Sunday, September 28, 2014

White Crates

Repurposed vegetable crates

Good Sunday morning to all y'all.

I was able between drizzles to get one project painted.

White crates.

To use as displays in the booths.

A dealer at Riverfront sells used vegetable crates.

Some are the full crates like the one on top here.

Others he adds a shelf in the middle like the bottom one.

I bought a mixture of both styles.

Now, folks, they are used which means vegetables have been shipped in them.

I try not to pick out an onion one for obvious reasons.

I clean and sand the vegetable and mold residue off each crate.

Compare the two in the photo.

Before and after.

A quick coat of plain old white paint.

I didn't bother with a second coat even though they soaked up the paint.

I wanted some of the wood to show through.

After being in the truck for two weeks, the crates are finally completed.

They are now in my booths holding merchandise.

Since I forgot to take a photo - twice! - I will show them in the driveway from a different point of view.

Sorta artsy!

Come back tonight (Sunday) at 7PM Eastern for Make It Monday.  Tamara, Mitzi and I have been so pleased with the creative projects, recipes, and wonderful thrifty finds you have shared.  I was the lucky one to choose the features from last week.  I narrowed it down to four, but it was hard!

Remember Riverfront Antique Mall is looking for vintage vendors, crafters, and artisans for the Holiday Extravaganza.  Applications must be completed by November 3rd.

If you are in the Georgia/Carolina area, you may be interested.

Go HERE for the details! 

See y'all!

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  1. Donna those are perfect! Wish I had a few for my fall pumpkin display!

  2. The crates look great painted and are a great display for your booth!

  3. I would love to find some of those crates myself. I can see so many uses for them.

  4. I love your crates and I bet they look wonderful with all of your unique merchandise in them!

  5. Perfect in white so your items can steal the show!

  6. They look great, Donna! There's nothing like plain 'ole white paint.....

  7. I'm hoping to get to your place this week sometime. My AC is on the blink and our roof man is coming to give another estimate, yes from the ice storm. Ugh. We can't seem to get a break! I would love one of those crates!

  8. great job on the crates... they would make some clever storage in my craft room.
    I believe WM had some for sale in the spring or early summer...about $8 / pc. I didn't buy any then and don't shop there enough to know if they still have them. but they could easily be made to look like your cute crates!

  9. oooh love them, I have 2 and 3/4 of vintage crates but I have no idea what to to with them, paint them and also where to use them, maybe I need a booth LOL

  10. They must look so great in your booth--what a great way to display things.

  11. I always love buying crates and old boxes to use for display. I like the way you painted yours white. I might have to do that to a few of mine. Dianne

  12. They look great Donna. I put a pic of your booth on Instagram this morning.

  13. P.S. notice I am awake at 2:41 AM -you understand why

  14. Bonjour,

    Je suis ravie de découvrir votre petit univers... J'ai rénové dernièrement de très jolies cageots anciens... Je les ai habillés intérieurement avec un joli tissu.
    Très belle idée n'est-ce pas que de faire revivre ces objets.
    Gros bisous ♡

  15. There's nothing a white paint can't make perfect - nothing !
    These are great Donna - and they must look perfect with all your beautiful things on display in them!

  16. Personally, I think everything looks better white! I have painted many things white in my home. Your crates are fabulous!

  17. The crates are perfect for displaying things Donna. Love them whitewashed! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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