Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Howdy, Halloween!

Halloween decor in my booth
I do not go all out for Halloween in my booth.

Just touches here and there.

A little fall here.

A little fall there.

A bucket.

A basket.

Something orange.

Something black.

I did make a few black baskets last year.

Just used the leftovers.

Little billet-doux with a Halloween theme.

Have I billet-douxed you yet?

I'll have to peruse my blog list to see.

They are both fun to say and to make.

Little chenille stem cats and pumpkins.

With a distressed orange tag of course!

How to make these HERE!

Frankie has hung around my booth for so long, he has become my mascot.

Orange and black bottle brush trees with a chalkboard kitty.

How about a Halloween picnic at midnight?

Some painted platters with ghostly images.

Then there are the creepy dolls.

I think she has seen a ghost.

This one reminds me of the creepy housekeeper (Mrs. Danvers) in Rebecca.

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again..."

At least I have not dismembered these dolls.


Remember Riverfront Antique Mall is looking for vintage vendors, crafters, and artisans for the Holiday Extravaganza.  Applications must be completed by November 3rd.

If you are in the Georgia/Carolina area, you may be interested.

Go HERE for the details! 

See y'all!

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  1. I love your subtle black and orange, but the creepy dolls??? I know you'll dismember them. I'm surprised you can wait!

  2. I'm not much for holiday decorating but did love the touches of Halloween in your booth. My favorite where the orange and black trees, such a cute idea.

  3. The creepy dolls are indeed creepy but not to the degree of clowns which we shall not invoke today. It's raining again so maybe I will wander over to your booth instead of cleaning. Happy Fall, Olive

  4. I went for a "fall" theme with my booth. I just don't have enough vintage Halloween. Which is sad, because I love vintage Halloween so much.

  5. I don't decorate for Halloween at all, but I do like some fall touches. I love the bottle brush trees in any colour.

  6. Booth looks good with those touches of Halloween. I love the colors of Fall and I do a little Halloween decor for my shows and in my booth........but not much.

  7. My daughter in law will not sleep in the room with my granny's doll. She says it weirds her out. Too funny!

  8. I want to make some chenille kitties! Halloween is on Friday night this year, meaning more fun in my neighborhood... which for me will start AFTER I hand out candy to 200+ childrens.

  9. Loving the distressed look of all your decorations! They are perfect for an old farmhouse Halloween.


  10. I think Frankie is adorable! I've seen lots of bottle brush trees made into animals this season. Wonder if that's going to be a trend this holiday? Something needs to take the place of those mason jars!

  11. Frankie is adorable and all your distressed decorations. I love your Halloween decor, I've found in my booth people don't buy seasonal, so I only decorate but don't sell anything. The only time is Christmas. Have a great evening

  12. Love all the decor that you have added to your booth to get ready for Halloween!

  13. You don't go all over board maybe, but all your touches set the perfect mood... Don't blame me, but I couldn't watch the doll pictures more than a second... Too frightening for me!

  14. I like your small touches... I think somebody needs to adopt Frankie -- he's too cute!

  15. You cannot have Halloween without a creepy doll or two! One year, I took a larger creepy looking old doll and set it in a basket, then put a bunch of little plastic skulls all around her. Sold the lot in a matter of days. I love Halloween!

  16. Some dolls are a bit creepy. Perfect addition for Halloween! I am getting excited for the transition from Fall to Halloween. I just love it and will start on it this coming week. Love the bottle brush trees, been thinking of maybe making a few. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Your booth looks fabulous!

  17. I think you do a good job with your Halloween decor.....better than me!

  18. The creepy dolls really work! Thank you for sharing this week at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday. :)

  19. thanks for sharing all your fun and creative ideas to celebrate the seasons,

    my blog moved to


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