Friday, August 22, 2014

The Variety Show

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At the moment I must confess I have a crammed living room and two full-up trucks. 

It looks like we have gathered props for a variety show.


Friday is projects day.  I have my furniture and smalls lined up, my brushes cleaned, and my paint mixed.

I plan to start loading into the booths late this afternoon and continue through Sunday.

So customers of Riverfront Antique Mall, if you see something you like, run on over.

The first pic is a teaser.  A primitive wooden wonder and not one, two, tall green shutters with a tree design.

The wooden wonder is on the project list.

This week has been filled with posts of finds.

Next week I am promising completed projects posts.

In fact the first furniture project will be featured as a guest post Monday for Tuula at  The Thrifty Rebel.

This group of finds is a true variety show. 

A mish-mash of odds.

Primitive, French-y, and weird.

If you have ever seen Olive's French plaque on her mantel (see it here), this piece could be its companion.

She will be getting a fresh coat of old paint.

The angel, not Olive!

A black wood briefcase with steel handle - so industrial chic.

A magazine table hidden because of its horrid Santa Fe figures.

Three little shutters

A chenille footstool.

Barely seen in the bright sun - a heavy black frame.

An old sap bucket decoupaged with pet photos.

A ricer or berry strainer (no one could agree at the thrift store) with its pestle (or is it the mortar? - I never get those two straight).

A tall ladder to go with the previously posted small ladder.

Finally I got to shop a quarter sale like Audrey At Timeless Treasures is always talking about.

All clear glass items were a quarter.

I bought nine of various patterns and sizes.

I am proud to say they are currently half-transformed.

A sweet trio of a Japanese vase, a stoneware jar, and a cobalt pitcher.

A small jar for craft supplies.

What was being sold as a glass bowl is actually a Hoosier glass pendant light shade from the forties.

I am not that smart - it was written on the bottom!

A gallon-sized flask.

I am guessing it was used as a flower vase.

But think of the drinks you could mix in there.

Or potions.

An adorable hand-tinted child's portrait in a vintage frame.

Had to show his/her amazing smile.

I needed a mirror in my booth.

Saw this one and grabbed it.

As I drove home, I noticed it was actually quite old and better looking the more I looked at it.

I cannot paint it.

The wood is in great shape.

The small print - soldier on horseback.

The other day Suzan at Simply Vintageous revealed she wore her little black dress while painting her planks for her new/old kitchen table/island.

Well, when I am cleaning and painting and tagging I wear ...

See y'all!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swap & Tell #2

I am hoping to swap a vintage bobbin of French gimp

It is time for another Swap & Tell where sellers can swap a sample of their merchandise with another seller.

A unique way to promote your shop.


Last week I swapped with Diana Adirondack Girl @ Heart!

A jar of lace with a Frozen Charlotte for a vintage tin with handmade tags.  I cannot wait to see them.

Looking forward to what wonderful items are available tonight.

Speaking of co-hosts, I am pleased to introduce you to Ann at Tarnished Royalty and Heather at Woods of Bell Trees . These lovely ladies each have unique and fun blogs and personalities, each with a growing following. Be sure to pay them a visit! Your link will show on all three blogs simultaneously, meaning more opportunities! If you are just now finding out about Swap & Tell, you can read more about it here.

swap tell co-host
And also! We’re looking for a 4th co-host! Tina of What We Keep had to drop out due to being over extended (miss you, Tina). So we decided to put a co-host spot up for grabs! Interested in co-hosting our brand new link up? Read more about our co-host opportunity.

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I'm so ready to get to the swap, but first, please read the rules:

*This link up is a SWAP so please ONLY link up posts that contain a picture of an item you would like to swap and have fun shopping around! Links that are not for swap will be removed to preserve the authenticity of the link up.

*Link up a post from your blog, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram that contains a picture and description of your swap item, using a permalink to your specific post not your general URL from your chosen source.

*Look around at the other links until you spy something that interests you. Visit as many as you like and when you find something you'd like to swap for, leave the other person a comment with a link to your posted item.

*Once you have committed to a swap, please edit your post with a note that your item is already swapped so you won't continue to get offers.

