Monday, December 2, 2013

Horror Monster VS Slash Room Part One

The Sad, Sorry Truth of the Matter

organizing clutter, craft room reveal, craft supplies
 If you drove up into my driveway, I would hide until you gave up and left.

Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash, has somehow utterly overwhelmed two rooms in this house.  I decided to take back my computer/craft/guest room (now known as the slash room) from his slimy, grimy claws and be able to have an open house again.

Just don't come too soon.

I started last year in October and I did organize things into bins ...
and bins ...
and bins...

Oh, my goodness!

There were stacks of boxes ...

and bags ...

and craft supplies.

Oh, my goodness!

There is a desk under there somewhere.

The computer and there to the side, the guest bed.

Yes, my nieces have slept in here.

Oh, my goodness!

 The partially finished gallery wall over the bed.

So sad.

Reflecting the sins of over-collecting.

Oh, my goodness!

The corner you see upon entering the room.

My grandmother's cupboard hidden under all of that mess.

Oh, my goodness!

Another pile from a different view.

Just how much can this room hold?

Oh, my goodness!

A view of the wall between the door and the closet.

No, I cannot get in the closet.

Oh, my goodness!

Just how many vintage hangers can there be?

This is the extra door behind the door to the room.

Oh, my goodness!

The bed covered in an old comforter in case a pet sneaks in to nap.

But even they do not try.

Oh, my goodness!

How many baskets do I have?

Many for each season.

Oh, my ___ - well, fill in the blank.

The computer where all the blog magic happens.

Stuck in a corner.

You have to be careful not to gain any weight or you cannot reach the printer.

(You being ME because YOU are not coming in the house, remember?)

Actually my desk is pretty neat in contrast to the rest of the room.

Slightly dusty.

More paper than the average large company.

But other than that ...

Okay, my granny would tell me goodness had nothing to do with this slatternly behavior.  Just quit moaning and groaning about it and get busy.

So that is exactly what I did.

I got busy.

And surprisingly the process was relatively pain-free

And I did not find any vermin or pests or small ponies in there.

Though there were gigantic dust bunnies.  The scary clown kind of dust bunnies.

Stay tuned for Parts Two and Three for the amazing transformation.

I will give you a hint - 


Take that Horror Monster!

See y'all!

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  1. Hey Miss Donna;
    Lady are you for hire????!!
    I can not wait to see everything which you have done to corral this monster!!! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness. . . . can't wait. . . I'm on pins and needles! But knowing how you accomplish it all, I'm excited to see the results!

  3. Oh my stars! I see so many wonderful things in the Horror Monsters lair! I kind of want to go shopping in there! Can't wait to see the end result girl and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  4. Good for you! Looking forward to the big reveal~

  5. Oh my gosh!! You had a lot of great stuff in there. I am so looking forward to Parts 2 and 3. You conquered Horror Monster. Way to go!! It's your birthday? Happy Birthday!!

  6. Okay I have a "horror monster" known as my inventory room for my antique booth. It is creeping out into the living room. I need to get this under control before it starts taking over the whole house!

  7. I was hoping for some ponies, shoot! When you're done, you can come and visit my cottage, it looks a lot like your room, except this happens in three rooms!

  8. Oh my...what fun I would have had shopping your room! I see so many treasures there....:) I have really tried to start being more selective in my treasure hunts since I am starting to outgrow my home and I do not want it to turn into a horror monster...although it is well on it's! I have started purging a little at a time though and even managed to weed out some of my beloved Christmas items! Looking forward to tomorrow...Vicky

  9. Ha! I love this post! So honest and real (I thought I was looking at my basement, btw!)
    Can't wait to see how you beat the monster :)

  10. Oh my Goodness ... that cupboard hidden in the corner is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with that room.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. The suspense has been Killing me...WOw what a lot of work and wow how awesome it looks....You did GOOD....Sheryl

  12. I thought I was THREE steps above a hoarder:}


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