Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Finds

estate sales, vintage finds
Chucks and I went to two estate sales last weekend and came home with some great items.

Both sales were conducted by new-to-me estate agents, but I signed up to get email alerts because I was very impressed with the way the items were arranged, the professional way the sales were conducted, and the reasonable prices. 

The first sale was for a event planning company downsizing their inventory.

There were multiples of everything.  

A good mix of old and new. 

Round green plant hangers.

Iron lantern hangers.

A primitive blue bench.

A beat up small box.

A black iron candle sconce - very medieval.

A very large frame.

Two worn suitcases.

A piece of oak from a piece of furniture.

At the next sale I found this small chest of drawers in the garage.  

The drawers are numbered 6,7,8, and 9.  

I could not find what was 1,2,3,4,and 5!


While loading the truck I found the rusty metal grate.

Two benches.

A large basket.

A gold frame.

An old work light - all metal.

What was in the large basket?

A quilt heart.

An oil can.

A berry basket of cookie cutters.

A small basket.

The number 2 (3 on the other side) blew across the Kroger parking lot - not part of the sale.

A tin of clothes pins.

A check box of drill bits.

An assortment of old jars with various hardware.

A distressed metal drawer filled with more hardware.

The first sale was run by Carolina Estate of Mine - what a delightful name. 

The second sale was run by Smart Move - Thanks, Leasa and Marilyn!

Willie and Scout have been obsessed with hunting down the baby snakes in the liriope.

I take my snakes seriously and do not appreciate the two pups killing them.

I do not wish to be overrun by mice!

Chucks and I have managed to save a couple of them from certain death by dog.

However it was too late for this little cutie.

Scout was found chewing on his stiff little corpse.

I placed him in the nest on the windowsill.

Funeral arrangements to be announced at a later date.

See y'all!


My Etsy shop is on vacation so I can clean up a bit and clear out items lingering too long.

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Thoughts from Alice


  1. Hi Donna,
    You found some wonderful treasures. Love that large basket. I have a thing for baskets!!! Have a great week end.

  2. I have never seen lantern holders like that. Excellent find!

  3. Wow, Donna - what a WONDERFUL bunch of finds. The UP CLOSE picture of the snake freaked me out a bit! I am not afraid of them, it was just a surprise as I was scrolling through the post! :)

  4. a successful day! Do you subscribe to emails from EstateSales.Net ? There is also EstateSale.Org, but I don't like them as much. I get an email once a week from the first one and go through all the pictures. Glad you save the snakes. I have little brown garden snakes, but the dogs don't seem to bother them. The anoles are a different story. They become snacks on a regular basis. :-(

  5. Lots of great finds!! I love the little chest of drawers. The snake freaked me out also, but if they stay outside I'm OK with them.

  6. That rusty metal drawer spoke to my heart! Great finds. Sorry about the snake but I would run the other way from them!!

  7. You sure came home with lots of items. I wonder which ones will go through a transformation. Poor snake. I assume not poisonous.

  8. There had better not be snakes in my liriope! Maybe that's why Jack likes digging in it so much. I like my lizards but the snakes can please die, die, die. Great finds!

  9. My little jack russell finds snakes all the time...we have many funerals here. She also catches, birds, bunnies and frogs :(
    I haven't found any "good" stuff at estate sales. I need a "fix"!

  10. Darn girl, that is quit a haul!!! Love the suitcases, the basket and that sweet little chest.
    I am planning to hit an estate sale tomorrow with an auction. Hope stuff is affordable.


  11. Quite the haul Donna! I really love those frames....are you going to paint them?
    Not too keen on the snakes though!

  12. Great finds Donna. Glad you had Chucks along to help you. Wonderful gold frame.

  13. Oh you did find some goodies...I love wired clothespins!

  14. Donna, I love what you found! Lots of great stuff.

  15. That is an AMAZING amount of good junk, Donna!! I especially love that old rusty gate.


  16. I know you are a true Picker! You can tell that you love the thrill of the hunt. (I almost wrote "Junk" instead of hunt." Either would do, right? I love it too.

  17. Wow, what a haul! I love the suitcases the best! I'm so glad we don't have snakes (close by anyway) where I live, my heart might not be able to take that!!


  18. Hi Donna, what great treasures you found at the estate sales! Isn't it so much fun?
    Thanks so much for your recent visit to my Easter post, and for letting me know you stopped by! :)


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