Monday, October 2, 2017

The Pumpkin Patch

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A recent visit to Rick's Produce made me pumpkin patch happy.

Every year people around here make a pilgrimage out Whiskey Road to choose mums, corn stalks, and PUMPKINS!

Not really a pilgrimage - about four miles from my house.

Tiny little orange ones - I passed these by - used them last year.

Baby boos!

Yes, I'll take a bag full of these.

Last year as you may remember I bought a pink mosaic. (HERE)

However while I was waiting for them to be unloaded, my eye was attracted to the BLUE pumpkins.

And the blue-green turban pumpkins.

I still have to decide.

They are selling out quickly.

Pink or blue?

What would you do?

Of course the Charlotte Sisters are quite taken by the creamy white baby boos. 

Sister seemed to attract dirt as she picked her pumpkins.

See y'all!

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  1. We don't TEND to decorate for the seasons, but I bought some stuff to make a fall wreath and some kind of centerpiece for our table.

    1. And I added a "tiger-stripe" baby-pumpkin to the mix - we shall see what happens :)

  2. What gorgeous pumpkins! I would choose pink of course but love the blue and white and orange and...

  3. I hold out and hold out and then I finally give in to the pumpkin buying. I usually buy one of each!!

  4. I love all the pumpkins!! ALL the pumpkins. Should’ve been married to Linus instead of Magoo.😊


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