Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bottle Brush Trees on Blocks

bottle brush trees, blocks
What happens when you take a bunch of bottle brush trees and a bunch of old alphabet blocks and combine them?

Super cuteness!

Of course I had to distressed the blocks with a bit of antiquing glaze.

I used the trees that were not dyed.

bottle brush trees, blocks

Yes, I do seem to be stuck on "JOY" this year.

bottle brush trees, blocks
A little Christmas cheer.

A brief note.  I did use the "X" for Christ in Christmas not to secularize Christmas but to use the blocks I had.  Go here for the info:

bottle brush trees, blocks

 The most obvious of all -  


I am hustling and bustling and decorating and filling the house with spicy cinnamon and cedar and ...

Well, you get the picture.

I love this time of year!

See y'all!


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  1. Oh, those little trees remind me of some many memories. My grand-father used some in the "crèche" (a representation of the birth of Jesus with small clay dolls) he did every year in December when I was a little girl.

  2. Great idea! You could make a Noel and then whoever has it, their hubby can rearrange it to say Leon. Running joke between Hubby & me for many Christmases now with our little Noel train lol. Glad you included the thin about the "X" in Xmas. That's the exact same thing my bible history professor told us.

  3. Love this, Donna! How Christmasy and folksy it is! You have so many wonderful ideas on how to use your bottle brush trees. Looking forward to many more!.

  4. Very cute, Donna! Lucky you to have those old blocks they are getting harder to come by these days. Enjoy them and have a wonderful Holiday!

  5. These are just adorable! I've got to pull out my old blocks!
    Love it.

  6. I think this is my favourite bottle brush tree project of yours so far! I'll be on the lookout for some of those blocks now. Totally love it!

  7. I love these, they take me back to the 1950's when I was a kid :)

  8. Love them, but Joy is my favorite! Looking forward to seeing some of your Christmas decor! Have a blessed Sunday....Vicky

  9. Hey Miss Donna;
    I Love Everything which you are making for the Holidays. Your blocks with trees are so Lovely!!
    I can not wait to see what you will share next!!! Take Care :-)

  10. Aw how cute is that!! I love it and I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  11. I bought two of your "Joys" last weekend. One for a wee gift and one for me. Love them.

  12. What a clever, versatile idea to put the trees on letter blocks.

  13. Very cute, love the antique look of the cubes!

  14. Oh I love these. I need to find some more bottle brush trees, this is such a really, really cute idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. OK, I've read through every single one of your bottle brush tree posts. And all of your creative ideas are just terrific. I loved them all!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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