things in and taking things out.

Look the plumbers were working to install the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

I chose a deep stainless sink.

The stove moved back into position.

It had lived most of the time in the breakfast room and on sunny days out on the patio.

Look there are handles on the cabinets.

More about those later.

The cabinet guy designed the counter top to run the entire length of this wall of cabinets separating the upper and lower cabinets.

I cannot even describe how they were able to bring it into the house.

It's twelve feet long.

As you can see a peek of the laundry room way at the other end.

Not much done there yet.

Smallest part of the renovation taking the most time.

Thank you, Greg, of Southern Kitchen Designs.

I will be back with more renovations soon.

See y'all!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kitchen Renovation - Week Four - Tuesday

Kitchen renovation, Mannington pewter filagree floor, Victorian Pewter paint color
Week Three of the kitchen renovations was a one-day flurry followed by nothing.

Week Four started with electricians, plumbers, dry wall men, and painters.

It was a non-stop two days.

Gray primer went up on Monday.

You can see the previous paint color - Dover White - sorta creamy.

We only had to do without the fridge for two hours during the entire renovations.

One very small dent on the back but no paint drops.

The floor went in.

The back door went in.


This old house no longer has square anything.

A lot of adjustments and now it fits just fine.

There are several things we love about this renovation - the floor being near the top of the list.

It does not show dirt!

Mannington Pewter Filagree.

Two coats of primer and the painters called it quits for the day.

Returned on Tuesday for the dramatic final coat.

Victorian Pewter.

This is the pantry.

Pantry to the fridge.

The main kitchen goes off to the right.

From the breakfast room through the galley kitchen to the laundry room.

After decades of a dark kitchen, there are lights!

From the laundry room to the breakfast room.

The rest of Week Four tomorrow.

This was the fourth week in May.

Are we finished yet?

No, but getting there.

See y'all!

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Finds - Vintage Market Days

Friday finds, vintage metal, Vintage Market Days, antique fairOn the same weekend as the Magnolia Ridge Gathering back in May, there was a Vintage Market Days event in North Augusta about a mile from Riverfront Antique Mall.

It was a boon for the sales at the booth.

I did not get to attend the first day, but after Ridge Spring on Saturday morning, I drove back to Aiken, unloaded, and headed to North Augusta.

I was searching for metal stuff for the kitchen.

This is not old but it is perfect for Chucks to have hanging over his coffee station.

Just a gentle reminder, you know.

A large sheet of pressed tin.

Have not used it yet, but it may not remain whole.

Pressed tin cornice pieces.

I have a project involving sheep for these.

I met Sarah Jane Fisher of Southern Boy Primitives and fell in love with the items she and Andy sell as they travel.

You can find them on Facebook HERE - Southern Boy Primitives.

These are pieces from a Makom chicken brooder.

They have a delicious rusty look.

I have them outside getting a little more rusty before I seal them.

I will probably use them in a row on the outside wall where there is currently a big hole in the brick where the old vent fan was removed.

My hope is it will cover the difference in the new brick and the old brick.

Chucks has gone around the neighborhood looking for old brick matching what is on our house.

He has amassed quite a stack.

When looking to see if I could find a picture of a Makom brooder I found an ad for an auction in the Hutchinson Herald in November, 1944. There was a Makom brooder listed under machinery. Auction advertisement - HERE.

Sorry, I could not find a photo.
I was able to attend the first Vintage Market Days in two places in South Carolina. The one in Ladson was cooler, but the one in North Augusta was closer.  Several of the same dealers, but I will probably attend both of the fall shows.

I was impressed with each event.

See y'all!

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