Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Laundry Room

laundry room renovation, kitchen renovation
Looking in from the old kitchen anyone can tell we desperately needed a renovation for the laundry room.

In the tiny space under the stairs the hot water heater, dryer and washer resided.

The washer with the dryer vent hose draped around it to reach the outside.

Originally we planned a bigger renovation to move the wall on the right into the kitchen area.

The contractor suggested removing the hot water heater and installing a tankless one outside.

The floor in this space had to be removed and replaced.

The huge soffits were removed to give the illusion of more space.

Instead of a naked light bulb I now have a very bright LED light in the laundry room.

The new washer has a different profile which leaves space for a hamper next to it.

The dryer rotated into the space where the hot water heater once was.

Vented under the floor to the outside.

The previous dryer space is now a space for baskets and bins for washing essentials.

This may change if I can find a small cabinet allowing access to the washer on the right and the dryer on the left.

The smallest of things delight me about the new space - like having a hamper in the laundry room.

Not having to shimmy through an eight-inch space between the dryer and the doorway to get to the washer.

Having a space to fold and hang clothes in the laundry room.

Having continuous hot water.

I have taken a few thirty-minute hot showers.

I am a fan of tankless hot water heaters!

Thank you, Lee, for figuring a way for us to have the space without moving a wall.

More photos later as we gradually decide what to hang on the walls.

See y'all!

Thanks, Lee at
Lee Graybeal Renovate2Day - Graybeal , LLC

The Mannington/ Revive floor we chose is featured here: Revive Floors

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Lee Graybeal Renovate2Day - Graybeal , LLC

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  1. Hubby and my dad just installed a new whole house filter system, water softener (both needed because we have really rusty well water), and water heater this weekend. I NEVER thought I'd be so excited to get these items... but I'm telling you it is already such a huge difference. The water is not rusty or hard when it comes out of the faucet/showerhead (so less cleaning for me) and the hot water lasts longer (longer showers for me)!!

  2. What a wonderful improvement! Laundry isn't much fun anyway, but if you have an awful place to do it, you'd probably rather go down to the river and beat your clothes on a rock. I'm glad it's better now. And, knowing you, you will find a little cabinet or something to hold all of your laundry necessities.

  3. Really nice! I laundry room is so important and your's is now much improved!

  4. There is always laundry so a nice place to do it is great. This is looking so good.
    Glad you could make this space work better.

  5. Donna, I'm so glad you got a usable laundry room now. My goodness, having to shimmy into a space, and deal with a hose draped over your's a lot to put up with. Glad your contractor had the brilliant idea to save you some space with moving the water heater!

  6. Glad you have the new space and the new water heater! Huge change for you...glad the contractor could make it work with out ripping out that wall. Happy laundry-ing. ;)

  7. Two really great things: a functionnal laudry room and continuous hot water!


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