Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Finds - A Neighborhood Sale

Friday finds, vintage finds, neighborhood yard sale, vintage kitchen gadgets, Zanesville pottery
In the fall and spring there are many neighborhood sales where a number of residents have yard sales on one day.

They print a map to pick up as a guide. 

It's 7:30AM and I am off to Aiken Estates to discover what treasures I can find.

The first house was a mother and son selling off her collections to get ready for a move.

It was early but they were ready for bundle deals.

I bought all the Zanesville pottery.

Thanks to Linda at A La Carte for helping me price it.

Four dozen small glass bud vases.

Linda helped with these too.

In fact she did all the research for me. 

A box filled with tiny Occupied Japan figurines.

Not as sought after as years ago but still make a great display for Christmas villages. 

Four glass reamers (or juicers).

Your eyes are not deceiving you.

I forgot to put the fourth in the photo.

A few 1950's children's books.

Belonged to the son but he did not want them.

Kitchen gadgets all in the original boxes.

Someone had grabbed the huge box of them.

Weirdest mold I have ever found.

New in the box - carefully wrapped in tissue. 

Naked chickens!

Henny Penny molds for gelatin salads.

My grandmother used to make ham gelatin molds, but never chicken gelatin molds.

Hers were molded in swirly molds. 

Neat thing about the set of graters is they all fit together to hang.

All that at the FIRST house.

And I had a pocketful of money left.

I had planned for the chair to be a project to learn to paint upholstery.

However I have sent it to the booth to become some other lucky person's project piece.

Third house.

Tall pedestal with packages and packages of lace panels.

No photo of the lace panels - forgot and now they are sold.

Next house a basket of knobs and small canvases.

More lace - doilies and place mats.

The box is a set of lovely glitter crowns - each with a religious theme.

I bought a whole box of hangers to get the vintage advertising ones at the bottom.

Found a bunch of the old painted ones in the box when I went home.

Chucks needed the pants hangers.

Good deal all around! 

Last house and they were ready to get rid of everything.

How late was it?

Only 9AM.

I bought quite a stack of her baskets like these.

More lace.

A white cosmetic case.

A star colander.

Vintage package of dolly clothes pins - original price of forty-nine cents.

Tiny Tupperware containers with the lids.

My mother used to put peanuts in our lunches with these.

And something kitschy.

Plastic mugs from Spenser Gifts dated 1982.

Did you buy crazy gifts from Spenser's?

I have been busy with bottle brush trees and getting the house bulldozed for the holidays.

I wish someone would invent a Roomba the size of a lawn tractor to clean for me.

See y'all!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Stylish Oak Table

oak side table, painted furniture, restoring oak finish, furniture makeoverI love these oak side tables - so practical in many spaces. 

I already have three of them so this one was destined for the booth.

Bought from Olive, it was painted with a matte black top and the bottom left in the original oak.

The wood was dry and dull.

But the table was in relatively good condition.

No wobbles.

If you have had experience with this style, you know wobbles are a problem.

The solid matte black top was doing nothing for me.

After a sanding to lightly distress it, I began to wax it.

Used Howard's dark oak wax.

After two coats of wax I am loving the top.

A soft sheen and some distressed edges.

As for the dry wood Howard's Restor-A-Finish to the rescue.

Used oak finish.

See the difference from the front leg to the back leg.

It transforms the wood in minutes.

The stylish black-top, oak side table is ready to go.

And I am off to complete more projects.

I do not receive compensation from Howard's.

See y'all!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bought From Olive

blog friend, vintage finds, ironstone, vintage tables
It is so nice to have friends who find things you love as they travel around.

One dear friend is Olive Out.


Recently she had a pile of things for me to go through and decide which to buy.

She knows I am on an ironstone pitcher hunt and found this beauty.

Along with the decorative metal piece.

The book and the syrup tin came from somewhere else, but look at the lovely linen fabric in turquoise and gold.

Using this for fall decor right now.

A rusty wire basket filled with bobbins and spools of several shapes and sizes.

I love a good basket.

She found this old chalkware piece and knew it would be perfect for my bathroom.

Two tables.

Olive had painted them with black chalk paint.

The tall oak one you will see tomorrow transformed.

The Moorish one is currently in front of the fireplace with fall decor on it.

I plan to use the table as a base for the Christmas tree.

The brown desk Olive envisioned painted in a soft blue, but after getting it home and cleaning it, I decided to sell it just as it is.

Great mid-century vibe.

It is waiting for its forever home in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, SC.

See y'all!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Finds - A Thrifty Day

Friday finds, thrift stores, vintage finds, ironstone pitchers and platters, vintage books
On a recent Friday I made the rounds of thrift shops and hit a bonanza of smalls.

A stack of Syracuse platters - creamy white with a brown glazed border.

A small Roseville cream pitcher.

A lovely ironstone water pitcher - traces of pink around her sides.

No basin - but who cares?

The pitcher was filled with this mixed bunch of dusty, dirty silk blooms.

Someone evidently donated a boatload of them because every basket and vase and pitcher were crammed with silk flowers.

AND you had to take them with your purchase!

Lidded market basket.

Nice for displays and for shopping.

A pair of Christmas hatboxes.

Mary Jane's Farm double sided comforter.

Green and pink floral patterns.

Pink and white butterfly quilt.

The butterflies are made of candlewick knots.

Pieced by machine but quilted by hand.

Pair of giant brass candle sticks.

Then promptly found a similar pair slightly smaller.

Pair of serving bowls.

The left one is the Cameo pattern (Homer Laughlin).

The one on the right is not marked but goes well with the other.

I adore and will keep this pitcher.

It bears the scars of a long and useful life.

Plus it is pretty.

Two silver plate trophy bowls - only one engraved.

I did not know there was an award given for "Outstanding Adult".

Cute little bronze baby shoe.

A large gold embroidered tablecloth.

Only found four books but the reader and the When We Were Young are keepers.

A huge pile of baskets because at one place the more you bought the cheaper they were.


Another week.

Another thrifty haul.

Notice the hauls are getting smaller and smaller.

At some point I need to show photos of what I am downsizing in my house.

I do post some on Instagram.

Chucks fears he may be next.

See y'all!


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