Thursday, March 10, 2016

Annual AAUW Book Fair

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If you love books around here, you eagerly await the first weekend in March.

The AAUW has its annual Book Fair.

It is massive.

Over 100,000 books this year and around 1000 people wandering the aisles Friday morning.

Here are a few of my choices.

Small Mary Baker Eddy Bibles.

The Japanese - books of haiku.

The Germans - texts, novels, translation dictionaries.

The French - texts, children's books, and translation dictionaries.

I love the Mother Goose!

An animal encyclopedia and a compilation of music - including replicas of the original sheet music.

I am attracted to tiny books - subject, cover, size - all appeal to me.

I only found one old atlas.

The Home Furniture Builder is chocked full of line drawings of tools and furniture.

And Heloise's Hints - a favorite newspaper column when I was growing up.

I found stacks of decorating books.

All in good or great shape.

A bag of old reading and English textbooks will be added to my huge collection.

The Book One is a must keep.

If I Were Going (Alice and Jerry) reader will stay until I discover if I have this one already.

I spied this tiny red book and for some reason (tiredness from browsing three hours through miles of books maybe!) it amused me.

20,000 Words - a title short and to the point.

Copyright 1934.

Used in shorthand classes.

And when I peeked inside, I saw -

20,000 WORDS!!!

Divided neatly into syllables with the accented syllables denoted.

It took four trips to buy all I wanted.

(Noticed I did not say "needed".)

All proceeds go to college scholarships for women attending universities across the country.

I am proud to be the 1971 Scholarship winner for the Aiken AAUW.

See y'all!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the annual Magnolia Ridge Antiques and Art Gathering!

My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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  1. A belated congrats on your Scholarship Aiken AAUW award and giving back to your community, Donna! What a grand book haul! First off, Mary Baker Eddy bibles. If that didn't bring back memories. My dad joined a Christian Science church when I was about 12 or 13. Before that, we were submerged in the Presbyterian faith. It was a culture shock for me to go from one to the other. Lucky for me my piano teacher was a Presbyterian missionary who would have my sister and me help her during our summers at vacation bible schools. I met my future husband at one of those vacation bible schools.

  2. You should definitely find some thrift store frames and frame some of those line drawings!!

  3. Wow, I can only dream of going to a book fair like that. Sounds like such a blast. How awesome that you get to buy fabulous books and the money goes to a great cause. I love tiny books too and have a small collection. haha. I don't find them here often, but when I do I grab them.

  4. I love those haiku books! I write poetry and haiku is one style I have used on occasion.

  5. I love books and have a hard time passing them up but no room at the house for them. I can enjoy your finds!!

  6. Be still my heart...I love books! Especially old readers from the 50s and 60s, when I was in school. What a fun event! Hugs, Diane

  7. How nice to still be able to support the organization that you benefited from! I love old books....if they're not too musty!

  8. Miss Donna;
    Many Congrats on being the 1971 Scholarship winner for the Aiken AAUW!!!!
    It is so Wonderful that you are helping so many others.
    I have always Loved Books so much, and I have so many that I enjoy, on a daily basis.(I read Cookbook's like a regular Book!!)
    The Children's Books, Decorating Books and especially the Japanese Books look Wonderful.
    Cherry Blossoms....Sigh, I wish that I were in Japan, as it is Cherry Blossom viewing time!!!
    I hope that you and Chucks are doing well. Take Care!!

  9. Excellent choice, Donna :) I love them all and would have like chosen many of the same, except perhaps the German texts--not that interested, lol.

  10. Ahhh...Alice and Jerry, Sally, Dick and Jane... I love the old readers and have several.

  11. Still loving all the books. Just popping back in to say thanks for sharing at Vintage charm.

  12. Thanks a ton for these details regarding Annual AAUW Book Fair! It’s one of popular book fairs and people from various places come to attend this incredible book fest. Even we never miss such events at local event space and try to attend them with friends.


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