Monday, September 30, 2013

Patisserie Table

The weather has been cooperating with cooler temps and no rain.  The bright leaves are reaching for the incredibly blue sky.

Yes, folks, it is painting time again!


Take a table, paint it, distress it, and throw a French label from The Graphics Fairy on it.

This is my kind of fall, y'all.

One ugly green table complete with water stains and some kind of funky antiquing applied to it.

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Don't you despised the curvy areas where the sander refuses to go?

A generous coat of flat white latex.  Shown in the photo.

A generous coat of peachy-pink.  Not shown - forgot to take photo.

A vigorous sanding to reveal the layers of green and white beneath the peachy-pink.  Not shown - forgot to take photo.

It's this fall fever - the rush to paint, paint, paint.

French label from The Graphics Fairy transferred the old-fashioned way with graphite paper and a permanent Sharpie.

Even after sanding the heck out of that label, I felt it was too stark for the distressed paint job.

So I stirred up a glaze of pink and white craft paint with glazing medium.

After the glaze dried, I added a coat of clear satin poly.

And she is beautiful - waiting for some French pastries which I had none - the cupboards were bare of any cookies or crackers or cakes.  I found a crumbly Little Debbie's Fudge Round in the bottom of my pocketbook.  I considered painting it to look like a pastry, but decided the idea was a bit crazy.

I looked at her bottom - so wonderfully distressed.

I looked at her top so wonderfully decorated.

She needed something to show off her beauty.

So out came one of my favorite heads.  

It was worthy of the table's transformed look.

However, now that I look at this photo, it seems the head is looking for some pastries.

Maybe an old Little Debbie's Fudge Round will do the trick.

See y'all!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spools and Bottles and Tags

 What about those annoying tiny spools of thread that are always trying to escape?  Our dogs, Willie and Scout, think they are the world's best chew toy.  I just wanted to get them up and out of the way, but be decorative at the same time.

I dumped them into three clear bottles and wrapped some turquoise torn cotton ribbon around each neck.

On second thought I should have separated the colors.  It would be easier to retrieve the color needed.

Next I created some tags to make sure everyone knew these bottles were for spools.

I used this stamp from 100 Proof Press on small shipping tags distressed with some blue distressing ink. 

100 Proof Press has a Facebook page (HERE), a blog (HERE), and a website (HERE) for ordering.  The gallery is filled with creative ideas.

No, I am not getting paid to say this.  I have used them for several years.

Tied the tags on the bottles.


 There they are!  The bottles of spools found a place on the hidden bookcase just below the numbered cabinet in my soon to be finished craft/computer/guest room!

Look - I have organized my washi tape in large Mason jars.

Plus I have been extra-extra-good at using the supplies on hand instead of buying more.

Hobby Lobby sent a card asking if I was ill!

 While I had that stamp out, I went ahead and made some torn cotton ribbons on distressed muslin.  I'll use this for tying up the wooden spools I sell.

The muslin was soaked in Ritz Taupe dye, coffee, and cheap vanilla.

Not only does it look great, it smells wonderful!

Chucks just yelled from the front door.  I ran to see what was wrong.  He pointed behind the door and said, "Look there is a bunch of EMPTY space back here."

He thinks he is so-o-o-o-o-o funny.

Back to cleaning out and organizing.

See y'all!

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