Monday, December 23, 2013

A Holiday Night at Wilkeswood Manor

Christmas Decorations
'Twas late evening at Wilkeswood Manor on the Eve of Christmas Eve's Eve.

I could hear in the distance caroling and church bells tolling ten o'clock.

The moon was a silver orb blurred by scudding clouds.

 The cats pranced and danced about my bare feet  as I captured for eternity the sight of Wilkeswood Manor dressed in its holiday garb.

White lights twinkling in the azaleas and camellias.

Wreath upon the red door.

A peek into the front window revealed a tree and a chorus of angels.

Okay, enough with the pretty stuff.

A fat and happy gourd Santa nestled in his rusty hose reel by the front door.

 A stack of rusty toolboxes on a distressed red rocker hold poinsettias - the fake kind - with dried rosemary branches.

It was 75 degrees with high humidity and I was dressed in shorts, tee, and barefooted.

It better be cold for Christmas.

You hear that, Santa?

I want cold for Christmas!

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  1. Love it and your home is just until! I'm wishing for a cold Christmas too and according to the forecast, Tuesday night and Wednesday are supposed to be the coldest night and day this week here in good old sunny Florida. It won't be cold but hopefully a little nippy!
    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Oh I love Wilkeswood manor on Christmas Eve's Eve! How pretty! That rusty hose reel is so perfect for holding stuff. Merry Christmas to you and if you want cold...come see me!

  3. Beautiful Donna ... love your decorations and "pretty stuff" ... Favorite is the gourd Santa in the old hose reel. Have never seen one of those.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. All very pretty, I love your front window! Yes, it was entirely too warm here in SC yesterday. We had the Hubby's family here yesterday and I was in shorts! Cold weather coming tho so yay!

  5. I think you are being granted that wish. It is cold right now. Love those rusty stacked boxes. Merry Christmas FIG.

  6. Wilkeswood Manor looks so inviting! I'll try my best to get Mother Nature to send some cold weather your way as we have plenty to spare. Happy Christmas to you!


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