Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tattered Tags Prairie Primitive

tattered tags, prairie, primitive
Yes, it is time for another installment of tattered tags.

This time I will be featuring one of my favorite Graphics Fairy images.

I call her Pearl the Cowgirl.

I soaked some shipping tags in some tan Rit dye.

Let them dry in the sun.

Some of the brown reinforcements came off but I glued them back on.

Distressed with some turquoise ink.


Stamped with a wood grain in brown.

Distressed with brown ink.

Stamped "Prairie Life" on the back.

Mod Podged Pearl the Cowgirl to the front.

Used torn stained calico ribbon for ties.

(I just threw everything - cloth, tags, paper into the dye bath to use up all the dye in the water.)

Cut the stained calico into yard lengths and wrapped each tag with two different fabrics.

Secured the torn cotton ribbon with a rusty safety pin with a vintage watch face.

Now it is time for Pearl to mosey on over to Etsy and some of her sisters to mosey over to my booth.

They are -

Definitely Tattered.

Definitely Prairie.

Definitely Primitive.

See y'all!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Purging and Thrifting - Balance!

vintage finds, decluttering
Is it possible to both purge and thrift at the same time?

Can one balance the act of tossing with buying?

Buying in bulk.

Tossing by the truckload.

I think I have achieve that balance.

Chucks is not completely sure.

First this metal basket - large and heavy - was once part of a floral arrangement.

Silk flowers tossed.

Basket painted.

Will be sold.

Ah, balance!

Bought - one small ironstone cream pitcher.

Will be used on the mantel for a couple of months.

Then it will be sold.

Ah, balance!

Bought - one pillow sham - vintage embroidery.

Honeymoon couple - written in German.

So cute.

Admired for a few days.

Gone to the booth.

Ah, balance!

Bought - a group of baskets.

Will be painted after the rain has stopped.

Then prairie-sized.

Listed on Etsy or taken to the booth.

Ah, balance!

Bought two prints - used for one week.

Considered keeping the signed boy with dog.


Gone to the booth.

Ah, balance!

Tough group to balance, but here goes nothing.

John Romain pocketbook bought for the memory.

Will enjoy a few more days, then sell.

Clamps - must keep - most useful.

Bunny plaque - must sell.

Books and music - project time.

Wire basket - are you kidding!?!


Ah, balance!

Bought - giant bottle brush trees and a white basket of shams and a throw.

Trees - definite keepers.

Shams - already on the bed.

Throw - will be used for the sofa.

Basket will join the prairie group.

Ah, balance!

Progress report on Mount Basket:

Have a number of them completed, a number of them half-finished, and a number of them quite naked.

Adds up to I gotta get busy!

See how they are balanced?

Chucks says I must reduce this mountain of baskets fast.


He just caught me bidding on items at my favorite online estate sale site.

Ah, balance!

See y'all!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Making A Vintage Bed

vintage linens
Of course if I buy vintage, collect vintage, and sell vintage, I must sleep vintage!

First I start with my vintage bed - part of a three-piece bedroom suite which was my grandparents' first set.

I have debated about painting the pieces and have gone as far as stripping the dark finish off the dresser - way back in 1980.

But that is another topic for another day.

Any time I go to an estate sale, I check to see if there might be cotton Percale sheets in good condition.  I love the crispness of them.

Here are two looks for summer.

First is the blue look.  I use a striped flat sheet for the base because I have a high loft mattress and vintage fitted sheets do not fit.

I am not a matchy-match girl.  I love pattern upon pattern.  You will not find designer anything here.

So next I add a floral top sheet.

Make sure you tuck in those tight hospital corners.

A vintage white chenille spread.

I was lucky to find three new in the bag vintage spreads years ago.

A blue and white cotton flannel blanket.

I used to have a stack of these, but they were so plentiful, I sold off my collection except for this one.

I do regret that decision.

For the very top, this quilt - you will remember from my previous post on my quilt collection.


Yes, I live in the hot, humid South, but I am lucky to have married a man who loves stacks of covers like me.  

We keep the AC low.

And if you visit in the winter, be forewarned - we keep the house at 58 to 60 degrees so we can add extra quilts.

