Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Magnolia Ridge - The Gathering

Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering, farm sale, vintage merchandise
It was a "GO" for the Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering.

Chucks and I packed both trucks and headed for the farm on Friday afternoon.

Heavy rain was predicted for Friday night so I only packed my tables, metal items, and square things. 

We wrapped a gigantic tarp over the stack and tied it down with yards of rope.

It rained all night - poured down - almost two inches.

Packed up two more truck loads Saturday morning.

We arrived in a slight mist and overcast skies, but the sun came out.

The wind was gusting all day across the field you see in the background.

It was cool enough to wear a sweater.

In late May.

In the South.

I admit to being obsessed with colors and shapes when arranging my merchandise.

I really loved this spot and hope to get it next year. 

A huge field behind with a peach orchard and a pine forest.

Under a oak tree.

Arranged in a V shape to invite customers in.

Olive from Olive Out came to sell a few things and to help out.

A big thank you!!!

SHHH! Do not tell her she found her way into a photo.

Had an assortment of items from small to large.

From $1 to $68.

From child to adult.

A little known fact: when Davy Crockett went to battle at the Alamo, he took his little red horse umbrella with him.

A collector of Crockett stuff had never seen one of these.

However no one bought it.

And it was cheap - $8 !!!

All the pictures were taken early - around 8:30 AM.

Storm clouds behind us - sun in front.

On the way home it was misting again, and we were too tuckered to unload.

Chucks invented the instant carport.

The idea served two purposes - it covered the entire pickup and the tarp dried out. 

How did I do?

Well, we took four truck loads and returned with two large loads. 

Here's a shot of the Blazer.

Here's a shot of the pick-up.

All items have been marked with their booth number and item number.

They are all available in either Booth W-10 or Booth C-23, Riverfront Antique Mall.

What I am up to next?

Rest and relaxation.

Thank you to the Magnolia Ridge Farm family for all the hard work! A job well-done.

See y'all!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Magnolia Ridge - It's A Go!!!

It's a go!!!

It looks like the weather will mostly cooperate.

We are taking two truckloads up late this afternoon.

Two truckloads Saturday morning.

Will be ready to sell all day!


See y'all!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pantry Door Chalkboards

metal pantry doors, makeover, chalkboard
Obviously I have not gotten too terribly bored with chalkboards because here come two more.

First talk a friend into selling you her pantry doors.

Thanks, Arlene!

First thought was to save the lovely avocado and gold decals. 

Quickly changed my mind while envisioning painting chalkboard paint around oddly shaped decals.

Then there was the brown packing tape - the scourge of my existence when painting pieces. 

First remove the top layer of clear.

Generous spritz of Lift Off and let it sit a spell.

Then carefully scrape without gouging.

The decals refused to budge so I lightly sanded them and painted over them.

A still life:
A Girl, Her Brush, and Valspar Chalkboard Paint. 

Since chalkboard paint is ultra-matte, there is no need for priming.

Four coats later, it was time to condition.

While waiting for paint to dry, I was cleaning the pool and working on some other paint projects.

No, the pool should not be green.

No algae - just a boatload of pollen.

Soaked the retro atomic chrome handles in ammonia  for about an hour.

Came out sparkling.

I was much too tired to be creative with chalk artwork.

I could not even think of a balanced meal!

I confess!

One of the other projects was another chalkboard.

On a Blitz pan for an auto shop.

Man cave style!

I have reduced the number of items I will be taking because of the storms moving in.

There is a chance we may stay home.

I am very disappointed.

We are watching the skies carefully.

I need clear skies from 7AM to 4PM on Saturday.

Pretty please!

See y'all!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vintage On Primitives

Americana Decor Chalky Finsh paint, Vintage color, cupboard, primitive table
I found two  primitives deserving of using Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Vintage. 

Vintage is a soft gray/green/blue color often found on very old primitives.

A handmade kitchen cupboard.

Made from old pieces of pine and 70's era paneling.

I loved the shape of it.

If I was keeping it, I would probably just sand a bit then wax, wax, wax.

I did not notice the towel rack fashioned from an old curtain rod on the bottom.

The Vintage covered every bit of dirt and grease with NO bleed through.

Real life crackle - not from a jar.

Perfect for a tea kettle.

I am taking it to the farm sale Saturday.


Next I worked on this primitive table which was rather cute before its makeover.

Thanks, Liz!

(The Rusty Typewriter on Etsy) 

Up on the paint frame for a couple of coats of Vintage.

The top was covered with a sheet of Masonite in very good condition for its age.

So it became a chalkboard!

I love it so much I took about fifty photos of it.

But I will only bore you with a few.

Mr. Chalkboard table will be traveling to the farm sale also. 


One corner of the living room piled with treasures for Magnolia Ridge.

Of course, Lizzie, my mannequin, will NOT be going!

See y'all!

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