Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alas! A Worn Atlas

1942 world atlas
I found this poor, worn World Atlas at Habitat.

I paid real money for it.

I had to save it.

The cover drew me to it.

I carried it around.

I did not even want others to turn the pages in case it fell completely apart.

It has an extra section to show how the countries changed after World War II.

Finally I had to lay it on the counter and let everyone leaf through the pages and reminisce about the years after the war.

(There is an old crowd who hang out at Habitat.  They are a feisty group though.  I will just say two words for them: nipple clip.  And you men thought I would not write that in my post.  Never dare me, gentlemen!)

You can see the condition of the atlas.

The bindings are no longer sewn together, and the books (sections of pages) are separating.

The copyright is 1942.

223 map plates in all.

Of course they are front and back on each page.

It is interesting in how the countries changed after the war and have continued to change.

It contains countries, the forty-eight United States (no Alaska or Hawaii), and the Canadian provinces.

I usually do not separate pages of old books, but this one is already coming apart too much to put back together.

So I plan to cut the pages and offer them for sale in Etsy and at my booth.

My heart breaks as I say that.

But I know in your head you are still thinking, "Did she use the term nipple clip in this post about an old, worn atlas?"

Yes, I did.

And I will leave you wondering.

Tonight at Swap & Tell I will be offering someone a chance at selecting three pages of their choice before I list the maps.

See y'all!

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  1. You wanted an old atlas?? I rescued one from Sam's dads trash about 10 years ago. (No nipple clips were involved....wth?) 1950 I think. I love the gorgeous colors and can't bear to tear it up so I make photo copies of the pages when I want to use them.

  2. LOL, Donna, you are such a hoot! I know exactly what you'll be doing with the nipple clips. Great find, and looks like great coloring on the pages.

  3. Well, you started my day off with a laugh and an image that is forever burned into my brain. LOL.

    Love the old atlas. What a find. My mind reels with the possibilities of what I would do with those pages. I've always been drawn to maps.

  4. There are so many things that people do nowadays with old maps. I'm sure you will have no problem selling those pages. They are just begging for some repurposing!


  5. I would never dare you... no, wait. I would. Cuz I know you'd do it. Yay for you.
    Weren't they jumping the boat a little redesigning the post-war world in 1942 when the war didn't end until 1945?

    1. NOTE: In clarification to Cheryl point. The addition to the atlas came after the war and was sent to those who had ordered the atlas earlier.

  6. frame 'em! i know you have plenty of those lying around...

  7. I feel your pain about cutting out those map pages, but at least they'll be reloved and/or repurposed once you list them in your shop. That's probably better than having them in a book that's falling apart. Map pages are one of my favourite things, but I can never bring myself to tearing them out of books. I need others to do it for me.

  8. Oh wow, these are lovely. I would frame the map of France for my gallery wall I'm composing. I won't tear apart of book, but you are correct this one is beyond saving so selling the pages is perfect!

  9. Very cool...I love old books. I know it pains you, but there a many people that will enjoy the maps now!

  10. Very well,, you just make me happy with this post. thanks for sharing! following you now! happy blogging!

  11. Not many people could enjoy the pages (maps) in this book as it is, but removed and framed ... a lot of people could enjoy them.
    I know you will make the right decision about what to do with the pages.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Cool old atlas! You know I am dying to know what nipple clip is all about...lol! I love inside jokes...my family is famous for them...:) Have a wonderful evening. Mine is a rainy one...again!

    Blessings, Vicky

  13. I have heard those nipple clips really hurt! Loving my bobbin and thanks for the linky love!

  14. So many of those atlases have probably been thrown away over the years because they were outdated...I don't think you should feel at all guilty about separating the pages and getting them where they'll be seen and loved.

  15. What a treasure Donna! So many possibilities. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. I have a few books that are falling apart like that, but I don't have the heart to take them apart! Thanks for sharing @ TTF. :)

  17. AH! They should have known...right? I think separating is fine in this case, then you're just spreading the love. Thanks for sharing this treasure at RLTLT, Donna.


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