Vintage pillowcases - hand-embroidered.

The only thing not vintage are the quilted blue and white shams, but they were thrifted.

Six pillows.

Yes, SIX!

I like the look of a turned-down bed as long as it is neat.

The quilted pillow was made by my granny when I was in college.

On alternate weeks the bed is made with a pink look.

First a solid pale pink flat sheet.

Yes, I notice the sheers across the windows are all wonky-jawed.

Azalee and Scout were chasing each other under the bed while I was taking photos.

A pink floral stripe for the top sheet.

Rose bud pillow cases that match the sheets.

Machine-embroidered cases.

I am not a snob, but I do prefer hand-embroidered cases.

I love the ombre effect of this quilt.

The flower basket quilt block pillow another by my granny.

When I took a break to go to the grocery store, I ran into the thrift shop and I found these floral shams.

I love them with this pink look so they were added.

I know this is not the high-end, designer look or French linens, but it is what we like - comfort and snugginess.

Snugginess: noun - the sense of being surrounded by a cloud of softness.


Sleep tight.

And God forbid the bedbugs bite!

See y'all!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Laundry Day For Quilts

quilts, launderingIt was laundry day for six quilts.  Now I will say up front this is NOT a professional talking about priceless quilts.  These are old quilts which are used around the house.

Once every two years each quilt is washed.  They are used in rotation.  The quilts are stored in a chest rolled in a non-bleached white cotton sheet.

I wash them with Restoration in my washer on low agitation (delicate) after soaking for an hour in warm water and dry them on hot.

This is one of my favorite quilts. Yes, it is ONE quilt.  I have three from this lady who quilted in the 1940's.  I bought them at her estate sale.  She was a thrifty lady as you shall see.

Each side is divided in half with coordinating fabrics and a border of a different fabric.  

Instead of a traditional quilting stitch pattern, she used French knots to hold the fabric in place.

So the quilt can be folded four ways - each different.

When used on a bed, it can be turned back to display two patterns.

(My next post is how I make my bed.)

I also steam the quilts in between laundering.

Just stick them in the hot, hot dryer with a wet towel.

I know some of you are cringing, but I assure you there have been very few casualties over the years.

I have another stack to wash, but six is a day's work.

This quilt is used during the summer.

This is the fabric I most like on the quilt.

Here is another by the same lady.

Also divided in half on one side with the pink and the green fabrics.

The back is a green canvas.

Notice she used pink and green French knots.

And why was she so thrifty?

The quilts are quilted over other quilts.

You can see where the seam has come loose the other quilt inside.

A much, much older quilt.

The pink and green one above has two quilts inside.

It is like having a Christmas present and not being able to make yourself open it.

And she made all three quilts coordinate.

Come back tomorrow to see what is special about this quilt when it is spread across a bed.

This is a light-weight one for summer.

I use this quilt in the winter with the one below.

It has intricate stitching and the fabrics are lovely.

As carefully as the front is blocked, on the back the quilter used various sizes, colors and shapes of gingham.

Just a willy-nilly pattern.

Years ago I was at a storage facility where people had set up to sell their belongings.

One man there noticed I fell in love with this quilt.


He wanted more than I had to spend so I moved on.

As I passed him going back to the car, he called me over and asked if I planned to sell or keep the quilt.

I said it was for my home.

He reduced the price in half and threw in a huge green splatter enamelware bowl.

His grandmother had quilted using every uniform his grandfather had worn from World War One to being a train porter.

There are wool pieces and canvas pieces.

The back is tan canvas with beautiful stitching.

This guy was the last of his family and he wanted it to go to someone who would love it.

And I do.

It keeps us very warm in the winter.

I think of him every time I make the bed.

Quilts are such wonderful bits of history.  

Unfortunately I do not know the history of all my quilts.

Some were bought at antique stores or thrift shops.

We have several family quilts and have written down what we know of the history.

Well, I now have the quilts being used as cushions on benches to wash and dry.

And there are the ones to be stored for awhile.

Remember when you have a quilt, you are protecting a small piece of a person's life.

See y'all!

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