Thursday, April 24, 2014

Teeny Treasure Time

The SPCA Thrift was unloading boxes of miniature everything last week.

It was teeny treasure time!

I had to pick up a few of the items.

There were doll tea sets.

This sweet trio.

doll china, miniatures, dog figurines, Shawnee pottery
This larger collection - still incomplete, but there were seventeen pieces of it.

Eight saucers - all doll-sized.

Chipped with green plaid bows and pink flowers.

A small Shawnee elephant cream pitcher - about five inches high.

He is listed in my Etsy shop.

Remember before buying the flood of reproductions of figural pottery pieces in the late 1980's and 90's.

I am no expert when it comes to telling the difference!

There were dozens of horse figurines.

I chose a lead horse and a distressed china one.

Also had to have the elf!

The last two were not miniatures.

This bulldog is missing the tips of his ears and was more than I should have paid for him, but look at his expression.

"Take me home!  Take me home!"

I did.

Last teeny treasure is about three inches high.

Marked Italy.

A figural puppy planter.

A few tips of his fur missing, but overall he is so ugly, he is cute!

This post catches you up with last week's finds.  

The next post will be all about crawling the Low Country with my niece Leia.  

Let's just say it has taken me all day to unload and photograph the contents of the truck.

I think it will take TWO posts!

See y'all!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saddle Up!

saddle stands, horse blankets
If you visited over at Shop Talk 
  last Friday, you know I carry an odd assortment of items.

These are saddle stands.

Three of them.

Can't you see them in your garden with perhaps a potato vine or clematis curling about the curves?

The saddle stands have a wire rack on the bottom - perfect for a pot or three of flowering annuals.

A bit of rusty patina already.

Just wax before using outside.

Or perhaps at the end of a bed to hold quilts and blankets.

And speaking of blankets, I could not leave behind three woven wool horse blankets in three different styles.

I would be the first to admit the blankets were dirty.

Even Molly turned her nose at the smell.

Thanks to the blogger who posted about Awesome and hot water soaks for soiled fabrics, the blankets are clean and fresh once again.

(And if that blogger who uses Awesome on her vintage linens happens to read this post, please let me know.  I have lost the post with the directions!)

This is my favorite.

Yes, even this one with the leather front and back was soaked in scalding hot water twice.

Came out looking new.

(I forgot to take after photos!)

Willie was so excited at the saddle stands and the saddle blankets, he fell asleep upside down.

His favorite position!

See y'all!

Drop It or Swap It
I am participating in Ann's Swap Meet at Tarnished Royalty.

Clever idea.  Just add an item to the bottom of a post that you want to swap.  The other people will look at your item and decide if they would like to swap.

Go over and see the guidelines for yourself.

Does anyone want three pairs of tiny elephants?


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Share your Cup Thursday #99 

We Call It JunkinLavender Garden Cottage

Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Chairs/Large Load

small school chairs, oak chairsThere are several things I can never resist.

Sweet little school chairs are at the top of the list.

Maybe from being a teacher - I just love those tiny chairs.

While out thrifting one day, I saw four little brown chairs coming through the back door of the thrift store to the sales floor.

I quickly grabbed them from the clerk's hands and said I wanted all four.

She said she thought there might be a few more in the back, did I want more?

Did I want more!?!


And out came four smaller ones - two in the original oak and two painted white.

All eight of them would not fit in the buggy so I asked to take the tags and pick them up at the back door.

She said fine and went to tell the manager who came out of the back with a funny look on her face.

I thought she was going to say the chairs had been spoken for and I could not have them.

My heart sank right down to the floor.

I wanted those chairs.

When the manager spoke, I did not quite understand.

What?  There were more?

She had five more oak chairs.

Yes, I wanted them!

Then she said there was a table with SIX more chairs.

Yes, I wanted them!

She gave me the tags to take to checkout.  

I promptly paid for the table and NINETEEN chairs!

