Friday, September 26, 2014

A Review of Artistic Endeavors 101

Swap & Tell, review of Etsy shop, bamgles, clay disks
On Tuesday of this week I arrive home to find this intriguing package in the mail.

It was from Brooke of Artistic Endeavors 101.

We had met on Swap & Tell and made a swap.

I sent her a jar filled with lace, buttons, and a Frozen Charlotte.

She sent me this!

The packaging alone made me gasp.

All the wrapping are distressed with layers of mixed media adornments.

And tags!

The swap was for the rose bangles she creates from torn cotton sheets.

They arrived in my colors in a cotton bag.

The trouble with most bangles are my freakishly tiny wrists.

I have lost several bangles.

Brooke sent me the small bangles and they fit perfectly.

No, I will not wear six at a time, but three look quite nice.

I just had to show them off.

A sweet thank you tag.

Her Etsy shop tag is a work of art.

Embossed, Brooke's business card sewn on, and added buttons with other tiny details.


Great impression.

Here is the back so you can see the embossing and distressing.

Brooke included a surprise in with the bangles.

First you have to admire the way this is presented.

I have carefully saved the wrapping.

Inside were the polymer clay disks Brooke makes.

I had commented how much I liked these.

Aren't they lovely?


I have several ideas in mind for using these.

I am now to rate Brooke's Etsy shop.

I would have to say the presentation sent her ratings soaring to whatever is beyond excellent.

Her attention to small details is very creative.

The shipping was fast and the items were well-packaged.

Will I be tempted to buy from Brooke?

You better believe it!

She has two Etsy shops:

Artistic Endeavors 101 for both supplies and finished products.


Artistic Elite for lovely jewelry.

Be sure to check out her blog too!

Brooke's review of my jar can be found HERE.

See y'all!

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Thoughts from Alice


  1. wow! What a fun package to receive! And how fun to find another wonderful tag maker. Rockin business cards too!

  2. I'm making the same comment I did on Brooke's post: sounds like this swap has created two new best friends!

  3. I am totally blown away by her packaging and presentation. By far the nicest I've ever seen. Going over to check out her blog and shops now. Wow! I have a lot to learn.

  4. Great swap Donna ... you will have a lot of fun with all that. Love the bracelets too. Just the way she decorated the mailing envelope made you all excited to see what was inside.
    Will have to hop over to Brooke's Etsy shop to check it out.
    Great review.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Brook's rose bangles are so cute! I love how she displayed her business card, very creative!

  6. Great post Donna and all those goodies you got!

  7. What a fun package! I love those bracelets...they are adorable! Just like what I love to wear! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  8. Very nice! Thanks for introducing us to her unique shops! Love her things!

  9. What a great swap! Brooke is so talented and creative. Those bracelets are darling. I've been meaning to mention that I gained a new customer as a result of your review of my shop after we swapped in week 1--thanks so much!!

  10. It all is just wonderful Donna! She really does a beautiful job with her packaging and the bangles are so cute. You talk about your small wrists, well guess what? This gal can't wear bangles. I have never been able to curl my hand up tight enough to be able to get one on. Weird I know, but believe me I've tried and friends have tried to help me. Just can't be done. lol!

  11. Amazing detail with all of your goodies! I have large wrists and have problems finding bracelets to fit! Ugh...:( know you can't be wearing those beautiful bangles with jeans ripped at the knee and old painted! You'll have to get all dressed up and post a pic! Have a blessed weekend....

  12. I'm so jealous. I wish I could create. I can make nothing out of nothing. These are beautiful! Wow!


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