Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Finds - Dressers

vintage dressers, vintage finds
The tale of three dressers.

For the last four months I have kept a strict rein on my buying vintage junk.

We are still settling back in after the kitchen renovation.

I decided I would only buy dressers and they had to be CHEAP!

So what happened?

On my way to pick up toothpaste from DG, a volunteer at the thrift shop next door yelled down the sidewalk, "Hey, Donna, all the furniture is 75% off today!"

I guess it should be disturbing the guy knows my name, knows I buy furniture, and knows I am CHEAP

I fast-walked down expecting very expensive pieces even at the sale price.

I told myself I only wanted dressers.

And they had to be vintage.


There were about five.


I chose the five drawer chest - looks 60's to me.

And the 40's dresser (or chest of drawers) - it weighs at least a ton.

They are currently sitting in the living room awaiting a transformation.

Yes, they were CHEAP!

Two days later Chucks honked the horn as he drove into the driveway shouting he had a present for me.

He had spied this beauty being dragged to the curb by a couple moving.

I asked how much he paid for it.

Nada, nothing, zip, zero.


Well, that certainly qualifies as CHEAP!

We decided to keep it.

In great shape.

Matches the oak floors and the oak furniture in the dining room.

Fits where a smaller cabinet once sat.

Holds most of the table linens.

And a couple of drawers of craft supplies.

Once a piece is decorated with Frozen Charlotte's and tiny books, it knows it has a home.

Not going out hunting this weekend.

After loving the way things look in the kitchen area, I am paring down brutally around the rest of the house.

I'll be busy painting and waxing and dragging things off to the booth.

See y'all!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kitchen Pantry - Before and After

Kitchen pantry, renovation, Southside Gallery, sheep print, Cabinets
The kitchen pantry is actually an odd hallway between the front foyer and the main kitchen with doors leading to the dining room and the laundry room.

I finally found a sheep print I love.

Had it made at Southside Gallery. (Facebook page HERE)

Notice the one on the left has a slight smirk.

Before - as you walk in from the foyer hall.

It was a depository for paint supplies.

And junk.

A portion of Horror Monster, my ONCE beloved craft stash.

Before - from the kitchen.

The tall pantries were removed and replaced.

We put up with this off-center, buzzing fluorescent fixture since 1990. 

To its credit we only changed the light bulb twice in all that time.

On the day of its demise, it did not buzz one time.

I think it knew what was coming!

Yes, we call it a pantry, but no food was ever stored here.

Assorted tools, hardware, paint, and garden supplies.

In no particular order.

The cabinets and soffits are gone.

The ceiling and buzzing fixture are gone.

Ceiling ripped out and new wiring installed.

Three new centered LED lights.

A couple layers of flooring removed.

Now this is what you see walking in from the front foyer.

And the new floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

One side for tools and hardware.

Neatly organized.

One side for all my paint supplies.

Neatly organized.

After - from the kitchen.

My Granny's chair and the patchwork pillow she made.

It's a prized space in the kitchen now.

And Horror Monster will NOT return here.

He is NOT welcomed.

See y'all!

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