Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Finds

Thrift shopping, vintage finds
Another group of smalls this week.

Can you tell I am over winter and ready for spring?

Bought a box of painted clay pots.

Ms. Bunny came along for the ride. 

Could not resist her B**ch Bunny expression.

Old enough to remember record stores?

Two posters on poly boards - Goo Goo Dolls and REM.

These four were grouped together on the discount table.

I had to keep them together.

Rebecca is a soft cover French edition.

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

One of THE best opening lines for a novel.

If you have not read it or seen the Hitchcock movie version.


I love a whats-it.

However after taking the top off, I knew what it was.

A handmade light box.

The clear glass top has two other panes - one more opaque than the other.

Inside is a low wattage bulb, a high wattage bulb, and a blue bulb.

The wring is positively ancient.

I probably would not plug it in anywhere in my house. 

A wire basket.

A silverplate small tray engraved "J. S. '64".

Three spice shakers.

An old gold frame.

A sign board which will become a sign board.

You probably guessed that.

A stack of old green and brown file folders. 

Blue splatterware crock.

A metal compote.

A cherub's head.

A pair of Redoute' (I probably misspelled the name) floral prints.

The frames are new.

A framed Dear Mother poem.

Sixteen aluminum molds.

A large bamboo birdcage which will probably be painted in the near future.

There is no "probably" about where I am right now.

Olive from Olive Out (still not blogging, but on Instagram) and Distressed Donna are on the road in search of some major league junk.

Olive even made us a sign for the trip.

If we come home, then I will probably-

See y'all!

My shop is closed for much needed renovations!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016


quick makeovers, white crates
It is Sunday - time for a quickie.


Bought nine at Riverfront Antique Mall last week for displays.

Gave them a distressed white look.

The crates are vegetable crates from Mexico. 

The label said coriander was hauled in these.

To be honest some of the coriander did not make the trip in great condition.

Here's a photo of how the crates looked.

I did not include the rotted coriander inside.

Just in case someone has a weak stomach.

I take a wire brush to them and then lightly sand.

Here's one cleaned and ready for paint.

Tried to stretch the little left in my favorite white - Bermuda Sand, but, alas, one crate did not get painted.

Loaded them up to take the booth.

Had several offers to buy them, but I directed the customers to the back of the store where you can buy the rough ones for $3.

As I was going back and forth to get my Blazer fixed, I stopped at Something For Everyone.

This beauty was sitting out in the parking lot.

They bring estate sales to their warehouse.  They have a huge sale coming.

They post pics on their FB page for you to see what's coming nextCheck it out here:  Something For Everyone

No, I did not buy the secretary.

Yes, I did buy something.

Because they do have something for everyone!

Hope everyone is warm and safe.

I stayed up all Friday night watching the gentle snowfall.

It covered the ground and then slowly disappeared.

See y'all!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Finds

flea market, thrift store, vintage finds
I have an excuse for all the finds.

A poor one, but still an excuse.

My beloved Blazer - all twenty years of her - decided to test me by going in and out of our mechanic's garage for the last ten days with different new and creative ailments.

In order to get her to the garage, I must pass several thrift shops.

So I shopped.

A large sieve.

Another star colander, but I have sold five of the ones I previously owned.

Twelve tart tins on a frame.

Too cute to pass by.

A stack of crates behind ...

A large and lovely crock.

Unfortunately someone drilled three holes in the bottom for plants.

Picture me rolling this across the floor at Goodwill to checkout.

Chucks and I decided to head East last Saturday to Columbia to the flea markets.  Great idea - plenty of sellers and a crowd of lookers, but not many buyers.

I bought these two 1957 bound copies of the Columbia Record newspaper from the archives of Columbia College. 

They are the size of the newspapers inside.

I have enjoyed reading the news and advertisements in them.

A very old floral basket.

A new twig basket already my favorite color.

A metal urn in a copper color.

One dealer gave me a bag and said to fill it for one price.

So I did.

Look, Tuula (Thrifty Rebel Vintage), an egg beater!

 A very red rocker.

Another group of bargains from Goodwill.

The red-handled silverware is for a Spring project.

Cool vintage photo in a great frame.

Restaurant china.

chandelier engraved to J.W. Drewett TsingTao APC Installation 1936Probably the find of the day.

A brass and silverplate chandelier with glass arms.

The wiring has been stripped. 

Two fighting falcons and ginkgo leaves engraved on this side.

Engraved on the other side:


As much as Chucks and I could find, it has to do with an aircraft installation as the Japanese were invading China. We could not find the right J.W. Drewett.


So, yes, Chucks and I are history nerds who spent an hour Googling.

Two cricket boxes.

I thought a leather camera case, but it has Sportsman Case stamped on it.

I was tired of Googling so Sportsman may be a camera!

I was looking at the spelling book and the dealer threw all this in a sack and named a price I could not refuse.

A box of song books and hymnals - also all for one price.

Foursquare Hymnals were used by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel founded by Aimee Semple McPherson.

These are from 1957.

Last my favorite finds of the day.

The McCulloch large gas can.

And a wash tub and four buckets.

All suitably rusty and crusty.

So where are we headed this weekend?

Well, if the snow comes close enough, we will go snow-chasing.

It's a Southern thing.

You drive until you get to see some snow and drive back home.

Stay safe and warm this weekend those of you in the path of Jonas.

Hey, wasn't that a boy band?

See y'all!

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Let's Talk Vintage! #68: Huntin' Down Vintage 

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