Sunday, July 31, 2016


quick makeover, basket
What a pretty Miss Basket!

She is my Quickies makeover for today.

You may remember her from my auction buys.

Warped, decrepit.

Boasted a genuine rat's nest inside.

No one wanted her, but did they notice?

She's a genuine antique!

Always inspect the canes used to weave and the bottom.

Her bottom is a thick piece of wood. 

Not passing judgment or anything.

She needed a good hosing for two reasons:  the dirt and the warping. 

After soaking the basket, I pushed and pulled her back into shape.

Here she is basking in the sun to dry.

Used Rust-Oleum Fossil in Satin spray paint.

She needed her handle repaired.

Lightly sprayed the bottom to let some of the patina show.

Snipped off the unraveled pieces.

Used a torn cotton ribbon to Mod Podge around the handle.

A quick and easy fix.

After - a beauty of a basket - a quick trans- formation.

Perfect for porch sitting.

See y'all!


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Saturday, July 30, 2016


vintage books, antique books, bibliophile, book collection
I thought I would share part of my book haul from last week since several of you are bibliophiles as I am.

Every book lover has reasons certain books appeal to them.

Some are after the true treasures - first editions.

Some collect by author or subject area.

Some like I do collect by appearance and content.

Like this Gentlemen Be Seated book of old minstrel songs.

This book is not politically correct - neither the songs or the illustrations, but the content as a piece of history is interesting.

The bright orange cover is attractive.

Large - 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

Copyright 1928.

It has photographs of minstrel performers and a bit of the history.

Twenty O'clock And Other Droll Stories by Elbert Hubbard.

Small - 6 1/2 by 5 inches.

Published in 1920 by The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York.

You can spot a Roycrofters book easily by the hand-bound pages and cover.

Also by the font used and the black ink block illustrations.

And last by the edges of the pages.

They are very deckled since the pages were cut by hand.

Lovely pieces of art.

Textbooks are a favorite of mine.

Reading books are at the top of my list, but most older textbooks with interesting covers or contents are bought.

I was attracted to this College Accounting book by the worn cover and the charts inside.

Books from 1900 to 1940 have beautifully designed covers.

Just Folks by Clara E. Laughlin - 1910.

The Shepherd of the Hills by Howard Bell Wright - 1917.

The worn and tattered The Habitant And Other French-Canadian Poems by William Henry - 1903. (English translation)

The Warden by Anthony Trollope - 1906. (Has a Christmas inscription to the recipient.)

Honor Bound by Faith Baldwin - 1934.

You can tell I do love red books!

You might be surprised at the prices for books published in the 1800's.

They can range from $1 to hundreds of dollars, but most are in the $1 to $20 range.


They were published by the thousands and bought by many people.

Here are some of the older books I found.

Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Baronet - 1851.

Lionel St. Clair: Under The Banian Tree by L. A. Moncreiff -around 1860. Love the green and gold cover.

Ray's New Higher Arithmetic by Joseph Ray - 1880.

The Thousand And One Nights Or The Arabian Nights - around 1860.

The Waverley Novels - The Betrothed and The Highland Widow by Sir Walter Scott - 1898.

Okay, we have established one thing in this post - I LOVE books of any sort.  Some of these are keepers, some are just guests, and some are sellers.

I cannot have every book.

I must share!

Are you a bibliophile?

See y'all!


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Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finds - Estate Sale #2

estate sale, vintage finds, handkerchief, quilts
Then there was Estate Sale #2.

The junkin' gods were working overtime for sure. 

Love the HOPE mailbox nameplate.

Distressed baby shoes.

A stack of vintage hankies.

A large quilt with a split personality.

Sweet pastel butterflies on one side with a fifties retro print on the back. 

A baby quilt in baby blue.

A large doll trunk in paper tweed with a red floral inside.

Even had the key!

A green cookbook and a First Year Latin.

A cheap basket.

I used it to carry the next items. 

A bevy of vintage Christmas!

Look at that cross-eyed elf.

Most of this is going to Etsy just as soon as I quit lolling around and take photos of everything to list.

A piggy bank bottle that ...

Looks like a pig!

Chucks went along on the trip to take a look at the Nat Geo's.

There were boxes left for $50 each!

No wonder they were left.

We negotiated a much, much cheaper price and made Chucks a happy guy.

He loves to read old Nat Geo's and peruse the vintage maps.

I bought a few more linens and books but forgot to take their picture.

Poor things.

I am off to ride the Ridge on a junkin' trip with Rush - a visiting blogging friend.

See y'all!


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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Estate Sale #1

estate sales, vintage finds, Thermos, Aladdin, Coke crates
Estate Sale #1 was advertised as a living estate sale. 

Held by a couple who moved all their antique store merchandise here from Missouri.

Then they decided to sell it all.

And they were serious about getting rid of everything.

Two Coca-Cola crates.

That rusty something - looks like a fireplace fender.


Metal Pepsi bottle carrier.

The display shelf was created from an old sewing machine cabinet. 

It is the base where the machine locks in.

Idea for Melissa of Melissa's Antiques.

A tin of small billiard balls.

A large rusty tin.

A tool caddy.

Two baskets - one signed by the maker.

When I expressed interest in a Thermos, they insisted on unpacking as many as they could round up.

I ended up with nine.

The blues and gold - both Thermos and Aladdin.

The reds.

The dark red and silver one is an Icy/Hot made by Thermos.

Fall's coming - bring out the apples.

A beautiful pottery one.

A cheerful wooden one which opens up.

A stack of music sheets framed in glass.

Walking up from the street, this caught my eye.

A leftover piece of a folding table.

Great patina.

Tiny metal casters.

A project piece. 

A mission oak coat rack.

A large luggage rack.

Two balcony posts from an old house.

Most of these items are now in my booths at Riverfront Antique Mall.

More but no time to photograph it all.

As I drove away, the two were still flagging me down with more merchandise.

The funny thing was I did not plan to go to this sale at all.

It was off the route I had planned for the day.

I only went because it started at 7AM - an hour before any of the others.


See y'all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Five Dollah, Five Dollah, Sold!

Auction, Antique Uniques, vintage finds
Antique Uniques (FB HERE) inaugural auction was a blast!

Love Bob the auctioneer.

Quick as a speeding bullet.

Five dollah, five dollah, SOLD!

Two sets of iron and porcelain casters.

Need cleaning.

 Farm implements.

Two 1974 Chattanooga Coca-Cola crates in great condition.

Four large rusty wire baskets once used by a local swimming hole in the locker room.

Three baskets in need of makeovers and a large scoop.

A Victorian clothes hanger.

Haven't a clue how to use it.

Any ideas?

I really wanted this Queen Elizabeth tin.

Each side shows photos of her early days.

I wasn't quite fast enough and ...

Had to buy the Japanese scribe to get the tin.

Oh, well.


What is this contraption all folded up?

Four legs fold out with casters.

The pole telescopes  higher.

It is army green and very heavy.

Has a small metal pocket.

Chucks and I thought an IV stand.

However one of the dealers at the mall served in the army film corps and said it was a photographic light pole. 

Thanks, Marlene!

Would make a great standing lamp.

Four peach orchard baskets with the lids. 

Made in Little Rock.

My favorite purchase of the night?

This metal medicine cabinet with the glass knob and beveled mirror.

The inside is galvanized metal goodiness.

Yes, goodiness is a word.

I know you are wondering why the finds on Wednesday.

I must confess to shopping all weekend long so there must be FOUR posts!!!


See y'all!


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