Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horror Monster VS Slash Room Part Three

The Final Reveal

Organizing clutter, guest room, storing craft supplies  Utilizing space
 Slash Room: noun def. 
1. a computer/craft/guest room 
2. a room capable of distressing Donna  
3.  a room 14 months in the making

I have finally finished and ready to show you around.  

This room is only 12 X 14 and is used daily by me and occasionally by guests.

I have worked hard.  I am planning to share every little bit of it.


Be Prepared: extreme photograph overload!


The Nook

This appeared out of the rubble of the former Horror Monster to become my favorite part of the slash room.

My French drying rack lamp rewired by Chucks to become a swag lamp with little zinc pots.

Notice the mood lighting from the mirrors.

My favorite seascape.

The room did not need repainting.

The Arlette bookcase forms the other side of the nook.

It is a bit jumbled, but I promise to rearrange things.

The heads and the book boxes came out of the dining room to grace The Nook.


The small mission oak table holds a huge button jar and a bucket of dried lavender.

 Under the oak bookkeeper's desk are EMPTY storage boxes and a bin of French seam binding.

The Nook has become my favorite place to sit on a stool and journal.

The Craft Area
 Behind the door the bookcase and the numbered cabinet are  filled with craft supplies neatly organized and visible to the eye.

If you see it, you will use it!


 The Lowery blue desk awaits a project or perhaps my sewing machine can be freed from the attic.

 A three-drawer chest holds ribbons and other fabric.

The small bookcase is for magazines and paper storage.

A locker basket of canvases.

A chalkboard for inspirational ideas.

The Computer Corner

 The corner under the window is perfect for the computer.  The birds and squirrels run along the tree branches outside.

No fancy paint jobs here - this is my serious work place.

I have hidden those cords after seeing this photo.

The Guest Room

The Arlette bookcase at the headboard of the twin bed.

We only have small guests.

Layers of comforters and quilts and pillows.

A wicker side table with birdcage and lamp.

You can see The Nook back there.


Who would put an aluminum screen door guard over a bed?

Why, I would!

 A tray for the goodies I put out for guests.

If you come, I will leave some for you.

Pretty tote bags get stuffed with extra pillow forms.

OOPS!  A touch of yellow peeking out from the former color scheme.

I forgot to buy white shams.


Additional Craft Supply Storage

 Yes, the closet door will now shut - if Chucks planes it down.

The door holds my vintage hangers, some frames, and wreath forms.

The cabinet holds craft paint.


 There is a story behind this green dresser.  

When I get around to painting it, I will tell its story.

It holds an assortment of stuff including my Time Capsule, or what is left of it.

The blue Mason jars add extra storage for small pieces and buttons.

So there you have it.

A finished slash room.

i even added an extra space - The Nook!

Have I kept it clean the past two weeks?

Why, yes, I have.

There are more Items in there now out of necessity.

But I will leave the light on for you when you have time to come for a visit.
I even put a rug out to keep your tootsies warm.

If you have made it all the way down to here, thank you.

It was hard work, but now I am on a mission for all the rooms in the house to look like this.

See y'all

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  1. Ah! Great job! Everything is out in the open! Yay!!! Somehow I need to do this. Storage bins and container boxes are not my friends. I get so tired of rummaging through them looking for stuff.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! I love every inch of this new space! You have done an amazing job Donna! I love the "W" on the wall and that little nook is genius! I agree..if you see it you are far more likely to use it! Everything is gorgeous and all of your hard work paid off! I'm impressed lady!

  3. WOW!! Where to begin? There are so many great things about this room. I remember that aluminum screen door and what an awesome way to display it. That bird cage is lovely... I've been looking for one of those for ages. I'm happy you kept the wall colour because I think it's such a pretty blue. My craft room is sooo jealous now because it's one big wonderful mess. Way to go!! Totally love what you've done!!

  4. Lovely! Room to move and see what you have! I have a Horror Monster of my's actually taking up two bedrooms in my house! It becomes all the more frightening when I contemplate the fact that I have to find all my Christmas decorations in there! Well, you've inspired me to start attacking the monster in the upstairs bedroom. I may need reenforcements! HAHA!

  5. That light fixture looks amazing. Glad you have your Horror Monster under control now. So proud of you for tackling this. I love aluminum screen door guards and use them to decorate with all over. Love the one with the initial.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. I need to make a slash room myself. I will have to use some of your ideas.

  7. Miss Donna; Your reveal is so Beautiful!!!!! I absolutely Love all of it!!!
    Your Guest room is so Stunning!!!
    Please tell Chucks that you are now renting out the room......LOL :-)
    I would like to be the first one night renter, I will even bring fancy foods and cook for you Both :-D (I am known to make extra foods for the freezer, also!)

  8. I've been enjoying this transformation this week Donna. It looks wonderful! I really love the Nook. It looks like a magazine photo. Also love that white cabinet with the glass doors. Reminds me of a kitchen cabinet I used to have. Enjoy your new room. Dawn

  9. Great job! Pretty creative the way you used the aluminum screen door and makes a great statement. Loving the birdcage, but then I haven't found a birdcage I haven't loved. You must love coming into your craft room to creative, now you have a great inspirational space.

  10. Congratulations! That looks like it was a huge job to complete and you did it! It must feel so good to have room to breathe in that space. Way to go~

  11. OK...after you come visit and stay in my new guest room, I'll go home with you and stay in yours. Wow...I love it! I would have a hard time not rummaging through all your treasures if I stayed in the Slash! I love the creative use of space and the bookcase headboard is genius! Love the screen door piece and the tote bag turned pillow! You amaze me lady! BTW...the exchange post link is up! Sorry I didn't get by here sooner...been out of town for a couple days for a conference. Blessings, Vicky

  12. "We only have small guests." You are a hoot. The chandelier is amazing. The heads are not too creepy. Now that you have practice you can come attack our master bedroom.

  13. Few things feel as good as creating order out of chaos. I know this firsthand. ;)

    It must be wonderful to walk into that room now and actually be able to find things quickly (or at least quicker). And, Donna, I love your one-of-a-kind chandelier. How ingenious!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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