Monday, March 10, 2014

Bart and The World-Traveling Coca-Cola Sign

Coca-Cola sign, scoreboard. travel to Shanghai, industrial art piece
Back in February I met a nice guy named Bart on Etsy.

Bart had seen the Coca-Cola Scoreboard and wanted me to ship it to Shanghai, China where he resides and works at the present time.

We worked out the best way to get the thirteen pounds of nineteen pieces of vintage scoreboard half-way around the world.

This is what I sent him - the Coca-Cola sign on one side and the scoreboard numbers on the back.

When I used it, I just screwed in nineteen cuphooks into a piece of plywood and hung it in my pantry.

Bart, however, had a whole other dream for this little piece of baseball history from a tiny town in South Carolina.

Bart was extremely kind enough to take photos of the different steps and send them to me.

As you can tell from my photo above the sign part was not complete and not even all the way around.

Here are the steps Bart took to make the pieces square.

Pretty clever! made a beautiful frame for the sign.

Again he included the steps in making the frame.
 could be an advertisement for some high-end industrial art piece.

I was thrilled when I saw the completed project.

To think this piece started in South Carolina, flew to Shanghai, and when Bart finishes his job there, it will travel back to Austria with him. is Bart with his work of art.

Cheers, Bart, and a big thumbs up for your vision.

(Plus he is a total cutie!)

See y'all! 

Read my original post on finding the Coca-Cola sign here. 

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  1. Isn't it great to see what people do of our finds when we send them all over the world?

  2. Wow - I LOVE THIS! Great job, Bart!

  3. Incredible! What a unique piece of art!

  4. Wow! What an awesome story of the traveling Coca Cola sign...or half! Bart did a fantastic job with it and yes, he is a cutie!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Go Bart!! Now tell us about those cool reflective lights in the picture! Total cutie for sure and what a fun update!

  6. Love this story! He did a great job with it, it is truly a work of art and history in one. Thanks for sharing, Donna!

  7. Doesn't this make you feel good ... to sell something to someone who has a vision to make it better and loved? Bart is so creative ... and did a great job of "completing" the sign. A real treasure now.
    Audrey Z.

  8. Wow! What a fabulous story to go with a fabulous item!! A memorable sale for sure!

  9. I love it!! That looks nice that he shared that with you!

  10. That is so cool ... I wanna be friends with Bart!

  11. Thanks for sharing this and your Bountiful Bargains at my History & Home link party, Donna, I still just love the art he created out of this! Take care, hope you're rested up -Dawn @ We Call It

  12. That is absolutely the coolest art piece! And I'm curious how much it took to ship it to CHINA. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!


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