Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Books By The Yard

vintage books
The SPCA purged the shelves at their thrift stores, loaded up the trucks, and took all eighty boxes to the Center's conference area and set up a book sale.

Aren't those two of the most exciting words?


I bought them by the yard.

I went two days.

Loaded up both times.

Here are some of my finds.

An incomplete child's set with art deco covers.

A book of Christmas songs used by the Von Trapp family with the foreword written by Maria herself.

Yes, I was on first name basis with Maria having seen The Sound of Music at least a hundred times.

I collect hymnals and added several to my group.

A stack of children's books from the 1930's to the 1960's.

One - Follow My Leader about a guide dog - I read at least twenty times in elementary school.

Another book collection - old readers.

I think I have this one in better condition.

It has ripped and written on pages.

I am offering it as a swap item tonight on Swap & Tell.

Great for a paper artist.

I never pass up reference books...

Or guide books.

I bought this German book for two reasons:

It is entirely in German and the pages will make great backdrops for the Frozen Charlottes at Christmas.

AND ...

It has pages of magnificent book plates.

Handsome young men.

Darling young ladies.

A Spanish literature book provided something from the Way Back Machine.

A mimeographed test!

Yes, it still has that wonderful smell.

If you are old like me, you remember the teacher passing out freshly mimeographed papers with the heady scent of mimeograph fluid.

We probably got high or killed a few brain cells.

Some books I buy for the cover art or the intriguing titles.

Both days I stacked my books in front of the checkout table.

You could have measured them by the yard.

Some I will keep.

Others will go over to Riverfront Antique Mall to my booth.

Exciting news at the mall.  There will be a Christmas Extravaganza Show.  If you are in the area and wish to rent a space, I can get you the information.

See y'all!

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  1. Oh WOW....... I'm green with envy xxx

  2. I love books also but have never in my searches come up with a wonderful pile like this. Way to go! Would love to hear about what will become of these books.

  3. Oh a book sale is the best!! I love what you found and see tags made from copies of some of those bookplates! Didn't Harold Bell Wright write "Shepard of the Hills"? I have a very old copy of that. He was very popular here in the Ozarks.

  4. Fortunately for me, books are something that I have managed to avoid becoming obsessed with. Unless they are vintage cookbooks. Then I have to have them all!


  5. What beautiful books! I love old books but don't know what to do with them! That was a great sale! My local library has a book sale right now...probably should head over there today!

  6. What an amazing sale Donna. I just love old books! I would love it if you link up this post (or any other) at my new Vintage Bliss Tuesdays linky party. Thanks, Jo.

    Here's the link: http://bit.ly/1qWXI1U

  7. Ohhh, I am so jealous. I sooooooo remember the mimeograph smell.... Lol...I never thought about killing brain cells,,,maybe that is what happened to our generation.....my dad was a teacher and one of my jobs was to run the mimeograph machine and print out his test....oh....such memories...thanks Donna...

  8. Wow! Stacks of books........love it.
    And, yes, I too remember that smell!
    Have fun with those books.

  9. I love old books. That' one item I've never used in repurposing tho. Maybe I need to look into that a little.

  10. I have always suspected that my brain cell death was caused by taking tests in school... These books are beautiful. What a treasure trove.

  11. Your book finds are great! Especially the German one (Der Russische Barenhof---The Russian Farm). I saw it on the Internet for 50 Euros! I love old, vintage books, too. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  12. My library used to have a massive book (& sewing pattern!) sell off every year. They stopped doing it though because they couldn't sell enough off to make it worth their while. That was a sad day for me.

  13. Ah we have the same sickness. I hunt for hymnals, old bibles and dictionaries!!

  14. Books, books, and more books! One can never have too many! You got some good ones. Enjoy....:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  15. Love love love a good book sale. I need ti check and see when the next library sale is here. I wish we had an animal charity thrift here. It's a cause I support! What is the full title of that Spanish Lit book? It looks kind of familiar.

  16. You got some really great books at the sale! I love that you found a German one for a backdrop of the frozen charlotte dolls, great idea!

  17. Book heaven! What a sale, I've never seen anything like it around here. You have me beat, I've only seen The Sound of Music 99 times. Thanks for bringing your books to Vintage Inspiration Party.

  18. We were there recently and must have bought about 20 books for us to read. Every time I see good graphics I think of you.

  19. Love old books too Donna! You really got some great ones. I bought an old Mimeograph box at an estate sale and I had to google to find out what it was. I thought we were about the same age, but I don't remember this. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. Oh, that Von Trapp Family book is amazing! I know you were happy to help the SPCA, too. Thanks for joining in at History & Home, Donna!

  21. I think we have the same taste in books...love yours!
    Thanks for sharing them at Revisionary Life, Donna. :)

  22. Thanks for sharing your book haul @ TTF! :)

  23. I'm reading Follow My Leader to my two youngest sons right now. I wouldn't have expected them to love it this much, but they'll listen until my voice gives out.


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