Saturday, September 6, 2014

Unfinished Business

projects to be finished
Gigi at Old World Patina is encouraging all of us to reveal our unfinished business.

Just put it right out there.

Then share it on Saturday's Studio Glimpse Link Party .

This past week I posted on Departing Baskets and Basket Babies.

BUT what I did not post was the stack of vintage linens to be sorted.

Mount Basket has greatly diminished, but I still have these left to finish.

There is a whole box of items from the store which need mending.

I have dragged home three table whose legs had been broken in the booth.

They sit waiting.

I love this divided crate.

I have started and stopped several times on this.

It has been cleaned.

It has been sanded.

It has two coats of paint.

Now what?

I will be honest this metal piece has been hanging around since before I started blogging.

A friend wanted it painted white for a memo board.

Then she gave it back.

I painted it silver and used it for awhile.

Then sprayed it with blue and black.

Now it stands in the workroom where Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash, resides.

My newest unfinished project involves the vintage hangers I have painted.

Then inspiration died.

I promise I will do better next week.

Or the next.

A finished project of sorts.

My Sweet Autumn Clematis has overtaken the yard with drifts of white blooms.

My vintage green shutter is under there somewhere!

See y'all!

Calling for all projects of any types - both new and old - to be linked up Sunday - 7PM Eastern - at Make It Monday.

Oh, my gosh, that is tomorrow!

I cannot leave that project unfinished.  

I am a co-host!


Tamara had this link party for quite awhile and then took a break. Read the Party Announcement at Etcetorize!

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  1. I should just take a photo of my whole garage. It's full of unfinished projects! I do the same thing....start a project then lose inspiration. I have got to take advantage of this nice weather and finish up some stuff!


  2. Idea: spray the metal thing/board/whatever? with chalkboard paint and use it for messages in your antique mall stall. Put a price tag on it, since it will sell.Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. That you Donna for the shout out you are so sweet to me! I hope the party catches on but either way I am going to keep doing it. I think it's a fun idea and my followers seem to like to see what and how I am doing my patina projects. The party is live so come and post your humorous post about your Horror Monster stash, love it!

  4. Idea for hangers: stencil words on them...nothing long, just a fun word or phrase. And, how did table legs get broken while in your booth? That's wild. BTW I love looking at your junk no matter how junky it looks!

  5. Somewhere I have about three tubs full of smalls that need just a dab of glue before heading to the booth. I say "somewhere" because they have gotten buried under Backlog Mountain.

  6. I love your unfinished projects they got my imagination going. I especially love the vintage hangers.

  7. I hope you are giving yourself full credit for all the things that you DO accomplish, they're plentiful and constant! I had my yard sale this Saturday, Donna! In 5 hours I sold a huge chunk of my horror monster, or Backlog Mountain as EM calls it! **does happy dance**

  8. Mount basket! LOL! You get more done in a day than I do in a week! Hey, I still have some of those Sweet Autumn Clematis seeds. Do you think they are any good?

  9. I have no doubt you'll find something creatively wonderful to finish each of these projects! If not, you could swap it...for someone else's unfinished project that you see potential in immediately! I have a stash like that...or 7.

  10. Wow, Donna I love that cubbie cabinet just the way it is! You always seem to come up with great ideas to use your stash up! thanks for sharing with SYC.


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