Friday, April 29, 2016

Top 5 Things To Look For At Yard Sales This Year

house parts, wire baskets, books, tools, tool boxes, vintage

This is the time of the year when yard sales start popping up all around you.

What should you be looking for?

This is my list.

Slightly rusty.

Slightly crusty.

And mostly distressed.


When I drive up to a sale, I am constantly searching around the yard, in the burn piles, in the sheds. 

Wherever the sellers will let me look.

Found this old green shutter leaning against the side of a house waiting to be taken to the dump.

Makes an excellent trellis.

This screen door guard was for sale - new house owners did not need the "W" initial.

I did!

Screen door guards come in many decorative shapes.

Windows are perfect for filling wall space.

They are often cheap if you agree to haul them off.

I love to go to a yard sale advertised as a remodeling sale.

Tons of house parts and odd lumber pieces for projects.

I did have to pay real money for this old church window.

However it was near the end of the sale, the sellers had not sold any of the stained glass, and I offered to buy all six windows at a bundle price.

One stayed with me and the rest went off to the store to sell.

Found in a shed just waiting for me.

No one had asked to explore the items in the shed.

Always ask if you can investigate.

You never know what treasure you can find.

Another favorite of mine is finding old roofing tin tiles.


I buy most wire baskets if the price is right.

Whether they are old or not, it really does not matter.

They have been popular in every decor as long as I can remember.

Wire baskets are useful for storing craft items.

You can line them with screen or landscape cloth and plant in them.

If you find any old locker baskets for less than $10, you are stealing!

Years ago I paid $1 each for them and bought them by the hundreds.

They have disappeared around here.

Unless you wish to pay $30 or more for one!


I never met a book I did not like.

Most of the time I am after old textbooks especially reading books.

But stacks of old books can be great for book page crafts.

I keep my reading books.

I keep my tiny books.

A TIP: If you walk up on a sale ending with boxes of books left, make an offer for the entire lot.  You can always donate what you cannot use.

Besides the obvious of reading the books, they make excellent risers to display items in your home.


Another favorite sale of mine is the old man sale where he is allowing people to go into his man shed.

Great place to find tools and other odds and ends.

Recently I bought four hospital pink bins of tools.

Some to use.

Some to sell.

And some to frame!

Yes, some tools are very decorative.

Look at that mole torture device at the top of the photo.

Imagine it mounted on a block of wood all cleaned and waxed.


Well, if you gonna buy the tools, you might as well buy the tool boxes or even tackle boxes.

This stack hangs out on my front porch holding garden tools.

I have another stack in the craft room.

I do not bother with getting rid of the rust.

I keep them waxed.

This beauty once held electronic equipment.

It now holds plant food.

So whatever your design style is, you can find items at yard sales this summer. 

Just keep an open mind.

                                      IT'S A BLOG HOP!

Please take a look at what everyone else is hunting for. 


See y'all!


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  1. The wire baskets and tool boxes are favorites of mine.

  2. We both have architectural salvage! And let me tell you - your list is on my list, but after my top 5. :)

  3. I love finding salvage pieces too. Also loving how the lists take on the bloggers' personalities ;) Happy hunting!

  4. We like so many of the same things. I still am going to try to make it to Magnolia Ridge next month.

  5. I just love the goodies you look for, Donna! I wouldn't have know what those roofing tiles were! Love how that shutter looks as a trellis!

  6. I love the old green shutter
    I'm looking for a white table and chairs in the windsor pattern
    of course if and when I find the right set i'll paint it white

  7. Oh my... I love those tool boxes. Since tools are on my list I need the boxes too so I better add those. Love all the salvage pieces. I rarely see great stuff like that around here.

  8. Great tips! I wish I could find a genuine locker basket! I never see them at all! Someday...:)

  9. I would love to go with you to look at rusty junk sometime!!

  10. I love buying every single category you listed, Donna :) I have, however, fallen in love with your toolbox stack and your plant food toolbox is yummy, yummy.

  11. You have some very interesting things. I love the wire baskets, what an amazing deal you got!

  12. You have some very interesting things. I love the wire baskets, what an amazing deal you got!

  13. Now that was a very Donna list! I hope you do the project with that mole trap. I'd love to see the results. I'm also appreciative that you shared some hints and tips for finding these treasures. I took notes.

  14. Awesome finds and list items Donna! Love the old tools and windows and your plans for them. One of the first areas I notice too are the old sheds and piles as they always hold countless treasures. It's that "digging" time of year!

  15. All of those things you mentioned fall into the category of "go to and grab" when I see them at garage or yard sales! Now that I have a physical shop, I can sell larger items in it. I will have an eagle eye out for all of these treasures!

  16. I don't want to go thrifting with you, you would buy everything I wanted. Great list, right up my alley.

  17. Your list is the 'get down and get dirty' list that not everybody likes to go after, but those who don't could take a lesson from you. Meanwhile, relish in the revenue. :) Wire baskets are just awesome for display - you can see what you have corralled!

  18. go forth and junk!!!! LOL! hahahaha!
    I loved all those boxes stacked up in that chair. I'm a sucker for a box.

  19. Good ideas, great tips! I am going to start looking around more often now!!!!

  20. You have found many treasures!

  21. Great post!! Thanks so much for sharing your tips with all of us!!



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