Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bolder In Blue

distressed painting, washboard, tool caddy, primitives
In the middle of getting all the primitives around here cleaned, painted, and ready for the shop.

I do not paint all of them.

Just the ones I think might benefit with a little paint wash of color.

I mixed some blue craft paint with water (2 to 1).

Dug out the hard-scrubbed washboard and the tool caddy.

The front of the washboard shows how hard someone used it to wash clothes - It is rubbed almost flat.

The backside was just plain - all painted labels if there ever were any are long gone.

I had to dig out soap-crusted lint from around the edges.

This woman actually wore a hole right through her washboard.

Can you imagine what her hands looked like?

After cleaning it, I stood it up on a chair and put different bottles of paint next to it until I decided two things.

One, the details would show better with a paint wash.

Two, I wanted blue.


I did consider turquoise - my usual paint choice - but settled on a blue.

Okay, I know it is barely out of the turquoise range of colors, but it is a softer shade than here.


Next up on the paint bin was the tool caddy.  

It was not really old so I aged it with some hammer dings and scrubbed it with a wire brush.

I love how it has three compartments.

Same color wash, but I went over some parts with two coats.

Used tung oil over each piece and may decide to add some wax later.

I did remember to style the two pieces for the grand finale.

I know why I do not do this with projects very often.

I want to keep them.

Look how perfect for my farm animals.

Think Easter chicks.

Can't you see a little ...

No, wait a minute.  I think I will keep these for my Easter mantel.

I need to paint something in a color I do not like.

Do you do that?

See y'all! 

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  1. Ha! ha! You had to keep them! (I would too.) They are lovely and I was thinking how clean that womans clothes must be to scrub so hard. So glad we have washing machines!

  2. I love the washboard and how it gives evidence to its former life. I do wonder what that woman's hands looked like . . . how easy we have it!

  3. Donna ... your really know how to paint and stage your finds so that it makes you want to keep them. I agree, those two pieces would really be pretty in an Easter vignette.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. LOVE them !
    The same thing happens with me with furniture Donna - I try to figure out and justify having 10 dressers in the house - because I can't bear to part with them - is this how hoarding starts? See you on TLC in a few years - we can be partners - they usually show 2 cases on one show LOL

  5. The wash board is GOOD LOOKING. I have been wanting to paint more we just need some warm weather. I am huddled up in sweaters in the den freezing. xo, olive

  6. I like them both ways...:)
    Pretty colors....
    here from Brambleberry

  7. Wow you've sure been busy cleaning out that shed Donna! I like the blue you used on these. I'd have a hard time selling them too. Thank you for sharing them, as well as your porch palings and cooler at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  8. Ha! Hazards of the biz...unless you do the "one for me, one to sell" method like I enjoy. The problem is, I procrastinate on the photos and etsy listings...
    Are those palings listed on Etsy?

  9. I love the color! I would keep them too! I have a shelf full of wooden things to paint but I am beyond scared to do it!


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