Sunday, March 30, 2014

Side Yard Shuffle

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Last Thursday the sun came out of hiding, and though chilly, it was the perfect day to cut back the liriope , rake out the garden beds, and spruce up the side yard.

There was quite a bit of shuffling going on.

The house being flipped next door will soon be on the market so I thought cleaning that nasty area facing its master bedroom would be a nice gesture.

I do wish I had taken a before photo to show the debris and leaves piled here.

Along with a bunch, no, a herd of rusty things.

It is an area only seen by us and whoever may be living next door.

The electrical lines come in on this side as well as the telephone cables and cable TV.

I started by moving the old green shutter down to the back fence for the clematis to climb.

There are bunches of liriope and lilies here - high enough to cover the cables.

While sorting through the rusty treasures, I found the bottomless bucket and the white iron wheel to go at the other end.

That stick in front is my nandina bush which was crushed during the ice storm.

I am giving it another chance.

I know it looks pathetic.

I have faith in its ability to recover.

This was my pile of maybe's.

The screen I use to line wire baskets before adding potting soil.

A great deal at Habitat at fifty cents a screen.

Some things will stay, and some will be cleaned for the booth.

I only had three broken pots and a bent bucket.

The vintage patio set is the one Mr. Flipper wanted me to throw in his dumpster.

<No comment.>

I am thinking of sanding the set  (two chairs and a glider) to repaint.

The metal plant stand is made from welded pipe pieces.

The guy at the flea market had quite a tale about a sailor making it for his wife.


All of this needs cleaning and sprucing.

The big pot I was using to hold potting soil - it will get a bunch of annuals when the time comes.

Homemade animal trap under the chair will go to the store. 

They are great for creeping plants - a square of plant!

I did buy lantanna, speedwell, and salvia - I knew these would hold up to whatever weather is coming the next few weeks.

I also dumped several pots of stonecrop and sawed them into quarters.

I scattered leftover seeds from last year in the bed and the containers.

There are underground electrical wires running through this bed to the shed and pool. 

I put the table there to remind me not to dig more than a few inches.

Yes, it is a leaner.

It has been a great outside table for years.

Concrete planter of stonecrop and some annuals yet to be purchased.

On the other side of the gate from the green shutter is a ladder birdhouse where I attached a wire basket, lined it with screen and planted more stonecrop.

The casement window has a hanger for a future planter and an old metal mesh record stand holding a wire basket.

This is where my impatiens will go.

The other junk is just strategically placed for now.

My footless angel stands in the middle of the bed.

She is a bit distressed - I love her.

I am a patient gardener.

I do not mind waiting for the full effect of tall, bushy plants blooming.

It all looks bare now, but it will fill in.

The white birdcage sits on my paint frame.

Keep or sell?

I usually plant a sweet potato vine in it.

Can't decide.

Could not find a place for it here in the side yard.

It just refused to do the shuffle -

It was a bit like musical chairs.

If something did not find a place, it will have to find a new home.

Tough love.

My motto for the garden plants?

Live dry or die!

I only water when they are putting out roots.

After weed-eating 300 feet of liriope, raking seven carts of leaves, hauling bags of potting soil and mulch, and making tough decisions, this is how we both felt.

Shaky, but still standing after the side yard shuffle.

When it turns beautiful, I promise to show you.

See y'all!

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  1. The vintage patio set and metal table would look fabulous painted. I'm surprised Mr. Flipper didn't realize this since he's flipping. He is suppose to see the possibilities and make them a reality. Stand your ground, Donna. Look forward to the blooms! I had to buy some pansies for my front. I can't wait for what's coming.

  2. Oh Donna, keep the white bird cage!!! We receiived two inches of snow last night, nice !! I see my chives , oregano and lavender finally turning green , had to do my happy dance !!! Now the snow need's to melt !!! High of 66 on Tues. , Yippee !!! Heartwarming blessings, Tammy

  3. This is the trouble with spring. It doesn't just go from winter to glorious summer, all filled with flowers and beauty. It takes work. I am looking forward to our snow melting, but not to finding what awaits underneath.

  4. Inspiring . . . we made a bed in our backyard over the weekend bc it has been empty and ugly for too many years now. I'm looking for inspiration for fun things to put there, this post is full of it! Thanks!

  5. You have been one busy lady! I love the way you incorporate rustr treasures into your gardens. My Aunt Loretta does that too and I have always loved it. I need to start looking for a few rusty treasures for my own. Could you hang the bird cage on the porch or near your pool? It is so pretty and I bet it looks wonderful with a vine in it! Have a restful Sunday.

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. You are an inspiration, Miss Donna. I understand about making the decision to 'keep' or 'let go' of stuff. I always want to keep all the things! but there is only such room on this hacienda.

  7. I bet you'll were really "leaning" with doing all that hard work ... but looking good and I bet you can't wait until things start growing again. The birdcage is beautiful ... could you hang it in a tree with a flowering vine? Would be so pretty. Love the birdhouse on the ladder and the casement window. Looking really good. Take care.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Can I just say how much I admire gardner's? Ya'll are seriously amazing, I'm more inclined to start throwing things and scaring the neighbors to death. There is something so ZEN about gardening. Can't wait to see how your garden blooms!

  9. Forgot, don't you dare throw away the metal patio set. Do you know for over 20 yrs I looked for a set? I have decided I am just not meant to have even one small chair.

  10. Oh my mans junk is another mans treasure.. I love all the quirky rusty beautiful patina pieces...I am sure everything in your junk pile..could be given to someone else.. I cannot wait to see some of the flowers/vines up and blooming among some of your "chosen" pieces...It already looks like art...I am going to have to rake, weed and clean in a few days.dreding it!!! just remember... I want to see more garden pics later on... Have a great day! Blessings!

  11. Oh, how I love the idea of an old shutter for the clematis to climb on! Keeping it in my head for when I'll redo the flower garden!

  12. It's such a treat to see you starting to work in your gardens. You're been so busy and getting so much done. Can't wait to get into mine when all this snow melts and the ground thaws out. I would have to keep that bird cage... for awhile anyway. Love that patio set!

  13. Wow! You were a busy girl!! Your side garden looks great. I love how you find creative ways to reuse things! Can't wait to see your garden as the year progresses! Keep us posted. Thanks for your visit, too!!

  14. Okay, so I was Tired just reading about all the Work you accomplished! *LOL* I feel like a slug by comparison... I painted one wall of the Studio Cottage yesterday and needed the entire day today to recuperate from just THAT! *Smiles* What can I say... I Pace myself nowadays... at least that's my Story and I'm sticking to it... kinda like that Sailor Story huh? *Bwahahahahahaha!* Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Miss Donna; Please keep the Birdcage for Heaven sakes!!! Any type of vine would look too nice in it!!!
    As far as your Vintage Patio set..........OMG. PLEASE redo it!!!!! It is worth a Pretty Penny!!!! Keep it for your back piece of Heaven......
    All you need is iced tea (Please save me a glass :-)
    and to sit and enjoy your Beautiful backyard!!!!
    I hope that you and Chucks have been well.

  16. Good to know that a lot of rusty things together is called a herd. I love that you are getting out and getting ready for spring! So much better than ice and snow. You have the most amazing herd of rusty stuff ever!!

  17. I love the patina on all of your garden goodies! I am sure it will be beautiful when done.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  18. Oh I know it will be beautiful! I always think it looks like I have too much yard art in the Spring. When the plants get tall and fill it it's just the look I love! Love the birdcage and the green shutter. The furniture is fabulous and Mr. flipper sure did not know what is rusty treasure! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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