Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Birdcage Lighting

Christmas, birdcages, lights
When you do not plan on putting the Christmas lights on a traditional Christmas tree, you must find another place to stick them.

Back in the fall someone graciously sent me a gift certificate to Joss and Main.  I went over found these bird cages and loved their shape.

Did not love the color when they arrived.

Outside to the paint screens both went.

A quick spray of Rust-Oleum Cinnamon.

It is great for faking rust!

A light overspray of Ivory Silk.

At this point I saw just where I could stick all those lights!

Yes, a giant light bulb appeared over my head.

Just like in the cartoons.

The birdcages looked rusty and crusty and primitive to match the stuff in the den.


Gathered a few strands of lights and crammed them into the cages.

And then there was light!  

The cages were hung by chain from a hook in the ceiling.

Yes, I see the cord.  It is not noticeable in real life.

Okay, this is the first part of three posts about my deconstructed Christmas.  It is hard to capture the true nature of the beast, but I am trying.  

Stay tuned!

See y'all!

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  1. How fun! What a clever idea to use the cinnamon color for rust. (Of course YOU would know that because you are a rust Godess!)

  2. Love the lighted cages! I bet they give off a wonderful glow and you can keep them up all year round!

  3. Your new color treatment is a vast improvement. Love this! If I ever get my dream sunroom built I'm going to do this!

  4. Cool paint treatment Donna. The fairy lights look wonderful too. Thanks so much for your comment on my nursing post. It means a lot. Not many comment on my writing posts. Everybody likes images to tell a story. xo, olive

  5. so pretty. Thanks for the tip about the paint/fake rust

  6. Great idea Donna and I love the fake rust idea! Genius...:) Those bird cages are really pretty! Sounds like you are enjoying decorating! Blessings, Vicky

  7. What a cute idea! Love how they turned out!

  8. I love the bird cages and your paint job. I need to try that rust treatment.
    After I read your blog, I put lights ... a wooden Snowman and a tall bottlebrush tree in a bamboo birdcage I have sitting in a chair in my laundry room (back door entry). Good for a warm welcome.
    Thanks for sharing your neat idea.
    Finally got a post done on my Christmas tree ... hope you have time to come take a look.
    Merry Christmas
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  9. What a great idea.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  10. What a lovely transformation. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the idea! Lights are the essence of Christmas if you ask me since the days are so short at this time of the year, so it was great to keep them in your "deconstructed Christmas".

  12. What a pretty idea--I will have to now look for birdcages while I am out thrifting!


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