Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Distressed Over Sponge Painting

 I do not know why I get so distressed over finding pieces of furniture which have been sponge painted.  I was guilty once of sponge painting anything - including a former friend's entire dining room.

No, sponge painting did not end the friendship - distance did.

I bought this three-shelf table even though it was sponged in blue over white because I always buy these.  Thrifty Thrills post here!

I love their style and their practical nature.

I was thinking of a buttery color for it so the sanding commenced to take down the shine of the finish.

As I sanded, I began to just sort of distress it instead of taking all the color off.

The little table was beginning to grow on me.

Maybe sponge painting is not so distressing after all.

Now I have seen many terrible sponge jobs out there, but this was not one of those.  The paint was of high quality, the finish very well done, and actually appeared to be marbleized.

Guess what?

The buttery look was out - just distressed blue and white for this piece.

 So sweet!

Plus it only took a little time to do.

A big plus since it poured down right as I was putting away the sander.

Paint would have never dried fast enough.

I threw the table into the car and drove it over to the booth where it was promptly sold and I was happy.

Even if the new owner gets distressed over sponge painting, it has already been sanded and is ready for a new life.

However, hydrangeas would have looked beautiful styled with some vintage books.

One day I will remember to do that before taking something to the booth.

I am afraid if I make something look too pretty, I will keep it.

Actually, I know I would.  

See y'all!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finds Unearthed From Horror Monster

 Those of you who read my blog know that Horror Monster is the name of my stash of craft supplies, vintage finds, furniture, luggage, and, well, just about everything.  He creeps and skulks about the house in every room and closet. The last few months I have been using up as many things as possible to reduce the scale of Horror Monster.

Here are a few things discovered anew.  These two primitive toy carts are so adorable and at one time played a part in summer and winter decor, but both have been hidden away for a couple of years.  Best to let someone else love them.  All hand-carved and pieced together.  The top one is a wagon.  This one is like a lumber cart.  I used it to hold tiny Christmas trees.  I waxed them and sent them over to my booth at Riverfront Antique Mall.

 You will be surprised to note I am once again dipping into my pile of luggage and leather cases.

Here are a few I cleaned up and tagged for sale.

This small satchel - great for art journals

A vintage look, but it is new.

 A trio of cases - all at one time held various supplies.

Off to the booth.

I even took a few more pieces.

I may have lost my head over cutting down this section of Horror Monster.

BUT  I can always rebuild!


An update on vintage finds:  the black night stand, the two red tobacco drying racks, and the pet carrier.  Read Fleaing Springfield here!

Here they are getting ready to be thoroughly cleaned, de-skunkified, and waxed. 

A job well-done!

Distressed Donna nods in agreement in the background.

She doesn't like my junk blocking her view of the street.

Look at the rustic beauty of those racks.

Look at the soft gleam of the black on the cabinet, er, night stand, er, actually it is part of one of those vintage vanities.  There was only one and no mirror.

The pet carrier cleaned up nicely.

I can just see this on a porch with terra cotta pots stacked in it.

OOOH!  Poinsettias at Christmas!

NO! A bunch of old spindles with tattered tags attached to them!

If I don't stop, I am going over to the booth and bring all this back home.

That would certainly defeat the purpose of all this cleaning.

As things get moved out, I am surprised at the size of our house.  There is room in places I did not remember there being room!

So did I go forth and shop the five fantastic estate sales advertised this weekend?

No, I did not.  I did buy five Jello molds for a quarter and a bottle.  Yep, that is all.

Cross my rustic racks!

See y'all!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Lazy Afternoon - Dog Park Musings

 One recent afternoon when our niece Olivia was visiting, Chucks and the two dogs, Willie and Scout, in the pick up, and Olivia and I in the Blazer took off for some time at the dog park.

Now afternoons at the dog park cause a great deal of excitement in our house.  If either dog hear Chucks putting on his shoes, they rush to the bench where the leashes and harnesses are kept.

You can see Olivia was not too sure of the big dogs at first.  This setter is one of a pack a couple own - six of them - not all setters.

 Wishbone is a favorite of ours.  Willie especially loves to run and have Wishie chase him.

Scout can run completely under him without stopping.

Wishbone is a gentle giant.

 It took a little time, but soon Olivia was accepted by the pack of dogs and was playing ball with them.

Look at those sweet doggie smiles!

These two are patiently watching for the next tennis ball to be thrown.

 Tiny Kara is a mighty runner.  She and Willie are two of the fastest dogs at the park.

I could not get a photo of them running - too fast for my camera.

 Once Scout has sniffed and played awhile, he conks out in the sandbox or under the table.

Scout is serious about his rest times - snoozing is very important.

Willie is identifying every dog who has visited the dog park by the scent trails they leave - it is his favorite activity after running.

Willie does not waste dog park time resting like Scout.

Chucks says on the ride back home, Scout curls up on the seat and sleeps while Willie sits on top of Scout to keep watch out the window.  He makes sure Chucks is taking the right road home.  

It is a peaceful way to spend time on a lazy afternoon - with friends, family, and fur babies at the dog park.

See y'all!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vintage Jeweler's Bench

I was hunting down the guy who prices things out in the yard area of the thrift shop when this beauty caught my eye and stole my heart.

 Jeweler's bench!

Growing up I spent many an hour standing by my grandfather at his jeweler's bench. 

 He would show me how he cut gemstones and repaired watches.  

Of course his bench was much older than this one.  And larger with a glass surround.

 This one looks to be early 1960's and has several condition problems.

BUT look at those drawers and envision what you could hide, er, store in them.

This baby weighs a ton.

I had to take the drawers out to unload it.

Chucks promptly said it was not coming in the house.

I will explain why I agreed at the end of this post.

 So I gave it a cleaning and took the broken molding from around the top.

There were some hidden treasures - pliers and jump rings, but no jewels.

I was hoping to find a diamond or two stuck in the back.

I did not.

I was hoping Chucks would change his mind.

He did not.

So back into the truck and off to Riverfront Antique Mall it went.

I must say it is a dream to style in my booth with linens and such.

It garnered several admiring glances as it rode in on a dolly.

The drawers have tape labels on them for batteries, mother's rings, and chains.

I was hoping to paint it white and turquoise and heavily distressed it.

I will not do that.

I was hoping that after eight weeks of physical therapy I would have pulled loose enough scar tissue in my shoulder to avoid a shoulder manipulation.

I did not.

I was hoping the cyst on my middle left finger would not grow any larger.

But it did.  I now have trigger finger.

So next week I have to go have my shoulder jerked until the scar tissue comes loose and have the cyst removed from the trigger finger at the same time.  If I am going to hurt, I might as well hurt all at once.  With a shoulder manipulation, time you can say your name in the recovery room, they send you straight to physical therapy.  For eight more weeks!

Thus my easy capitulation to Chucks about not keeping the jeweler's bench.  I will not be able to lug furniture around except with my right arm for a few weeks.

Whine, whine, whine.

Where's the cheese?

See y'all!

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