Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blue Trellis Or Rack

I am currently trying to clear projects out of the way because I know I will be buying more at the 44-mile Peachtree 23  Yard Sale running from Modoc, SC, to Leesville, SC, on Saturday, June 1.

The port-a-crib featured in  Thrifty Thrills (read here)  was crying out for a make-over. 

 In its condition it was a danger to small children so it needed a brand-new life as something else.

Casters!  It had casters!  Of course I stole those and put them directly into my caster collection. 

It appeared to want to be a rack for hanging linens or a trellis for vines.

First the legs were removed and its front end.

Painlessly, I assure you.

Dark brown wood did not appeal to me, but my favorite turquoise did.

Up on the painting bins the frame went and was promptly sprayed with the lovely color.

Above you can see it with a grapevine wreath - I rather liked that look.

Here it is styled with one lonely dresser scarf.

I wired the top (former sides) to stay in place.

The bottom can be unfolded all the way or partially like here.

The whole frame can be folded flat for easy storage.

So next time you find one of these out-dated port-a-cribs look at it with new eyes - it might just be the perfect trellis for your garden!

When I carried it in to my booth, I took several vintage dish towels to display on it.  I went out to the car to bring in more items and turned to see it leaving the store with its new owner.  I am glad it found a home so fast.  Now I need to find another for all the linens I had planned to display.  If you need me this weekend, I'll be shopping in Ridge Spring.

See y'all!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Prim and Proper Little Table

 He called my name across a crowded highway as Chucks and I were headed out to eat.  

I could just spy his little prim and proper self under a pile of junk.

There was no stopping Chucks however.  I had to hope the table would still be there when we came back.

Of course, he didn't look anything like this.

He was a rough and tumble sort of fellow.  He was waiting patiently for me to scoop him up and take him home.

Years of abuse had left their mark.

Though he stood up straight and tall without a single wobbly part.

 The hand-hewn drawer held a hook with a chippy white finish.

His top was scarred and stained.

He got a scrubbing and a light sanding.

 Look what happens with a little love and some Howard's Feed-N-Wax!

The prim and proper table was restored to a beautiful patina.

He turned out so well that I quickly polished the bunk ladder bought previously.  Read Thrifty Thrills here!

The ladder's oak is now gleaming.

Two success stories in one afternoon.

I love the look of the prim and proper table and the ladder, but I resolved to downsize things around here so they left for the booth to find new homes.  I hope they find someone who will love their gleaming wood surfaces and not paint them!

See y'all!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Patriotic Drum

It's Memorial Day - a time to honor all of those who have proudly served this country.  

The unofficial beginning of summer.  

The time to toot your horn and bang your drum.

Well, I didn't have a horn handy, but I did have a drum.

 The drum was bought several weeks ago.  The skins on both sides were smashed.  I thought it would make a great hanging round shelf.

 I started by taking the whole thing apart.

Since I had never assembled a drum before, I paid special attention to where each piece went.

 I do not know what the skins (I am calling them that because I do not know the name) are made of, but they were stretched rather tightly around the hoops.

 The inside was stained so I painted it with linen paint to lightly cover the spots.

 The outside was treated with a restoring finish.  It brought back the glow of the wood.

 I printed an antique patriotic postcard from The Graphics Fairy directly onto cloth.

 I used fabric tape to adhere the image to ticking-striped linen.  Then taped the square onto a circle of muslin.  I had a generous allowance to stretch the muslin around the hoop.

Two sheep tucks dressed in their stars and stripes sit in the shelf.  They are ready to be hung.

The sheep tucks were a giveaway from The Rusty Thimble.  If you like primitives, you will love her handmade items.  

Brenda has a new giveaway for June.  It involves sheep, too.   

Read about the latest giveaway at The Rusty Thimble here.

Thanks to all of you who wished me well during my dental surgery last week.  I am slowly coming out of the fog of the pain killers and will be around to read your posts.  Enjoy your Memorial Day!

See y'all!

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