Friday, December 13, 2013

Shopping Around

Christmas, painted hydrangeas, vintage
Shopping around the Christmas tree ...

Uh, wait a sec, that's supposed to be dancing around the Christmas tree.

Oh, well, I shopped.

And I do not have a tree up yet.

Last weekend I attended a Christmas craft show here in Aiken.  Much better than in previous years.  

I went to buy from one vendor, but ended up with several things.

You know how that goes.

I bought these wonderfully rustic stars cut from an old quilt.  The candy canes are removable so they can be used all year. The fabric has been stiffened and they have wire hangers attached. I tucked in a bunch of the larger candy canes, too.

One man had painted dried hydrangeas in lovely colors.  After seeing what beautiful creations another vendor had made with them, I went back and bought all he had - a whole bin full. I did leave three red ones in his display.

His son said he had laughed at his dad for painting hydrangeas, but he was sending him home to paint some more!

I heard whispers about the woman who bought every painted hydrangea, but I had mine carefully concealed in big bags!

The woman who had the beautiful hydrangea creations also had these lovely nativity scenes for only $6 !  I had to buy one for my doll house.

She had great stuff, but I restrained myself.

Plus I was carrying around those huge bags of hydrangeas!

 After the craft show I stopped at a thrift shop briefly.

I found these two vintage scrapbooks - never been used.

I love their embossed covers.

I never pass on a little bench.

Haven't had time to paint it - maybe after the holidays.

I found this silver photo frame that is perfect for my vintage Christmas postcards.

Of course it only holds twelve of the thousand I have.

But it is a start.

So I shopped all around, but did I buy what I originally went to get?

Yes, I did - that's a miracle.

My neighbor makes wonderful soaps and members of my family have come to expect a bar or more in their presents.

The men are especially fond of Southern Spice and Bay Rum.

Do you have all your shopping done? 

I do not.  

We only buy a few gifts.

Chucks and I usually buy each other a bunch of items that are sort of silly - socks, pj's, slippers - and we wrap them all separately so we each have a pile to unwrap.

Chucks put carpenter jeans on his list.  

Really?  Carpenter jeans?

What century does he think he is living in?

See y'all!

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  1. Hmm, you left the red hydrangeas? They all look so pretty but mixing the red with anything white would look so Christmassy! But you're probably shopping for anytime of the year and once again, you managed to score big time. Leave Chucks alone wanting carpenter pants. Men love lots of pockets and my hubby tells me to buy him clothes with lots of zippers on them. Now that's something to really ignore.

  2. I LOVE those stars and am pinning them to my To Do List board. I am already thinking ahead to an old quilt that will be perfect to cut up for a 4th of July banner.

  3. those stars are so terrific. I rescued an old tattered quilt from my MIL and have wondered what to do with it. think the stars would be perfect project for the quilt. you seem to have many crafty people in your area.

  4. I love those quilted stars and you are right they will be great all year round. I can see them on the 4th of July and wouldn't they be a great decoration when welcoming home a serviceman or woman :) Looks like you had a great day of shopping.
    Merry Christmas and God bless you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Painted hydrangeas, I've never seen that before. My post tomorrow shows a Christmas tree in a historic house where they dried hydrangeas and tucked them into the tree for ornaments. I've never thought of painting them - looks cool. Looks like you had fun! Have a good weekend.

  6. Never can pass up a little stool. They sell so quickly after I'm done with them. I'm crazy about your header and all the brush trees. I want!

  7. The painted hydrangeas are soo pretty... I've never seen anything like then. I love that silver photo frame.

  8. Love your purchases Donna. The hydrangeas are beautiful. Are they sprayed? Bet that was quite a job to paint them and not destroy them. When I saw the quilt stars ... that is just what I need for my mantel. I need to see if I still have some of that old cutter quilt. Does not look like she stitched around them ... so that will be quick and easy. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Thank you Donna! You just solved my problem of what to buy my coworkers. Our nephew's wife makes homemade soaps and bug repellent bars that will be perfect for the outdoorsy types!

    I loved my carpenter jeans! All those handy pockets. :)

  10. You always find the coolest stuff! What are you going to do with the hydrangeas????
    Can't wait to see.

  11. these are all so pretty!

  12. Pray tell did you find out how he painted the hydrangeas? You know I can dry scads of hydrangeas. Love the stars.

  13. I was curious to know how you paint hydrangeas as well...not that I have any. I love that creative. (Please don't put a frozen charlotte in it.)


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