Sunday, April 28, 2013

Signs of Vintage Photos

I have been playing over at Pic Monkey again with old photographic images from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

I took several old photos and if they were not tinted, I tinted them and altered them slightly until I loved them.

Back at Easter I had seen a bunny image in one of those old store sign frames.  I immediately thought of putting photos in them.

Since my family is very camera shy, I had to use other people's photos.

Preferably vintage.  Karen came through.


 I found the store sign frames at Mr. Durland's during Leia's Birthday Crawl.  I bought assorted sizes.

Regular readers will be happy to know these were the ONLY items purchased - ALL other supplies were snatched away from Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

 Out came the Rust-Oleum in Heritage White, Slate Blue, and Dark Taupe.

(A warning: HD is discontinuing some of the colors - better check if any of your favorites are on the list!)

 I had printed out a slew of images and narrowed down to seven.  I matched them to the frames.

I then cut the images to fit with a tab at the top so they could be easily removed.

  Of course, I cannot leave well enough alone.  Those images had to be fancied up and then distressed.  After all they are vintage images.  They have to look that way!

I chose some vintage looking scrapbook paper from the mile-high pile small paper organizer box.
 Would I do a paper post without Mod Podge involved?  NO!

The images were glued to poster board along with the scrapbook paper.  

Caution: use thin coats!  You do not want any wrinkles.

 Here they are with paper and distressed ink.

Pretty, but you know I have to take it up another notch.


Out came the ruffled tulle, organza roses, lace, and pom poms.

(HINT:  I soak my white cotton pom poms in cheap dollar store vanilla to distress them!)

The ladies.

The bride and groom.

Arlette Dorgere 1857 - it was written on the image.

A woman who must have had tremendous courage to have a photo taken like this!

She deserved the pom poms!  I save them for special projects.

Twinkle star girl received pink roses.

Gardening girl was adorned with gray ruffled tulle and pink roses.

I made the white organza roses pink by rubbing pink stamping ink on them.

A girl and her cat typing - so deserving of the pom poms.

Why are the pom poms special?  

You really have to search to find the all cotton old ones.

You might as well just sit back -  I love these things and plan to show all of them several times.

I know you are truly grateful of this opportunity to view my wonderfully horrible photography.

My house is dark and it has been raining for several days so I had to brighten these so the colors are slightly wonky.

Not going to stop me from showing them!

I did use that tired phrase "He stole my heart.  I took his name."  That bride and groom looked as if something had been stolen from them!

Pom pom lady is dancing alone.  

Sometimes it is safer that way!

The whole family united as one.

A rather impressive display.

The ladies return.

The two girls keep battling for the front position.

How long did they have to stand there and then look that grim?

Fire the photographer!

Girl with her cat typing is my favorite.

I love her expression.

It says it all.

I often sit and type my blog with Azalee on my lap.

One day I will publish exactly what we type together iwhtout any crorectonis!  :>)

If I seem distant or missing in action, do not get your panties in a wad.  I have several dental torture sessions scheduled over the next few months.  

I am so looking forward to that.

See y'all!

 P,S.  If you know who posted about the black bunny silhouettes in the store sign frames, let me know so credit can be given!

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