Saturday, August 30, 2014

Departing Baskets

basket makeovers with fabric and paint
After months of buying and giving baskets makeovers, it was time for a grand departure.

We could have had a parade.

Here are a few completed ones.

Some were decked out with distressed calico ruffles and fabric blossoms.


Some received green plaid liners.

Some were stained a bit.

And some had tassels.

Some held vintage lace.

All had multiple coats of paint.

Both white and pink.

All are now at Riverfront Antique Mall.

Coming soon the basket babies.

They will be departing for the Etsy shop.

We have lost our heads in excitement - our niece Leia is coming to town.

She plans to strip the bath of grimy grout and reseal it.

The guest room is waiting!

See y'all!

I am hoping you are getting your projects ready for next week's opening of Make It Monday.

Come visit!

On Monday, September 8, I will be co-hosting the new Make It Monday link party with Tamara and Mitzi.

Tamara had this link party for quite awhile and then took a break. Read the Party Announcement at Etcetorize!

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  1. Your baskets are beautiful! How exciting for you that Leia is going to work on your bathroom! She's awesome!

  2. You have really been working hard and those baskets look beautiful. Love the one with the green plaid liner in how it drapes it over the edges. I know you are really happy to have Leia coming to visit and help you will the bathroom tile. Maybe she can come help me with my kitchen tile. Have a great weekend.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. I painted a few baskets a couple of weekends ago. I was pleasantly surprised how well they held paint!


  4. I've lost my head a few times:) Your post are always fun!

  5. Such pretty baskets! How nice of Leia to come and help with the bathroom. Have fun!

  6. The baskets are all so pretty! I know you are looking forward to Leia's visit...and to freshly grouted floors! Enjoy.....:)

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  8. I love your basket re-dos. They are all so cute!

  9. Love all your baskets! Of course, mine is still my favorite :)

  10. My, you have been busy! Must feel great to move those all out to the shop. I am in the midst of a huge sort/clean up/ throw out in my garage and work room because of some work we need done in both locations. I think it's a good thing...

  11. Pretty, pretty baskets! I should try to paint a couple of mine? I am visiting from amaze me Monday! Love your post! Dazee

  12. You never run out of creative ideas...and so many different media! Now, please tell me how to get guests to come and redo your bathroom grout...or anything like that. Do you send a special invitation? :) Thanks for joining the party at Revisionary Life, Donna.


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