Friday, September 12, 2014

Slow, Slow Estate Sale

estate sale, vintage finds
Last  Friday I went to an estate sale.

The first day.

Not even half price.

It was slow going as it was on a small cul-de-sac off a small cul-de-sac.

You get the picture - hordes of hoarders trekking up to the sale.

I mostly stayed in the shed and garage.

That's where the best stuff is anyway.

The floral needlepoint is from the SPCA Thrift Shop - yes, I thrifted before estate saling.

Lovely green metal wall planters.

Two Skippy lids.

With directions of how to use peanut butter.

The blue box is for your paper checks - the bank used to send them all back to you at the end of the month for you to balance your checkbook.

Some banks gave out these boxes for you to store the checks.

It was a paper world then.

An aluminum grease pot - to sit on your stove - to collect drippings - to later make gravy.

Don't gag It's old-style upcycling.

A shot bag - empty.

Empty shotgun shells.

For Christmas ornaments and for wreaths.

I am not kidding you.

Google it.

I could not believe no one had bought this beauty.

Unless they just did not want to lug it down one cul-de-sac and up the other cul-de-sac to get it to the car.

What is it?

An Indian heavy-duty, industrial strength fertilizer sprayer.

With back straps so you can tote it around the yard.

All the parts are there.

About two feet high.

And ten pounds empty.

The grave markers I had to get before one of those metal scavengers got them -

Or the markers were tossed!

I plan to research this husband and wife to see if I can locate a family member who would want these.

I can't believe they would leave these behind.

It makes me sad.

NOTE: I have found Mrs. Lee's maiden name was Laura Locke.  Still no connection to the family who resided in the house.

Since I have already to confessed to thrifting before the estate sale started, I'll show the other things I picked up.

Not much because I had planned on buying more at the estate sale, but people were so slow going in the one door allowed for entrance, I left.

A large aluminum oval tray - yes, a chalkboard in the making.

One small pewter dish - perfect for feeding Miss Peepers.

Two aluminum trays.

One rectangular with flowers.

The other round with pine cones.

Both came caked with brown gunk and are now soaking.

Okay, I saved part of my finds for another post tomorrow.

There will be body parts!

See y'all!

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  1. How DOES one use peanut butter, O Wise One? Never mind...I just read it! Peanut butter must have been the new-fangled fad way back then. Back when that jar lid was new, that was the brand my mom bought. We buy grocery store label now. I remember in, maybe, the mid 70s when "generic" was a new concept - a way to "save" money by not paying for the name. I especially remember it as it related to paper goods, like paper plates and paper towels. It's funny what silly things I remember.'s funny what silly thing YOU make me remember. I love sharing every single moment. I can't wait to see the body parts. Hopefully, it doesn't have anything to do with Mr. and Mrs. Guest. Have a wonderful day!

  2. That's pretty sad about the grave markers. However, if you can't find someone to claim them... Halloween decor? All-in-all great finds!

  3. Nice finds! Very kind of you to do research on the markers and try to find family members. Hope this story has a happy ending! Waiting to see your re-dos.
    Have fun!

  4. That sprayer thingie is great! If I found it, I would make my husband use it just to see how silly he would look with it on his back. It's the little things that make me laugh :-)


  5. Those grave markers are awesome. I've never seen that at a garage sale.

    I see that check box is from a bank in Mattoon, IL. I know exactly where that's at because we often stop at the gas station there on our way to the KY. house. Do you live near there?

  6. Donna, I'm wondering if they had metal markers until they were able to get larger marble headstones. Just a thought. I can't imagine anyone dismantling a cemetery. My mom had a grease pot on our stove when I grew up, too! Wish I still had it. I went to an estate sale yesterday. The prices were horribly high, and many were commenting on this as they walked around the house, which was like a maze! I thought I had walked around twice, but as I was leaving I found two more rooms. Like you, I go to the shed and garage first. I found a beautiful old longneck watering can for only $10, a great price! I also found a glass flower frog for $1. Since I do not live in the city, I wouldn't be able to go back for half price day. I love seeing your purchases. Please share with us the story about the Guest Couple when you learn about them!

  7. Put on some moon boots, a helmet, and that sprayer thingie on your back and walk around your neighborhood declaring "We come in peace!". That would be fun.
    I would have bought the grave markers also, out of respect if for no other reason. Mr. Lee was 91 for criiii. I once bought what I thought was a lovely large metal name tag of some European person, Ruhein Frieden. Turns out Ruhe in Frieden is German for Rest in Peace and what I had me was a casket plaque. It is proudly displayed in my house, regardless. I hope no one is missing it.

  8. Cool finds and I'm glad you got the grave markers. The sprayer is really great!

  9. Some of us still use the "recycled" grease to make gravy or season our beans. I love all the aluminum. I collected it when my kitchen was country. It went nicely with my enamel. Fun finds!

  10. You sure do know how to keep us coming back! Loving the needlepoint and LOL about the grease pot. Thanks for the smiles :)

  11. Body parts? Any giant heads? Love your fun finds especially the fertilizer sprayer thing. I see flowers.

  12. Good stuff! I hope you are able to locate the family members of the deceased couple. My mother-in-law used to make crafts for a living and made several varieties of shotgun shell ornaments. They were her best sellers. Have fun treasure hunting this weekend. Maybe I'll get up and go in the morning...haven't been in weeks!

    Blessings, Vicky

  13. warm up for sales by thrifting! LOL! I know where Mattoon Illinois is and I'm cracking up that they spelled Illinois wrong. Hope they got it right on the checks at least. I cannot believe you did not take a pic of yourself wearing that sprayer. You taunt me with the body parts.

  14. Grave markers and fertilizer sprayers! The awesome never ends, does it? What great stuff! I laughed at your image of the hoards of horders. In the classic words of Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "RUN AWAY!"

  15. What great and different finds for you! I happened upon an Estate sale the other day and left with a bag of good loot! That doesn't happen very often! Can't wait to see what you do with what you got!! Please share!

  16. Thank you for sharing @ TTF! I always love re-reading your posts.

  17. Oh yes, would've nabbed that sprayer in a hurry! Love anything unique like that. I actually have a little yellow bowl that says grease on the front of it in my basement farmhouse kitchen. Really been having a hankering for an estate sale, but haven't been to one in a while. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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