Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finds From Junkin' With Olive

Metal boxes and numbers, Ball freezer jars, old bottles, vintage finds, junking
Olive has my number and I have hers. 

In other words, we are junk enablers.

When we go shopping, we always need a bigger truck.

These are my finds from Junkin' With Olive.

Mine are smaller and more numerous.

Olive's are big and smaller in number.  We are talking HUGE!

If you find yourself in our path, gird thyself with armor.

 Tiny trucks and a blue Cadillac.

Olive found a big, chippy, white one.
 See her truck.

Yep, looks like a trucks with trees post coming.

 A bag of small bottles.

I had a thought, but cannot decide.

If it happens, I will post about it.

 Three Ball Mason jars - freshly dug from the earth.

In fact the earth is still on them.

Zinc lids.

 The two smaller ones are 

Ball freezer jars.

They have gripper ridges down the sides.

Have you seen freezer jars before?

 Yes, it is written right there on the jar.

 Some white iron pot holders.

Start thinking Spring.

 A wicker what?

 A wicker wine and cheese basket.

With corkscrew and cheese knife.

Maybe an icy picnic?

 A brown Samsonite attache case.

A blue train case.

I had to take the contents with me from the blue case.

 I was okay with that.

I was looking for a small white pitcher.

More star molds.

A Franciscan plate.

And junk.

 The metal boxes with rusty, crusty patina perfection.

The smaller one had contents, but I convinced the guy to let me dump it.

Rusty nails and screws

I know, I know.  Come January I will be looking for those to repair something.

The large one is very heavy.

Built for a large drill and its bits.

It looks a lot like Christmas to me.

 An oval frame.



This looks a lot like Christmas, too!

See y'all!

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Reminder:  The three-part miniseries Horror Monster VS Slash Room will run December 2, 3, and 4.  Come and see what wonders are wrought from trash to treasure in my craft room reveal.

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  1. Great junkin stuff, you girls have my number! Love your finds. Di@Cottage-wishes

  2. Oh wow, such great stuff! Really love the suitcases and the big red letters especially. -Dawn @ We Call It

  3. Oh my goodness! You made quite a haul there girl! But...isn't this supposed to be your reveal day????

  4. The three-part Horror Monster VS Slash Room starts Monday and runs for three days. Be prepared to be amazed, Folks. Thanks, Danni, for reminding me to put a teaser on this post.

  5. Awesome it all! The frame is very similar to one I will be sharing soon and I loe those numbers. Looking forwad to seeing some bottle brush trees on the beds of those trucks...:) And, I can't wait to get home from work tomorrow to see day 1 of your room reveal!!! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with Chuck....:) Blessings, Vicky

  6. Some amazing finds. I love the white pitcher and that golden frame looks like it arrived right on time for Christmas!

  7. The blue chippy heavy metal box is still my favorite find. I have been cooking for what feels like weeks and will soon pass out on the sofa I fear. I found something wonderful Saturday. Big and heavy too as you have already stated.

  8. Some great finds there. I am in love with that large metal box. Wonderfully naturally aged and chippy.

  9. Love the freezer jars and the samsonsite luggage with train case is right out of my childhood. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! Best wishes, Linda


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