Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Electrical Blue, But Practical Too

storage bench, distressed painting, elecrtric blue bench
A bench painted in electric blue definitely gives a room some high voltage practicality.

Great for storing magazines.



I bought it for its nice proportions.

No before, before pic - the finish was orange.

And ugly.

So I sanded.

 And I sanded.

And I sanded.

Until all the orange was gone.

Well, most of it.

An OOPS paint - electric blue.

What do you think the person who had this mixed was planning to paint?

To tone it down a bit I used a OOPS greige for the inside.

A light sanding and a coat of poly.


It's electrical.

But practical, too.


See y'all!

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Low Country Crawlin'

Junk shopping in the Summerville, SC area, Antiques & Artisans Village, Vintage South
At least twice a year my niece Leia and I go Low Country Crawlin' in the Charleston, SC area for all sorts of junk.

We start in Summerville go to Ladson go to North Charleston and back.

It had been raining buckets all week so we decided to avoid the Charleston area - the streets flood and you have to wade.

Leia found an original Ronald McDonald from the 1960's, but wa-a-a-a-y out of our price range.

This was in the back room of Antiques & Artisans Village. 

Visit Antiques & Artisans Village at the web- site HERE.

Just to prove I did not buy every rusty drawer at Vintage South.

Visit the Vintage South website HERE.


Buckets of cotton mill shuttles.

Boxes and shelves of casters of every size and shape.

I forgot to buy some casters.

Look for this sign on Gum Street to find rust nirvana.

I took you to their sister store Peach Festival Gardens in Gilbert, SC. (Facebook HERE!)

Remember the big giant hand? (Read post HERE!)

I have forgotten the name of this mall - it was in an old house in Summerville and moved to a larger commercial building.

Nothing in the raw here - everything beautifully painted or refinished.

However most of the prices were reasonable.

Thanks, B Micheau!  The name of the shop is Simply Vintage.

See their FB page HERE!

I swear I have turned this photo so many times my head is swimming.

I did however have to show you this creepy, taller than I am, Miss Bunny.

I gave her a kiss and put her back.

She did not have rusty drawers.

Or casters.

We ended up at Matt's for delicious burgers.

One chili cheeseburger and one mushroom Swiss melt.  We halved them to share.

Can't wait to go Low Country Crawlin' again.

If you are in the area, I would be glad to send you places to go.

See y'all!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Finds

church sales, Vintage South, Antiques and Artisans Village, quilts, vintage finds
It was finally here - a Low Country Crawl with my niece Leia.

I headed for Summerville, SC, just outside Charleston.

While flying the old coffin carrier down Hwy. 61, I passed through Blackville with a sign pointing to a church sale.

Well, I could not resist.

A very worn, but graphic red/blue quilt.

A stack of pillows and hearts made from cutter quilts.

Another primitive green child's chair.  (I do love primitive green children!)

Underneath that pile is an old wooden ironing board.

Old music textbooks, Scrabble (complete), aluminum colander, wire baskets, wrought iron basket, and a book in Swedish.

Swedish book page art, anyone?

Two floral prints and a blue train case.

The worker at the sale threw in the paper roses and metal basket.

At Goodwill I bought another picnic basket.

A small silver metal tea set.

A John Romain creel basket purse.

In the late 1960's, every girl wanted a John Romain pocketbook. 

At the Community Thrift on Dorchester Road, I found another huge frame. a red basket super cheap, and a metal-lined wall basket.

You will be seeing more about this Bassett night stand in a later post - I am working on it now.

It has a secret.

At Vintage South I finally decided what I wanted the most.

A stack of rusty metal flashing.

A display of stamped round tags.

I have an idea for these - just have to find the time to do it.

A stack of rusty green drawers.

(Notice my restraint about not mentioning the joke here.)

A group of black wooden letters of different sizes.

I could have bought a ton more, but I will definitely return to this wonderful place.

If you are a fan of those TV salvage shows, this is the place to shop.

And shop. 

And shop.

Visit the Vintage South website HERE.

An antique mall only open for a few months - Antiques & Artisans Village on Old Trolley Road.

The booths were artfully arranged and chocked full of wonderful items.

I bought the two Communion pictures of the same girl.

And I found two small cheese boxes.

I use them in the kitchen for storing small items.

Visit Antiques & Artisans Village at the web- site HERE.

So it seems I posted my last week's Friday Finds and promptly disappeared.

I have been away from the computer doing yard work which I love more than junk.

Yes, really I do.

More about the Low Country Crawl tomorrow.

See y'all!

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Vintage Inspiration Party # 187
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, vintage books, thrift shopping
I wish every Friday Finds post started with a delightfully distressed cherub.

Chalkware with many coats of paint.

Makes me smile whenever I pass by.

I cannot count how many cherubs I have lurking about the living room.

Time to sell some.

This one may stay.

The United States Army Medical Department with the caduceus in the middle of the emblem.  

A plate and an ironstone bowl.

Olive from Olive Out bought one set and I bought the other.

Thanks, Gryphon's and The Rusty Typewriter at Riverfront Antique Mall.

We love your stuff!

(Had to have another baby photo!)

A crime committed against a creche!

Someone bedazzled a vintage nativity by spraying the figures gold and adding gemstones.

At least they left the chalkware figures and the stable alone.

Baby Jesus has gone AWOL.

Probably to escape bedazzling.

Folks, if you turn over a shepherd or wise man and there's a 29 cents price on it, guess what?

It is vintage!

I am hoping I can remove the gold with a Q-tip and some mineral spirits.

I am low on books again.

Two hymnals.

The Herblock's is a collection of his political cartoons, and the book is signed.

Great collection of dog books - always good sellers.

First Person Singular - a book of feminist monologues from the forties.

A nice field guide - love the bats.

Desk lamp - MCM!

Someone (Rita? Diana?) tell me what kind of sieve these two are.

Tiny holes in the bottom.

No markings or embossed names.

About 11 inches diameter.

Tiny holes around the rim.

The measurement lines are 24, 36, and 48.

Finally another floral print.

Yes, my customers, I will be marking all the prints I have shown the last few weeks and bringing them in on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I am driving down to visit my niece Leia for a Low Country Crawl.

I have quite a list of items to look for.

Hope to find some great deals.

And have a lot of fun.

You can read about last year's Low Country Crawl HERE!

See y'all!

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