Thursday, March 20, 2014


Rusty springs, torn cotton ribbons, tags, Spring
I know it was not the official start of Spring, but here on Wednesday at exactly 2:10 PM, Spring arrived.  

The weather changed from a chilly, misty day to a warm, sunny one.

I made Chucks drive fast to get back home so I could celebrate.

What better way to celebrate than to rummage through Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

He has an outdoor living section, you know.

First the obvious choice - springs!

They have been rusting up a storm and ready to find new homes.

I washed the crud off them, but left the rusty goodness.

They quickly dried in the ...


I dug these out of a disintegrating  cardboard box under a table.

They had become rusty after a year of me waiting.

What are they?

Chair foundations for stabilizing poured concrete.

I just call them pretty, little rusty things.

I kept some for myself to use in my container gardens.

Packaged ten to a pack for the booth.

They reminded me of the Eiffel Tower structure so I ran in the house and quickly made these tags.

Used some torn cotton ribbons to tie up the bundles of rusty joy.

I used the turquoise cotton ribbons on the springs.

If you have ever had to untangle bed springs, you know why.

The ribbons will keep them from consorting with one another.

They love to consort.

And now I will leave you so I can get back to work.

In the sun.

Without a sweatshirt.

Nary a shiver in my body.

Except for the one for all the rusty goodness yet to be uncovered.


Watch out, Horror Monster!

Here I come.

See y'all!

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  1. You are indeed the Rust Goddess! Send that sun up this way, please!

  2. Sun and rusty stuff. Sounds like a blissful day.

  3. Ha ha, springs for spring, love it! Lucky you, the sun didn't come out here to the east of you until around 6 yesterday! It's out today thought, hooray!

  4. Oh you're so lucky Donna! I'm beginning to wonder what warm sun feels like. For our first day of spring Mother Nature gave us the same old same old... snow. Love your rusty stuff!

  5. Have fun wrestling the horror!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

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  7. WOW Donna ... you never slow down ... do you! I guess you can't with everything you have going. So happy you are having some sun and warmer days.
    You have me puzzled ... what to heck are chair foundations for stabilizing poured concrete? I have seen a lot of poured concrete, but those pieces are new to me.
    Rust-loving people will love these and the springs. I think you have a good start on taming the horror monster.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. I do love those rusty treasures and the ribbons and tags make them even better!


  9. What fun rusty goodies looking so pretty with their tags and bows!!
    We're getting a teaser of spring this weekend...yay!
    Mary Alice

  10. Looks like you have alot of fun and rusty treasures, Donna! Love those bedsprings!

  11. I'm so jealous of you and your springy weather! We have snow in the forecast...I'm over it!
    And the springs are so cool! Such an interesting display item.

  12. I can just imagine you shivering over rusty goodness! LOL!

  13. These look so beautiful with the Paris tags ( love the Merci ! ) and the turquoise ribbons.
    And could you please stop bragging about Spring?
    Thank you very much

  14. How fun!! My mom, dad and I just went junking and found an old mattress with all those springs! We are so excited to use them! :) Happy sweet weekend to you!! :) xx Holly

  15. You are a genius for packaging up and selling those concrete foundation thingys. Only a professional junker would have noticed their potential value an tied them up pretty with blue ribbon. Awesome!

  16. LOVE me a little rust. I can't wait to see how you use them in your pots of flowers! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life, Donna.

  17. Your horror monster is sure spitting up some great stuff! Consorting slay me! Love the eiffel tower tags too.

  18. Rusty finds, isn't it something what a little ribbon will do...


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