Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Finds

Thrift store shopping, vintage finds, vintage clothing
This was going to be a short Friday Finds post because I spent so much time at the estate sale last week.

However yesterday changed this post.

You'll see.

You caught a glimpse of the red wicker desk yesterday.

 I could not pass it by.

A painted wooden bucket.

Gold frames.

Brass cricket boxes - I need about five more.

Some paper Easter eggs.

Old teacher + old office supplies = LOVE!

I have a stack of these.

I must corral them and take a photo.

This paper cutter is a 12 X 12.

A leather ledger book - not old, but looks it.

A silverplate condiment dish.

A paper mache Easter candy container. (Made in Germany)

A huge heavily woven tablecloth in spotty condition.

It's a cutter.

Don't grimace - you know you've done it to old linens.

The aged mirror with the cracked plastic frame was going to the trash.

I paid a dollar to save it.

If. It. Ever. Stops. Raining. It. Will. Be. Fixed.

It is supposed to be 60F and sunny this time of year.

It is 45F and rainy today.

My shorts keep jumping out of the dresser wondering why I have forsaken them.

A legal-sized clipboard.

A wooden scoop.

A pair of Italian paper mache bookends - love the line drawings of the lady.

And this was going to be the end of the post until I walked into the thrift store on my way to buy detergent to wash the mountain of linens laying about.

Agnes, the most wonderful thrift shop lady ever, said she had a Donna Box in the back.

The box where she tosses things too rusty, crusty, dusty to put on the sales floor.

I take the good with the bad and I do pay for them.

The Bad:  four embroidered dresses from three different countries.

I know several women who can pull these off, but not short, round me.

I'll think of something to do with them.

There was so much good in the box.

The long damask dress with the muskrat muff.

The dresses are in deplorable condition.

All hand-stitched.


Perfect for hanging in your boudoir.

Yes, I did sing the Muskrat Love song in my head.

Tiny little feet dangle from the bottom edge of the muff.

I was taking the photos as rain was moving in so they are wonky.

The wedding dress is polyester, but still has that Old World look with lace and pearl beading.

A close-up.

The silk nightgown is 1950's or earlier.

I picture Vivian Leigh in it.

A two-piece embroidered silk top and skirt.

At the very bottom of the box was the treasure.

1950's or earlier.

I cannot tell if it is a robe or a cocktail coat.

I can imagine someone wearing this to an afternoon tea or for cocktails in the garden.

It is lined.

Horribly wrinkled and aged.

I love the embroidery.

It is chiffon over silk.

Lovely pink flowers.

A chemise of embroidered batiste which has been curiously sewn over a piece of foam rubber to make a cushion.

I will be setting it free.

Yes, I had to buy a textbook.

Even though the AAUW Book Fair is next weekend, and I know I will buy boxes and boxes.

So I am sorry for the long post, but had to show you the Donna Box of treasures.

Agnes is leaving the thrift shop.  The community will miss her greatly.  The management doesn't know what a wonderful store manager she is.

And no more Donna Boxes - all will be ditched.

Off to mourn.

See y'all!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Estate Sale Times Three

estate sales, vintage finds
It took one determined woman, two trucks, and three trips to gather all the treasures from last week's estate sale.

I will admit I did not think it was a promising sale.  The house was on a corner three blocks from us - a small ranch with one small shed in the back corner.  Very neat and tidy.

I searched through the online pics and saw a couple of things.

I like this estate sale agency - it has fair prices and clearly marked items.

There is no order to my photos. 

And many things did not get photographed.

The first day I stayed in the house and returned for a second scouting.

I noticed no one had been in the shed.

I asked it there was stuff for sale and was told a few things.

Like this willow basket, metal BREAD embossed tray, and the old tire pump with a wooden handle.

All sitting on a orchard basket.

I found this in the pile of fishing stuff.

It collapses flat.  I think it might be a minnow bucket.

Any other ideas?

Yes, that is my green hand truck - I took it with me the second day, third trip to pick up the green cabinet I posted about yesterday.

A large stack of salt and flour sacks.

Always buy old rakes.

The adz is rather unique.

Someone honed a tree limb to make a new handle for it.

Three Victorian frames with the original glass.

The morning glories print is probably original, but the other two are mid-century.

The green tole magazine rack is lovely.

Wire freezer baskets.

A gas can.

Two shoe lasts.

A tin of canape cutters.

A blue-tined tiller.

Two wrought iron hooks.

I see the red wicker - that is for Friday Finds!  It came from the thrift store.

Stacks of aluminum molds.

Yet another colander.

Silverware in a wooden bread basket.

A neat old fruit crate - unfortunately the mice had eaten the paper label.

Oh, yes, I did forget to tell you about the mice.

Only dead ones.

A stack of Riverside Classics

And collars.

Two packages of linen shirt collars for men still in the paper envelope.

I found a Madonna planter.

And a collection of shoes.

The hightop is a souvenir with the label still attached.

The white cowboy boot is a small wall pocket.

The others just decorative.

I love tiny things.

Except for estate sales - I want them in the ginormous size.

So I went three times to the same sale.

I could have gone a fourth time.

See y'all!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Not That Easy Being Green

Distressing a green cabinet, estate sale find, vintage cabinet
It's not that easy being green;
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves.
When I think it could be nicer being red or yellow or gold -
Or something much more colorful than that.

Unless of course you are like this little green cabinet I fell in love with at the estate sale last Friday.

However the price was a bit steep, and Saturday was half-price day.

It's not that easy being green.
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.
And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're not
Standing out like flashy sparkles in the water -
Or stars in the sky.

Unless of course Distressed Donna finds you hiding in the back of a shed covered in dirt - not sparkly at all.

But green's the color of Spring.
And green can be cool and friendly-like.
And green can be big like a mountain,
Or important like a river, or tall like a tree.

So important I got to the sale forty minutes ahead of time, parked around the corner by the back driveway, and let the others line up by the front door while I watched from the warmth of my truck for the sale to begin.

When green is all there is to be,
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder?
Why wonder/  I am green and it'll do fine it's beautiful.
And I think it's what I want to be!

You can see my concrete Kermit behind the little cabinet nodding in agreement.

However being obsessed as I am with being distressed, I had to sand the cabinet which is really not that little.

Look at all the storage.

I wish I had room for it.

There was a lovely blue and a creamy white under the Spring green.

Had there been time before the rain came, I would have darkened with a bit of stain and wax.

The cabinet cleaned up nicely.

See Kermit checking out the backside?

He thought he had a new home.

It's not that easy being green, but it is easy to be DISTRESSED  green!

Now available at Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall.

Just in time for Spring.

See y'all!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:



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