Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Peach Farm Estate Sale

orchard ladder, picking bags, famr sale, estate sale, Johnston SC, Derrick Farms
Last Friday Chucks and I headed toward Johnston, South Carolina, for an estate sale at the home place of Derrick Farms. 

Yes, we loaded the back of the truck with crusty, primitive, farm goodies.

An old rusty bird cage.

Complete with a plastic parakeet bird toy.

A picnic basket with a Clemson tiger paw which will definitely be painted as we are Carolina Gamecocks.

The picnic set still inside. 

Wooden orchard ladders.

Made to fit up into the peach trees.

I may keep one of these.

Under a Christmas tree box I spied a bit of canvas which turned out to be a canvas picking bag.

I asked if there were more.

A Derrick Farms employee said he would be glad to get some for me.

He drove off in his truck and was back in five minutes with a stack of them.

So I chose three bushel-size ones.

Quickly a crowd was attracted to the pile.

I grabbed another one making it an even four.

I cannot imagine picking peaches on a ladder with these bushel bags filled with peaches.

I went to get peach crates.

There were over 200 for sale.

I chose three as they were a bit expensive.

I had to find ones gnawed by rats.

It wasn't hard - I think they all had been gnawed.

The ones I chose are stamped with the name and town along with Smalley Package Company, Berryville, VA.

They are dated 1963.

I was called back to the truck to see if I was interested in the half bushel size of the picking bags.

What a silly question!

Found three to my liking.

A close-up of their tattered and torn beauty.

All the bags will go in a wash tub to soak and then rinsed.

Tiny berry baskets.

My pile kept growing.

See all those farm buildings behind the pile?

No one was allowed to go into any of the buildings.

The employees brought trailers of stuff into the yard behind the house.

The house was filled with sets of china, silver, and crystal.

I was happy with my haul.

Thanks to Derrick Farm employees Buck and Jack who kept my pile safe and loaded it all in the truck.

They could not believe I paid money for the peach picking bags.

The bags probably would have been thrown away.

One man's trash ...

Well, you know!

A few of these items will be at Magnolia Ridge.

See y'all!

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  1. What a fun haul, Donna--great day of picking and you made friends too. Those ladders are pretty awesome; I understand why you might keep one. Loving those little berry baskets. I might find it necessary to stencil "No.1" somewhere on at least on peach bags.

  2. Oh Donna, what a haul and history!! I am in LOVE with the 1/2 bushel bags (although those full bushels are very cool too). THe crates, and ladders....I'd keep one of each, lol.

  3. Fascinating - the old, weathered, chippy stuff: it's either priced exceptionally high, or someone is trashing it. Such a chasm! The goal is to place oneself somewhere in the middle, where the opportunity lies. Good job.

  4. Donna!! You have reminded me of my grandpa's apple picking bag. My family is in the midst of packing up my grandparents house to sell but it is a emotional firestorm so I'm steering clear. I'm gonna send my dad in to try and find this bag for me. Fingers crossed and thanks so much for the memory!


  5. STOP IT. What an AMAZING haul- I am so, so jealous!

  6. Those bags are amazing! What a great haul!! The ladders are pretty special also.

  7. Now that's a fun day of pickin'! I am appalled at the price of fruit crates when I see them so good for you that you scored some at a decent price. Those bags! We all know you can't resist a good bag.

  8. You were right - that sale would have been right up my alley!

  9. You found some great stuff, and how fun to have some of the workers pose for a photo for you. Love the crates and those cute berry baskets! Hugs!

  10. Oh my gosh Donna ... what a fun day. My kind of sale. Love the apple picking ladders and the bags. Wish we could find a good sale like that around here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  11. I live in apple country so I would love to get some of those crates and bags from an apple farm. They are so fabulous!

  12. Love the ladders, the crates, and the berry baskets. All things I don't see around here. Great haul!

  13. Wow! What a great haul! I love it all :o)


  14. What beauty in all your finds! Sweet, helpful people too!

  15. OH MY. That would definitely be fun treasure to me! I love the look of those orchard ladders! What a fun sale!

  16. What great finds! Thank you for linking up to the Talk of the Town party.

  17. Wowza-what a great haul! Love it all especially the ladders!

  18. I had a bird cage with a fake bird inside it for a parakeet I had years ago and that parakeet thought the fake one was real. He would regurgitate food to feed it and cuddle it and coo all day. He was in love!

  19. OMG - you find the BEST sales. Those peach sacks and the crates are to die for. I'd have a hard time not keeping one of each for myself if I were you.

  20. What a fabulous load of peach orchard treasures! Love those crates and bags! Thanks for sharing and making us jealous at Talk of the Town.

  21. A wonderful haul of rustic goodness. I love the ladders, crates and bags and it is nice to have a picnic basket ready after all the harvesting work.

  22. Amazing stuff! We live in a farming area too and I'm sure most of this stuff has been thrown away :(. You found a great collection! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. I'm still loving those ladders and crates! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous finds at Vintage Charm.


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