Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hands Up For Hands Down The Best Finds

vintage hands, Avon hands, Japan handsHands up for hands down the best finds lately.

Yes, HANDS!!!

I shared some finds yesterday from this estate sale, but what made me go on the first day was all the online pics of the hands.

Since I was busy snatching up grave markers and fertilizer sprayers, I was slow to get inside the den where the hands were displayed.

Well, Danni (  ) let me tell you -

There are other people who collect body parts!

One pair of Avon milk glass hands?

No, there are three pairs!

Two small ivory porcelain hands - not identical, but close.

This hand actually stands on the base.

Ivory with gold painted accents.

A glass hand jar with a cute little green cap.

A yellow-green hand vase.

A very green thumb.

LUCKY GREEN THUMB embossed on the back.

I am thinking 1990's repro of something older.

What do you think?

Hands up if you love these.

The estate agent said there were over one hundred hands.

I was tired of standing in line so I left.

Did not return the next day.

I told you I was cutting my shopping in half!

If you need a hand, I have these listed in my Etsy shop.

See y'all!

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  1. Oh I knew it was coming! At least you warned me! LOL! Now what in the world would you put in that glass one????!!! Creeeeeeepy!!

  2. Those are great, Donna. Those with the well at the cuff are ashtrays! The green thumb is a hoot. I have a vintage set of hands in brass that we use for our business cards at the mall. All of them great for Halloween - I can see a table display with these, lol.

  3. What would possess someone to start a collection of hands? Hopefully these sell for you otherwise you will have your own collection too!


  4. My hand is up. You can place these all over your house and it will look like you have an entire army of volunteers. For something. "I volunteer to look cool!"

  5. Give Donna a "hand" ... love this post, but not crazy about collecting 100 pair of hands. I have always thought the milk glass ones were pretty.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Just goes to show that there is something for everyone...but hands don't 'grab' me at all! I must say the milk glass one's are pretty!

  7. Well what a "hand" you are. Love them, but100 pair of hands, ah, no thanks. Sorry I haven't been around but been busy with my garage sale.

  8. The milk glass hands are quite lovely. I guess there's someone out there to pretty much collect anything we can think of, but I have to say I never would have thought of collecting hands.

  9. One of your best posts........."hands" down!!
    Have fun!

  10. I love collecting hands and have a few of these!

  11. Love the milk glass hands! I have one small milk glass hand. I love Carol's (from Art & Sand) collection of hands. You found some nice ones. Good for you for not going back the next day!!

    Blessings, Vicky

  12. Interesting collection. Over 100 is a lot.. you know what they say, "many hands make light work". In this case more work! somebody has to dust them all!
    Look on the bright side... On the one hand, you've got lots of stock for your shop. On the other hand... still more stock!
    I gotta hand it too you-- they're less creepy than doll heads.
    some people collect those and they just weird me out.

  13. Handy! (Someone had to do it...) I love loose body parts. (uhm...that didn't sound quite right...) Awesome finds! I have a pair from Hadley Pottery in my booth right now. My fave is the glass jar, because I love interestingly shaped jars and the "green thumb" planter because it's quirky.

  14. Love all the hands. Mom and I both collect hands! Great haul!

  15. Hey--I just bought one of the double hands--in gold metal. I think they make great business card holders. I think one is enough for me though...

  16. I LOVE hands, and have several...and want more. Your collection is great!

  17. What a different thing to collect. Didn't even know those hands existed! Kinda neat, in a creepy way!

  18. I'd give you a hand, but then you would have to reimburse me! I am the lucky one to get the three porcelain ones. I can't wait. They should be here soon. Thank you for sharing your finds!

  19. Never heard of a hand collection before, people collect everything, don't they?

  20. That is a fascinating collection of hands! I never would have thought people collected hands. Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays at Woman in Real Life! Jo

  21. Crazy collection! Actually, my mother had the milk glass pair of hands as a soap dish when I was young.


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