Thursday, September 18, 2014


chenille spread, vintage finds, stone crop
Remember Orson Welles whispering "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane?

I was whispering "rosebuds" when I spied this Morgan twin-sized pink rosebud chenille spread.

In pretty wonderful condition.

There was an extra-long dresser scarf with


Very nicely cross-stitched and embroidered.

The lady had painted several items to use in the room with the spread and dresser scarf.

She had painted small chests, boxes, and other accessories.


They were for her granddaughter who is now an adult.

I bought the green shelf with rosebuds.

And a small watering can with a rosebud and some other flowers.


Do not let Chucks know I bought more frames.

Luckily they can be hidden quite successfully in the living room behind a small chair.

I promise at some point I will do a frame project.

Bought this fall-looking landscape in a rather pretty frame.

Sorry about the glare.

It has been rainy and there is no light in my house when it is cloudy.

It's a wonder I even get out of bed.

No rosebuds this late in my yard, but feast your eyes on the lavender stone crop.

The easiest plant in the world.

You must really, really love it because you are going to have a really, really big bunch of it.

Pop quiz time:

Who is Orson Welles?

Why was he whispering "Rosebud"?

What was Citizen Kane?

See y'all!

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  1. Love all the pretties with roses on them. I won't tell about your frames, I promise!

  2. Great stuff Donna ... Love that spread.
    I bet Chucks knows the frames are there.
    Audrey Z.

  3. Love all the rosebud goodies, especially the chenille. I love anything chenille. That's one of my favourite movies. Our sedums are showing their colours now too, so many cool nights lately.

  4. Great finds! I've been tempted to try a quilt from different chenille squares. I saw one a while ago and it was lovely.....
    I remember "Rosebud" was a sled......

  5. Hmm, doesn't Chucks read your posts? Lovely finds! The lavender stone is so pretty! This is new to me.

  6. Without googling it, all I can tell you is that Rosebud was a sled. The rest of the story eludes me. And Orson also wrote War of the Worlds which panicked many during its radio broadcast.
    The rosebud collection, if I had found it, would be the catalyst for me changing out an entire room for rosebud decor. Seriously. It's a personality quirk of mine, an exhausting one.

  7. I'm old enough to know who Orson Welles was but can't remember why he was whispering 'Rosebud". Citizen Kane was a movie. Love the rosebud beadspread!

  8. Hi Donna, I love the rosebud spread. My stonecrop you gave me is blooming right now. I have not been outside much however. I need a yard guy-I must wish for one. Okay teacher I do not recall ever seeing or reading Citizen Kane. xo, Olive

  9. Rosebud was the sled, Orson Wells was an amazing actor, director and Citizen Kane was a famous movie he made. So saying all that, I LOVE your Rosebud collection of items. I'm a June baby so I've always had a fondness for Roses (my birth month flower).

  10. Love that spread, Donna.
    Lavender stone? I need lots of that. I hope it's Bruce proof.
    I do not have to answer about Orson and Rosebud, although I did know.
    Many beat me to it. :)

  11. Such pretties! That chenille spread was a great find! Heard of Orson Wells and Citizen Kane but never watched it...should I? :)

  12. I have no answers to any of the above. Maybe Orson Wells was a writer of scary stuff? Who knows! I want, I want, I want the bedspread and the scarf. Wow! Your finds are incredible.

  13. Great finds pick is that gorgeous spread! Hugs, Penny

  14. Great all of them. Citizen Kane was one Orson Welles movie I did not see!
    I have stonecrop growing all over along with other sedums showing color. Love it!
    That is quite a few frames you have tucked away! Have fun.

  15. The rosebud chenille spread is wonderful. Great finds.

  16. I love the bedspread...really a beauty! The dresser scarf is lovely, too!

  17. Wonderful rose pretties!

    I saw Citizen Kane years ago, forgot it existed.

    Hope you don't get caught with your new frame stash, haha.

    We call that plant "Baloon Plant," because if you squeeze a leaf till it is really deep dark green and then kinda gently squish the upper clear part of it to separate that memberbrane from the bottom and then blow air into it it is like a little balloon or pillow. Mom said her mother from England taught her that.

    I grow then easily but the rabbits eat it up. Grrrr.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs.

  18. Love your pretty rosebuds! Blessings, Cecilia

  19. What a great collection! I'll have to look into the lavender stone plant. I like plants that can take care of themselves and require nothing more from me than a nice hello once in awhile. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  20. You definitely had a theme going there...I've tried to watch Citizen Kane several times, and always fell asleep! Rosebud is about the only thing I remember...Thanks for sharing your finds with Revisionary Life, Donna.

  21. Please tell me you saved that chenille spread for yourself. It looks so cozy. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.


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