*Exchange address info with your swap partner. Each person will pay shipping for the item she/he is sending.

*Please be prepared to ship your product no later than one week from the time the swap ends. (The timetable for services will be worked out between those swapping.)

*Product reviews should be posted no later than two weeks from the time the swap ends. (The review timetable for services will be worked out between those swapping.)

*The review should contain a photo of the product received; your own scoop on the product; and a link back to the product, shop or person (their choosing). (The review for services may or may not include a photo, details to be worked out between those swapping.)

*Please include the Swap & Tell button or text link back to your host in your linked post.

*Etsy does not allow outside links within a product description. So if you are swapping a product from Etsy, the workaround is to post it on a blog, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram before linking up.

And finally, have fun and remember, it's all about promoting and helping one another. The value of the swap is in more than the products received, but in the exposure you will receive from reviews. A swap means a review for your product too!

Let the party begin!

Swap & Tell


French Gimp Spools

French gimp trim. old bobbins, Swap & Tell
I love to work with French gimp - a type of trim.

I use it on my tattered tags, Christmas ornaments, signs, and yes, even on fabrics.

I bought two partial bolts of French gimp in pink and cranberry.

It is acetate woven into a loopy design.

It is not from France.

In fact this vintage gimp was manufactured in Union, South Carolina.

Probably 1960's.  The mill has long since been shuttered.

I measured out a very generous six yards.

I had some old bobbins from a cotton mill.

Wound the gimp around the bobbin.

Secured it with a safety pin with vintage buttons.

Added a sweet distressed cherub tag.

Tonight they will be listed in my Etsy shop.

Five pink spools.

Two cranberry ones.

Use them for basket fillers.

Or supplies.

And I saved one pink one for Swap & Tell tonight.

Swap & Tell Link Up
Every Wednesday

Please join us to promote your merchandise in a unique way.

See y'all!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ms. Thrift-A-Ton

Vintage finds, thrift shopping
I warned you about the series of posts about my latest finds.

I have been a regular Ms. Thrift-A-Ton lately.

Like gathering nuts for winter, I have been gathering materials for projects designed to use up the materials found in Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

He is on a strict diet.

This stack of divided crates I bought at Riverfront Antique Mall.  One of the dealers tries to keep a number in stock.  They are new, but cheap, and fly right out of the store.

Great for booth displays.

When I bought my little trunk HERE, I left behind this one.

And immediately regretted it.

It wore a blue tag so I decided to wait for half-price blue week, and I would buy it.

Well, I skipped going that week.

BUT it still sat there because the price was too high.

I tried to talk the manager into reducing it.

Finally, blue week came around again.

I snatched it right up.

Well, that's a lie.

It is rather heavy and they made me pick it up in the back.

It looks sad here, but I polished it and took it over to hold various items in the booth.

And the price is better than it was at the thrift store!

I love how the top lifts.

This was on the cart to the dumpster so I had to rescue it.

Yes, you still have to pay full price!

I bought these two metal tiles to paint, but when I looked closer, I realized someone quite talented had painted them.

Now do I paint right over them?

Or preserve someone's artwork?

I'll get back to you when I decide.

I never pass up vintage small frames.

Two dinner plates and two salads.

Blue Ridge in a pattern I have not seen.

One pink, the others white.

Swirly black design.

I am thinking fifties?

Taped to the Blue Ridge plates was this loner.

Pretty enough to hold a potted plant.

Chucks can vouch that I often can be seen running around the house swearing at the top of my lungs about missing scissors.

We own around thirty pairs.

I lose them constantly.

I may frame these so I can get to them.

But I will probably lose them too.

Pink shelf paper with cherubs. Yum!

Who could resist a pink fifties lamp with a gold deer?

And it has a pull chain.

And the two juice glasses?

Handpainted souvenir glasses from Hollywood, Florida.

More glass top Atlas jars for my lace and Frozen Charlottes.

Another old brush.

I seem to be finding a number of these and some customer buys every one of them.

There must be an avid brush collector out there.

Some are already at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, others are headed that way, and some will be showing up on Etsy.

See y'all!

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