Yes, I totally forgot Olivia was visiting and was shopping over in the clothing section and had not one clue what I had just purchased.

<It is a wonder I did not drive off and leave her!>

All she saw was a handbag I had found and a paint brush.

Olivia was a good sport and helped me load the table and the nineteen chairs into the back of the truck which already had previous purchases loaded in there.  She held two chairs on her lap.

Off we drove with the chairs tied to the tailgate like the Beverly Hillbillies.

She was nice to help me unload them to take the photos and clean them.

Then we loaded them all back up.

The six-foot table and all nineteen chairs.

All went to the booth and several have sold.

Thank you to a very patient niece.

Who understands an aunt with an obsession for tiny chairs.

See y'all!

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Knick Of Time Tuesday #133 - Vintage Inspiration
Share your Cup Thursday #99 

A Stroll Thru LifeWe Call It JunkinLavender Garden Cottage

Saturday, April 19, 2014

How I Spent My Spring Break

art, museum, art abandment project
Our niece Olivia came and spent her spring break with Chucks and me.

We had quite a lot of fun.

The first night Olivia went right to work on her art pieces to abandon in public places.

Here she is hard at work.

I am just going to list all the things we were able to cram into one week - so sad it is her last spring break before college.

It is hard to believe she is that old.

Artwork and quote by Olivia.

1. Went to Kroger's and The Fresh Market to load up on grain-free vegan food.  The diet we decided on for the week.  Also hot tea.  She had made me a believer in it.

2.  Found a Free Little Library kiosk in downtown.  I found a book to take and Olivia left several.

3.  Painted and played Group Love and Janis Joplin music very loud.  Added a little JT also.

 Artwork by Olivia

4. Walked several miles with the dogs.

5. Went to the gym for weights.  Olivia has a stress fracture in her foot and cannot run at this time.  She wears a very fashion-forward ortho boot!

6.  Ate at the New Moon.  She had coffee and I had hot apple cinnamon chai.

7.  Went thrifting.  Yes, I bought a carload.

Olivia's prepared artwork for abandonment.

8.  Went to the library twice to make sure we did not run out of books to read.

9.  Went to two bookstores.

10.  Ate and drank more hot tea.

11.  Olivia made herself concoctions of cocoa powder and peanut butter and cinnamon and yogurt.

12.  Ate sardines - she for the first time.  Don't even ask what she paired with the sardines!

13.  Played with the cats.

 Can you guess where her first piece was abandoned?

14.  Traveled to Columbia Museum of Art to see the Effect of the Jazz Age on Japanese culture.

15.  Ate at Good Life Cafe - all grain-free and vegan food.  Delicious!

16.  Made more art pieces to abandon.

Olivia created a journal of a cardboard chocolate wrapper, chalk paint, and paint sample pages.

I was in the middle of restocking my handmade tags so I chose a few to abandon.

I made the bird stamp from foam core.

We left haiku graffiti on the magnetic boards in the children's section of the museum.



We abandoned our journal and journal tags in an old book store.


The store is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

I will post about it soon.

Yes, I noticed I quit numbering what we accomplished, but sometimes memories pile up and you want to just treasure them. 

I hope Olivia had as much fun as Chucks and I did!

We miss the nightly serenade of violin music as she practiced for her recital.

Next week it is Leia's turn.  We will be celebrating her birthday with one of our now-famous low country crawls.  She is already scouring the area around North Charleston and beyond for treasure places.

See y'all!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Visiting at Shop Talk Today

guest post, antique booth space, Coastal Charm, Riverfront Antique MallI am visiting at Coastal Charm today.  Linda invited me to drag my two booths over for Shop Talk.  I was delighted!  I love her idea of featuring shop spaces.  The posts have inspired me so much with creative solutions for merchandising.

I have The Green Door (Booth B-6) and Plus Encore (even more) (Booth B-5) at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, South Carolina.

Go over and visit.

Thanks so much for inviting me, Linda!

Wishing all of you a glorious Good Friday!


See y'all!

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