Thursday, September 11, 2014

Basket Display Boxes

basket makeovers, display boxesCan flat basket organizers find a more decorative purpose in life?

Why, yes, they can.

Why, yes, they have.

I picked up these two almost-alike baskets to help organize paper in the house.

However they happen to be waiting around when I was using the green homemade paint on the vanity.

Woe is to anything in my path when I have a loaded paint brush in my hand.

I was so involved with churning out the projects, I forgot to take in-between pics.

I slathered a thick, chunky layer of the green paint (a silvery sage color - almost the same as the dining room wall).

After the baskets dried, the adornment process began with strands of wired rusty stars decked out with torn cotton ribbons.

I decided a number was needed and chose "10".  

For no real reason except I was free-hand painting it and those two numbers are easy to paint on wicker.

I could have chosen "8" because there are eight stars.

But, well, whatever.

I attached a rusty wire loop on the back for hanging.

Then I hung them on the wall and tried them out as display boxes.


Oh, I did go back and add Pearl, Pearl, the Prairie Girl tag to each.

I can't seem to do a project without Pearl.

The old photos and the bottle brush trees look quite at home.

These are now available at Riverfront Antique Mall.

I may have some more in my future.

See y'all!

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  1. But now how will you organize your paper?

  2. The possibilities are endless... you could also paint the outline of a manger on the back and use one to showcase your Baby Jesus collection at Christmas. One little battery operated tealight above. ?

  3. What a great idea to use baskets this way, Donna. I love your displays!

  4. LOVE this idea. You are running a close competition with Danni on who can make the best things with assorted things laying around the house.

  5. Donna, what a clever idea! I always pass on those as I don't know what to do with them.

  6. Very clever my never cease to amaze me!

  7. You always have such great ideas :) I'm getting close to looking up your "recipe" for bleaching/coloring brush trees. I've got a pretty big stash now and I'd like to bleach them. I know where to find you so I guess I'm not in a huge rush...

  8. Well I sure do love these and I love the idea that you are using a basket as a platform for some other craftiness! So smart!

  9. Love this!
    Pearl is nice addition too.
    It amazes me what looks good on a wall!

  10. Where do you get these fabulous ideas? I would have bypassed those baskets and left them for useless! Your creations are so unique!

  11. Cute stuff Donna! I have a question about bottle trees. I've been trying to source the large ones 8" and well over, and I can't find sources for them. There are tons of places to buy tiny ones but I want biggins!

  12. You do know how to elevate the ordinary to something totally unheard of! They're something completely different now, and so charming! Thanks for sharing at RLTLT, Donna.

  13. Super cute Donna! Love the color and you always add fun and unique charm to everything you do! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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