Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Feathery Blue Primitives

bench paint makeovers, Krylon Coll Ocean Breeze, primitive furniture
I am adding feathers AND Cool Ocean Breeze to my small primitives.

I promise it works.

I painted three pieces with Krylon Cool Ocean Breeze.

Yes, you only see two.

I forgot to stick the gray bench in the photo.

Both the square bench and the wooden box after one coat.

The formerly gray now breezy blue bench.

I liked the way the paint soaked in with the first coat so I did not paint a second coat.

Here they are.

At this point I was torn over the choices of dark wax, stamping, sanding, or stenciling.

So they sat in the dining room for a week.

While browsing through Tuesday Morning, I found this delightful feathers stencil for $2.99!

These are large feathers and I was sure they would fit my benches.

Of course I was so wrong.

Four feathers were too large.

Single feathers around the square bench.

Three feathers on top of the short bench.

(This is a taupe-y gray color of FolkArt craft paint.)

Could not fit any of the feathers on the box.

Switched to number stencils.

The gray for the body of the number.

Used black with a fine liner brush to add shadow to each letter.

See the difference?

These three pieces fit in nicely with the other items being readied for the trip to Magnolia Ridge.

They will make great display pieces.

Plus they will be for sale.

These pieces will be at Magnolia Ridge.

See y'all!


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  1. I do like seeing the process and not just the (wonderful) end result.

  2. Wow, I love that feather stencil. Looks so great on your pieces. You have so many great things and are so ready for Magnolia Ridge!

  3. Good call on the feathers, Donna. They are super trendy right now!


  4. Good evening! !
    The current Japan time is 10 o'clock at night.
    The picture is on now in the movie "Deep Impact (1998)".

  5. I like that shadowing effect.
    I believe your bird is checking out the feather images.

  6. What a huge feather stencil. Love how you used it. I know you are gearing up for that sale. Fun!!

  7. Donna, I really love the numbers you put on the box.....very cool!

  8. I can picture a desk with quill (feather) and ink bottle painted on it!

  9. Very cool Donna! I'm going to have to check my Tuesday Morning to see if they have those stencils!


  10. They all turned out beautiful, Donna! I love the color and the feathers and numbers.

  11. I really like that blue. At first when I read the title, I was wondering how you could use feathers on a piece of furniture, but the stencil is great!

  12. Love the blue you used and the feather stencil. Just perfect! sb

  13. Love the colour and the feather stencil is cool. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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