Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mad Dash Through Madison

junkin trip, thrift store shopping, The Madison Flea, Madison GA, vintage finds Yesterday was about the haul from Linda's downsizing. (HERE)

Today it is all about the junkin' we did after loading my truck down.

Yes, there was still room for vintage treasures.

The Goodwill store is very fair on the prices and has nice merchandise most of the time.

The vintage white wicker chair was going to fit into the Blazer - no matter how high I had to stack.

After GW Linda and I stopped by The Madison Flea, a large antique mall with some great dealers.

Spindles and baskets.

This painting and the next one were steals.

A lot of paint loss but the distressed look appeals to me.

Applying multiple layers of fixative to stop the flaking.

Then I thought back years ago when I bought a painting like this.

I discovered another painting underneath the flaking paint.

HMMM, should I ...

I love this one!!!

Now hanging in the breakfast room.

I rescued the slightly misshapen spaniel from GW.

More finds from GW.

Found another Winnie-the-Pooh book for my collection.

Flash cards.

Two large trophy-shaped urns.

An old refrigerator jar being used for dog treats.

It was definitely a mad dash through Madison.

If you ever have traveled I-20 between Augusta and Atlanta, you know it can be a total parking lot at times.

I avoided the traffic and construction zones going west to Madison except for a fifteen-mile section of one lane.

However the east lanes were dead still for miles.

I dreaded the trip home.

Lucky for me all the construction workers had knocked off for the day and it was a breeze flying back down I-20 to Aiken.

Looking forward to another trip to Madison.

Any takers?

See y'all!

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  1. Love the trophy-shaped urns and the flashcards. I have plenty of flashcards, but I must figure out something to do with them!

  2. "Any takers?"........ sure - pick me up at the Appling/Harlem exit! BTW I am still enjoying the painting I bought from you. I placed it on the wall at the end of my bathtub so when I soak, I see it and can pretend I am at the beach. Thanks again for the deal you gave me. Jackie

  3. You find the best stuff on your trips. I wish I lived closer I would go with you for sure. Have a great week.

  4. I make a weekly trip to GW and find most of my stuff there. Looks like your GW is a good one! Around here the churches are having their Fall rummage sales and there are always a few barn sales around. I love the spindles. I picked up a bunch to make something out of them....do you use them to make something or just sell as is?

  5. I love that cute little painting that you hung in the breakfast room. I have one almost like that ... very amateurish, but love it. I love the trophy-like urns and that wicker chair ...oh my gosh, you could not leave that behind.
    Audrey Z.

  6. You got some great stuff! Do not usually find such good stuff st the GW near me.


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