Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bountiful Bargains

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Friday morning Olive from Olive Out and I started at 7:45 to hit two yard sales, two estate sales, and one church rummage sale across about 30 miles round trip. 
 We are good.  We are fast.  Back by lunch!

On Saturday morning I took off for the second day of another estate sale.  
Second day means 50% off.  

The lines were long at all three of the estate sales, but I ended up Saturday afternoon with two trucks filled and stuff overflowing into the house.

I worked hard all Saturday and Sunday afternoon to clean, sand, paint, and tag as many items as possible and take them to Riverfront Antique Mall.

Excuse the photos.  Some are terrible.  Some are missing.

Just look and enjoy the junk!

An old corner cupboard ripped from the wall of an old home.

Here it is being sanded - that is all it needed.

And a good cleaning!

 A stack of wire racks and metal tool caddies.

Cleaning and maybe painting.

I have not gotten to these yet.

 Such a sweet little face.

Of course, I changed him/her.

See the post later in the week.

 Stacks of vintage linens.

I will show the tablecloths.

Olive bought me a $2 Rowenta iron to use to press all this stuff.

I have got to find that thing.

 Two more tablecloths and a glass swan tray.

Two picnic baskets.

Only needed a little de-spidering.

I love it when I find items which will go to the store without a lot of fooling with.

I gave all a waxing and loaded them up.

Things to remember when attending estate sales:

*Get the email alerts ahead of time and look at the pictures closely.  If you see something you cannot live without, memorize where it might be in the house.

For me, it was this croquet set - fully equipped from the fifties. Right there in the corner of the garage where I thought it was hiding.

*Get there a little early to get a good parking spot.

*If it is cold and rainy, stay in the car with the heater running instead of standing in the line.

*Be sure to smile smugly when someone says, "I wanted that!"

 Plastic, not plaster, love scene - very French-looking, not very me, but perfect for my booth.

A stack of mirrored vanity trays.

Finally, a bust of a young girl.

Have not decided to keep or sell.

You know how I love heads on the mantel.

She may stay awhile even though she weighs a ton.  

Well, not really a ton, about fifteen pounds.
About two feet high

There are boxes and bags of other things that I may show you as they get make-overs.

I am worn-out from all the primping the junk needed.

This week we have declared an all-out war against the jungle our yard has become. 

If I seem distance, it is not because I do not love you.

It is probably because I am in bed sound asleep.

See y'all!

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  1. De-spidering is good...if someone else does it! Of course you found creepy heads! I think I'll get my tips from the expert when we get to do this together. Olive Out is so darn lucky to get to shop with you. I'm jealous!

  2. WOW! Great haul Donna! I want to go shopping with you! Estate sales have been pretty slim around here lately. I miss them.

    Melissa @ Shabby Love

  3. Oh, my! That corner cupboard, those wire racks, de-spidered picnic baskets, and faces! Thank you for letting me shop vicariously through this post!

  4. Love, love, love that corner cabinet!!! Lots of great stuff there, y'all had fun!
    Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  5. We did get home early. It was a fun day. I love the busts.

  6. WOW ... you and Olive really did some fast shopping and you come home with a nice load. The croquet set is really nice. I passed up a set still in the box at this estate sale I went to this week-end. The house was packed ... you would have had so much fun. Your booths should be well stocked for good sales now.
    Good luck and much blessings.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Great finds...but my favorite is the corner cabinet! I love that...:) That green table looks familiar...did you sell one similar to that (blue maybe) sometime last year or am I crazy? Have a happy hump day!

    Blessings, Vicky

  8. Love that corner cabinet! That would go perfectly in the Guest House we're restoring. You guys got a really great haul! We're waging war on our own jungle. The once gorgeous formal garden at our house is finally being taken to hand. We've spent a few days ripping down vines out of trees and cutting down brush and scrub trees from the place. That ice storm did not help us one bit!

  9. Gosh I want that cabinet, why do we live so far from each other? You score the best finds! I love those baskets too, oh and the crochet set, and the rusty pieces. So glad you have a friends, Olive, to junk around with!

  10. How do you guys do it??? You can always find the best! Love the corner cabinet and the little stool. The linen are beautiful! You are not showing up on my blog feed. I don't know why. Had to go looking for you. Take care and have a great weekend.

  11. Oh I do love to see new found treasures. I see several things I would have picked up myself. So much fun.You may find some interest in my pretty things blog, I found some good stuff myself last week

  12. You had quite a haul! I love the corner cabinet--I need it for my kitchen! The picnic baskets are great too. Laughing about the "smile smugly" estate sale tip. It's quite satisfying to haul something out of a sale or market and watch others swoon over it :)

  13. Amazing haul! Our "season" hasn't really started yet, so I'm a bit jealous :) Love your young girl bust, and the wire racks and the taupe table and everything else, too! Have a great week,
    Adirondack Girl @ Heart

  14. As always, I love your finds! That bust is AMAZING! I love the picnic baskets, too. And the gray table. LOVE. :) Thanks so much for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!


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