Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Finds

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I was asked today by a fellow thrift shop junkie how I stayed so youthful.

I told him if you haul junk older than yourself, you always look young!

So what did I buy this week?

I rescued the folding metal chair from the scrap heap.  I think I can wire it back together enough to hold a plant.

A wire freezer basket.

Two wicker baskets.

Two badminton rackets in a double racket press.

Roller skates.

I had a pair like this until we all removed the wheels from our skates to make skateboards from odd pieces of wood.

The skateboards cost us nothing except the skin from our knees and elbows.

A homemade candlestick table.

The giant potato masher is actually a dry wall mud mixer.

A stack of bank bags - both small for coins and large for bills.

A couple of wooden boxes.

More baskets.

An orange Japanese tin.

A See's Candies tin

Three small metal planters.

Finally - a pizza peel.

Two nice drawers.

A small creamer.

An English tea tin.

A box of old textbooks.

An official Pepsi jeans jacket.

Two round floral prints from the 1950's.

Close up of the drawer fronts.

A pair of metal pantry doors with delightful avocado and gold decals.

I have a definite idea for these.

Just as soon as I can get the packing tape off without marring the painted finish.

A tool caddy.

A nesting box for a chicken coop. (Thanks, Olive Out on Instagram and Joe on Instagram!)

A primitive crate

A concrete Mary who fits perfectly in the primitive crate.

Two pointed shutters/gates made from fence sections. 

(Thanks, Arlene!)

It seems I had a two by two theme this week.

I have managed to get half my finds sanded, cleaned and painted.

An April Fool?  Not me!

Some of these pieces will be at Magnolia Ridge.

See y'all!

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  1. I love seeing your heaps. And you are so industrious. No wonder your customers flock to your booth. If the jacket fits, I think you should keep it!

  2. As always, you find the best stuff. I wish I lived in your area of the country.

  3. Great finds as usual! Last week a friend and I went to Statham, GA after your post about the great shops there. It was a fun trip and we got lots of stuff. In one store, I walked into a booth and there was a set of the dishes like we had when I was growing up. I hadn't thought about those dishes in ages and have no idea who ended up with them. I couldn't leave them behind! And, they were on sale. I got the set of 44 pieces for $45! They're Johnson Brothers and one plate goes for $25, so I got a great deal. Now I'm on the hunt for the salad plates and bowls. I doubt I'll find that great of a deal though! Thanks for guiding me to Statham!

  4. You always find the best stuff!!!

  5. There was an official Pepsi jacket? Who knew? My favorite is the giant potato masher. I don't care that it's a mud mixer, it's for smashing copious amounts of taters in my mind.
    I picked up my spray wax and if this wind will die down, I'm going to try it out. Thanks again for the tip on that. Have a good weekend!

  6. I love the finds this week, very primitive. The nesting box is my favorite I think. I don't like April Fool's myself, not a jokester!

  7. Donna, you always find the greatest stuff. If I picked a favorite it would be the roller skates. I've been looking for a pair myself but you know how it is when thrifting you never find what's on your list . Of course, that doesn't mean I ever come home empty handed! Have a great weekend.

  8. You are just finding some great stuff! The wood stuff is the best. Wherever are you storing it all and how will you get it all to the show?! I guess I am thinking that way because I seriously have to rearrange my stuff....again. Can't find things people are buying from my shop!!

  9. I'm not even sure where to begin, I love everything so much!! It certainly looks like your season has begun, Donna--go girl :) If I seay I love each and every wooden thing, I think that about covers my favorites--

  10. Cool stuff, I can't wait to see what you do with the pantry doors.


  11. Your haul was impressive! I love living vicariously through you and a bunch of other thrifters! I'm getting ready for a garage sale, and I can't bring anything in the house without feeling a little like I shouldn't be doing it! But, I have a partner in crime! We take turns being the voice of reason. The last time we were at the ReStore, we were making a second pass through the store. There was a beautiful(to-be) shelf. I asked the fella how much. He said $20. I countered with $15. Sold!!! I can't wait to paint it. We also found some yellow paint there. Exactly what we need to make that shelf pretty! It will be going into what we call the "sweet" room — one that will be sweet and cute and have soft colors. It's a guest room. We have a day bed with a trundle. We need to paint and do a lot of work and buy some linens. It will be sweet and cute when we are done! Oh! And, we can't find a cat-sized basket for the life of us. We'll keep looking. We have 7 cats at this point, and only one basket. That just won't do! Best wishes! Fonda

  12. I am trying to focus on items for specific things. I know you focus on selling. Love the pointed shutters!

  13. Lots of awesome finds! I think I like the two wooden drawers the best. Happy junkin'! :)

  14. Donna ... you just have so much fun and find the best things.
    Keep junking and stay young forever.
    Audrey Z.

  15. You found some great junk Donna! :)

  16. nice stuff you assemble this time. Well for best badminton racket price which you want to buy and add in your playing habits. i like to play with light weight badminton rackets.


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