Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Great Crate Christmas Tree

Creating a crate tree, Christmas tree, Christmas display antique mall booth, Riverfront Antique MallFor the past three years I have constructed a crate Christmas tree display in the front of my booth.

Each year it is different.

This year I expanded the size to allow for more areas for Christmas smalls and for my dyed bottle brush trees.

Took all of one day to clear out the front and find all the crates which are used the rest of the year throughout both booths for displays.

I added an extra one on the bottom row allowing for the extra crates in the rows. 

All crates are tied together and tied to the chicken wire behind to stabilize.

Yes, children have tried to climb the crates.

This year's color is a red.

Ten yards of tulle split in half.

Used as garland on the crates and to make Miss Chrissy a top.

It is quite fun to fill in the display spaces. 

I can change out items as they sell.

All spaces feature the bottle brush trees.

Along with vintage and vintage-looking Christmas items. 

Gold feathers hang from most of the crates.



Just noticed the vintage photo cards are sideways.

Miss Chrissy is standing at the very tippy-top dressed in garland and tulle with a feather pendant.

Off to organize stuff around the house to start decorating. 

Finished the outside lights and wreaths Sunday.

Need to haul more items over to the booths.

Shop Small Saturday was a great day for the antique mall.

The dealers at Riverfront Antique Mall have created a Face Book page for dealers to post items and sales. 

Come join us if you wish.

Dealing On The River @ Riverfront Antique Mall 

See y'all!


 I will accept reserved listings if you see something in the blog posts you want.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016


quick makeovers, wood planes, tung oil finish
Truly a quickie project today.

Bought a box of wood planes at a church sale.

Washed them.

Set them out on screens to dry.

Five wooden ones and one metal.

In fair condition.

Left for errands.

Arrived home to find all of them gleaming in the sun.

Chucks had decided to rub them down with tung oil for me.

He is such a sweetie.


Found in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, South Carolina.

$25 each.

Perfect gift for someone. 

I'd hang them on the wall for shelf brackets.

See y'all!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Friday Finds

Ertl pedal tractor, German bisque snow babies, Architectural salvage, phone niche
I realize I have lost a day somewhere this week.

If you find it, please return it.

I desperately need it.

And let the merry mania begin on this Friday, er, Saturday.

Saved this pedal tractor from the metal scrapper.

Someone's Christmas present from Santa in 1955.

While my Etsy shop is closed until 2017, I have been downsizing items.

Discovered this box of German bisque dolls from the late 1880's.

They are the original snow babies.

These were rejects on the factory lines.

A piece broken from each doll and tossed in the ditches behind the factories.

It is amazing the "snow" stayed on these tiny pieces of history.

An assortment.

I sold several sets - mostly to people in Europe.

Great for mixed media artists and jewelry creators. 

The pixies are my favorites.

I plan to keep a few and sell the rest in my booth with the Frozen Charlottes.

In addition to preparing the booths for this weekend's sales and Thanksgiving (my brother did everything!), it was our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary.

We planned a whole day of doing nothing but watching movies and going out for dinner followed by Sonic milkshakes. 

We bought our second refrigerator ever.

No kidding our refrigerator was purchased in 1982.

The present one no longer will keep ice cream so we had to buy a new one.

However a fridge cannot really be an anniversary present, can it?

So the day before the big day, I spied this rolling in the front door of the mall.

A vintage telephone niche from a department store.

It is beau-tee-ous!

I do know Kris and Rush are going wild over this.

Still has the mirror and the little phone book shelf.

I will clean and wax it.

That's all.

Then hang it in the foyer.

Happy anniversary to me.

When I called home to let Chucks know I had bought us an anniversary present, he said it better be smaller than the truck.

It is.

I also got a huge bouquet of daisies.

My favorite!

One more pic of that perfect-for-under -the-tree tractor.

I think I have my days straight now.

See y'all!


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Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Finds

Vintage finds, flea market day, old windows
Been in seclusion for the last two weeks.

Recovering from current events.

Did sneak in a flea market run to Columbia.

Let me show you my treasures.

Tiny graters.

Heart gelatin molds.

Fair prize ribbons.

Rudyard Kipling books.

I live in the land of spindles due to the large number of now defunct cotton mills.

However I have never seen tiny ones like these.

Maybe for industrial sewing machines?

Four to five inches high.

A small bag of blocks.

Think these are destined for tiny Christmas trees.

Or vice versa.

A small collection of red-handled utensils.

What's bigger than a red and white bread box?

A wicker basket.

Another veil abandoned.

There must be a whole herd of brides running wild and free somewhere.

A large pediment.

About five feet long.

This is the ornate middle.

Needs a lot of loving to be whole again.

Probably like those missing brides.

A student chair.

A green ginger ale crate.

Sorry, the crate sold the next day.

Needed windows.

Saw stacks of them in a truck driving into the parking lot of the flea market.

I chased him down.

Five diamond pane windows.

A whole pile of six pane windows.

I am so old that I did not realized 1970's readers are now VINTAGE!

BUT, people, I used these to teach reading!

The seller threw in the small Santa to assuage my pain.

Painted enamelware plates.

Three painted enamelware bowls.

Another flea market find was this Victrola cabinet.

In very good condition.

The turntable, crank and speaker have been removed.

Sweetest find of the day.

A pair of Pennsylvania Dutch chair desks.


Available in Booth W-10!

See y'all!


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